Essence Of Murli 27-10- 2019

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Essence Of Murli 27-10- 2019

Om Shanti ! Today’s Murli Date Is 27th October 2019 ( Today we will listen to Avyakt Baapdada’s Avyakt Murli.
This Murli was first spoken on 27th February 1985) Murli Heading :The specialities of the Shiv Shakti Pandav Army. (what are the specialities of Shiv Shakti &
what are the specialities of Pandav Army?) Today at amrit vela Baba was seeing the special double-foreign children who live far away, yet remain close to the heart who have personally come in front of Baba Today, a sweet heart-to-heart conversation took
place between Bap and Dada. On what topic? Father Brahma was especially pleased
with the double-foreign children and said: It is the wonder of you children that although you are residents of such faraway lands, you constantly have love and the one definite deep desire, for everyone to receive BapDada’s message in whatever way possible. (like in every state of Bharat, we always keep trying) (that in every village and city, this message reaches) (that in every house this message be given) (the foreign children also keep trying to reach Father’s message in every part of the world, through their efforts) For that, some children perform double tasks. Whilst remaining doubly busy in lokik and alokik things, they do not consider their own rest, they are always lost in that task day and night. Not even being concerned about their food or
drink, they are constantly busy in doing service. You have adopted purity, which people consider
to be an unnatural life and renounced impurity. You have taken it into your lives with courage and determination out of love for the Father with the pilgrimage of remembrance, on the basis of your attainment of peace and on
the basis of your study and the company of the family. (they have adopted purity in their respective lives) (meaning they are following the vow of celibacy in their lives) What people consider to be very difficult, you have made easy. Seeing the Pandava Army, Father Brahma was especially singing songs of praise of you children. For which aspect? Each one of you has it in your heart that
purity is the first means of becoming a yogi. To those who are constantly lost in love, to those
who constantly experience renunciation to be fortune to those who constantly make multimillions out
of one, to those who constantly follow BapDada, to those who experience the Father to be their world,
to such children seated on the heart throne, love, remembrance and namaste from the Father, the Comforter of Hearts. We spiritual children convey to spiritual Baapdada, our love our remembrance, our good morning & our namaste namaste Blessing: May you be a worthy-of-worship soul who invokes your deity status in an accurate way for Deepmala Earlier, on Deepmala, people would light lamps systematically and pay attention so that the lamps did not go out. They would pour in oil, and they would have
the practice of invoking in the right way. Now, instead of deepaks (lamps) they just use bulbs (they use artificial bulbs now) They don’t now celebrate Deepmala, for
it has just become a form of entertainment. The method of invocation, that is, the
spiritual endeavour has finished. Love has finished and just selfish motives are left, and this is why Lakshmi, the form of a true bestower, does not come to anyone However, all of you accurately invoke your deity
status and this is why you yourselves become deities. Slogan: Always have an unlimited attitude, vision and stage for only then will the task of world benefit be accomplished Om Shanti !


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