[ENG] 사랑을 위해 종교를 버릴 수 있나요? [오픈 마인드] EP.05 (feat. 불교, 기독교, 모태신앙, 절, bj))

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[ENG] 사랑을 위해 종교를 버릴 수 있나요? [오픈 마인드] EP.05 (feat. 불교, 기독교, 모태신앙, 절, bj))

Seven walls between a man and a woman Nahh I can’t change! For real?! Nope! Definitely not! After listening to each other’s answer, they decide to remove the wall or not Hmm really? 🙁 Nope Wall – [Voice] Self-Introduction Hi, I’m Youngin Jo, 25 years old 🙂 Living in Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam Hmm.. I’m 25 too. My name is Haeun Kong HA – EUN – KONG? Yes You have pretty name Thanks 😀 Is it okay to ask your job? I do music broadcasting at home Streamer? YES Ahhh WOW This is the first time to meet a streamer! What is your job? I graduatated college of physical education… I quit because I got injured So I’m looking for the other job Ahhh I see. What exact sport did you do back in time? Surfing! for a long time Surfing? Yes, the waves… Ahh… I had serious shoulder injury by surfing… So I quit. I assume that your body size is smaller than average (LOL) Is it? It’s secret Ah! It is hard to give a comment only by listening your voice I agree 🙂 I like your voice You have a nice voice too. Thanks a lot haha Thank you as well. Hmmm. you know what? These walls…. I want to remove it ASAP! (LAUGH) Too EXTREME! I told you I do broadcasting at home yes yes So speaking to wall is normal to me HAHA Im okay with walls (LAUGH) Since I’m the one who wishes to remove the wall I will choose Yeah sure! (MUSIC) I guess our conversation flows in a nice way I want to know you more deeply 😀 Wall – [Personal Tendency] Picture of your room Show me the picture of your room! Oh… you mean my home? (Surprised) Where is the bed? (LAUGH) I prefer sleeping on the floor rathern than using bed The seniors recommended to sleep on the floor…. Ah…haha..ground? What do you think of my house? I guess floor is nice and neat BUT… I think you piled up everything to make floor look clean Hahah Uhhhhh hahaha I moved recently! That is why! BUT it’s super clean right now For real Not a joke 🙂 Ohh is it? Yes (Sigh) Haha I regret not cleaning I can see who you are by looking at the photo of your room What is your thought? You like to stick at your home And it seems you are nice and neat man Thank you for saying that:) Hmm.. I would like to finalize this topic And here is my decision… Okay I’m ready Can you guess my decision? Hope that you remove it (Removing) (Smile) Wall – [Personal Tendency] Read out your YOUTUBE History Would you read out your Youtube history? OMG YOUTUBE? Yes Please Wait a sec… [How to hide your unrequited love and love your unrequited love] @[email protected] LOLOLOLOL Oh plz…hahahaha [The worst-case scenario of encountering an ex-boyfriend] Oh lord… Ah …. [What happens when you travel with your boyfriend?] The content is not sexual… Ah I see 😉 You mentioned unrequited love right? YES [How to hide your unrequited love and love your unrequited love] Have you done unrequited love? Yes. I did it for several times And it turned out love at the end most of time Oh~~~~~ Have you? I did not make it 🙁 Ah.. I see Based on your Youtube history It seems you consider love important YES I do Okay I would like to show my decision Go ahead (Removing) Wall – [Tolerance] What if your lover is ex-convict? What if your lover is ex-convict? What would you do? Hmm… if i truly love… hmm…. Nahh, I would say NO Absolutely NO! I cannot meet Even though you truly love? My answer is NO Do you think crime is a momentary impulse? Or do you think it’s pathological? Once it’s a mistake and if it continues, it’s morbid What about you? Anyone who has made a mistake once will do same thing again My answer is NO Hmm we think in similar way haha I will decide (whether remove the wall or not) Yes, go agead (wall removed) I want to cover the next topic 🙂 Is it just curiosity? haha Wall – [Family or Love] Can you stop meeting your parents for five years? Can you stop meeting your parents for five years in order to stay with your lover? NO I would never do that Marriage is blessing and happiness BUT if my parents not bless I don’t think it’s a good marriage Your thought? Same as you Even though you love her so much? I can’t betray my parents! I would never do that Hmm I see I am happy when my parents are happy Same Now it’s my turn to decide Done! (wall removed) I see silhouette of you Oh for real? Yes lil bit! Ah~~~ just a lil bit? I mean height and… How tall do you think I am? I don’t think you are tall (LAUGH) Okay 🙁 Any opinion on me? I guess you are small Hahaha Now, I will ask you a question Sure Wall – [Religion] Can you change your religion for lover? Can you change your religion for lover? Religion? (Surprised) Yes No, I cannot Your answer is NO? Nope never What is your religion? Buddhism Ahh.. really? yes yes Ahh What is yours? I told you my name is HA – EUN before.. Yes I remember It means ‘Grace of God’ Emm… What is the reason that you can’t change it? My family built A temple… Huh? My family built a temple haha.. I still don’t get it Oh!! you mean temtple??? yes yes Yes, a charnel house and a temple I think it fully explains, isnt it? Therefore, I can’t change 🙂 Ahhh So your parents may oppose the girl who is Christian Yeah I think so Hmm okay I’m giving out too much information I born at Buddha’s Birthday 😀 😀 😀 😀 (Almost cry) Can you change the religion? For your lover? Nope. I can’t As my whole family believe Christianity… You said your family built a temple right? Its.. hmm… Your parents did it right?! Yes yes I actually don’t care about partner’s religion I care about parents belief What about you? Same! I don’t really care Ah~ because of your parents? Yeah since it’s family business… Then All your family members, including relatives Everyone believes Buddhism? YES! Ahh When you are dating with someone do you consider marriage? Yes I believe relationship can be deeper to a certain extent I’m always cautious about relationship Let’s finish it and i will decide Okay go agead (Laughing) Can you guess my decision? Umm… Do you think light goes out? Yes hahah I have a strong feeling that light goes out Why? 😀 The religion we talked… and… Oh for real? Yes Hmm (?!) (!!!) Sad ending 🙁 (………….) Subscribe GLAM channel and check out more videos !


  • I will never leave my religion for anyone sorry I can never do that my heart will not let nor will my soul I’m a Muslim and that will never change inshallah

  • I consider myself as a nonbeliever, but I was born and raised by a loving and religious Christian family. I have my rights and reasons as to why I choose to leave it, not just Christianity but the whole religion itself… Rn I'm at this frustrating point in my life where I'm so IN LOVE with a guy-friend, and he told me he feels the same way, but the next day (after he confessed back) he immediately ignored me ever since then. (we're in 12th grade BTW) and one night he texted me the reason why he doesn't want to continue our friendship anymore because he thinks it's unnecessary. He explained that he is really committed to what he believes in and he just can't seem to see how it would work for me, an ex-christian who is now and aethist, and him, a very religious Catholic could make a relationship work. That… That really just stabbed my heart in two…

  • My dad and mom both have different believes, but they still love each other, they get into fights sometimes about religion, but it doesn’t stop them from being together. They still believe the way they want to believe, even tho the other still believes something different. Honestly, I don’t really believe in a certain religion, I’d like to think that everything is all true about the Bible and stuff but, I really don’t believe in that kind of stuff.., although it would be nice to think that way 🙂
    I’m the type of person who needs to see it to believe it. But I don’t hate on others who believe something I don’t.

  • What's up with that? Girl we have the world respect!! Can't we just respect each others believe and religion and try to live in harmony? Like isn't the values and teachings of the two 'somehow ' the same?????

  • The ending broke ma heart. They are definitely a match and i can feel that they are attracted to each other. Too bad, just because of one indifference…

  • If your lover really loves you then he/she will not force you change your religion in any condition
    If it's not than your lover loves your change religion not you
    Personal opinion 😋😋

  • I don't understand why people have to have religion. Most of the time it divides people and I've seen it do more harm than good.

  • To be fair I’ve never understood religion to be a life changing stance so this seems quite sad to me. What a waste.

  • I know this is more about their parents, but I feel like many people in the comments don’t understand that not everyone is ready to be with someone that doesn’t belong in the same religion. Many religions actually recommend you to marry/be with someone with the same religion and also if your religion shows a lot in your daily life (praying multiple times, rules/recommendations what to eat and what not, what activities you can do, rest days etc) it honestly could be hard. The picture of love is based on your religion usually too. I myself could be with someone that doesn’t belong in the same religion, but at the same time, I’m not really that religious… and would still prefer someone who does (or is an atheist) because I love celebrating the holidays of my religion, traditions etc.

  • "Even though you love her so much"
    "I cant betray my parents"
    And this is a reason why people end up in unhappy relationships. Its easy to say that until it happens to you and all you left with is hurt feelings and time wasted away

  • There are thousands of religions with different concepts if God. Of course most people would find it hard to drop a religion they were born into it but they could be missing out a lot on life just because of some belief. What if you had no religion…believe what you want but it is time for humanity to stop putting itself into boxes and boundaries it is just ridiculous.

  • My niece dont have a religion but do believe in God, he even said to me that every religion have different gods but has the same satan

  • I dont think you have to change religion for your love, but you should accept and understand that each has their own belief, and this difference is no reason to not be in a relationship with one another. It just means you have to be more open minded about things. I am christian but I believe that everyone can have their own belief or religion and if my partner were to be a buddhist I wouldnt mind. I'd want to learn about their religion, but this doesnt mean I'd give up mine, nor do I want my partner to give up their religion for me.

  • It's not about religion, It's about being good, It doesn't matter if we are Christians, Muslims or anyting because God is Good right? that's why It's all about being Good."

    This is my own opinion, God bless us all.

  • If two people truly loved each other then they’d just get married regardless of religion. My mum is Muslim and my dad is Agnostic and they’ve been together for 23 years. I have Muslim, Catholic, Jewish, Agnostic and Atheist cousins due to how mixed my family is and we’re living just fine. Just don’t mention religious issues on the dining table and you’ll be fine.

  • But can't spouse of different religion get married? (Except for muslim)
    I mean, is that rare in Korea? Why can't they get married n practice their own beliefs?

  • 하나님의 은혜와
    석가탄신일에 태어난 사람이 이어질려면
    로미오와 줄리엣보다
    더 치열한 소설이 나오겠다

  • I wouldn't abandon my religion for love no, but I am currently in a very committed relationship with another who does not share my religion. Would I love to be able yo share my love for my religion with my love? Absolutely, but when two people care so much they work with the differences. My love listens to my devotions, and I listen to her opinions and feelings, it truly doesn't have to be so devisive

  • I dont know if i can abandon religion for love. But im pretty sure i can abandon both for money. If you dont have money,Lets say you are living poverty situation and have to hang out with bad friends, Im also pretty sure love and religion both gonna abandon you. Anyone agree ?

  • You can date someone with a different religion but marriage is a different thing because then, when you have kids you want your kids to follow the same faith as you. With different religions, It cannot work.

  • 아 어떻게 이렇게 둘을 출연시키냐고ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 진짜 신기하네 난 종교 너무 상관없는사람이라 그냥 넘어갔을 질문인데

  • i love the background music,
    but they say if you love someone you gotta do what must to be done,
    you have to understand everything.
    and so even if i love a person with different religion i will understand what their religion is.
    hoping that the person i love will understand mine.
    but if their parent's belief are the most important than the one you love.
    maybe you didn't really love the person.
    legends say that if you fall in love you will do crazy stuff.

    in the end it's up to the person whether they choose the right decision or not.

  • Yess..love is important but religion is something that runs in our flesh and blood …we dont notice its importance in our lives till we have to deal with somether people with different religion….
    But i think….two people can be good frnds or live together if they really love one another without changing thier religion….. respect of religion is a thing we all should learn….

  • This is the most depressing reality video I’ve watched recently 😢😢 they are so sweet together & their personality seem to match too, even the thing that breaks them apart in the end, believe in their religion.

    I have mad respect for them. It is hard to be having different believe but I hope in this world we can love & respect someone & still love our family/religion because in the end God is one

  • 난 남자 데 사랑위에 종교 당연히 버릴수 있지 사랑이 제일 중요하지
    나 사랑이지

  • Wouldn’t change my religion for someone but also not opposed to being with someone of a different religion. I would at least get to know the person a bit. Parents complicate things.

  • What a sad ending. I actually felt they had potential and spoke really well with each other… religion makes me so sad because it was meant to teach people that we are all the same, yet because of it, we put prejudice and segregate ourselves.. God said i love all of you, believers say I only love my kind.

  • 사랑하는 사람을 위해서가 아니라 단순히 종교를 퍼뜨리기 위해 일부다처제와 결혼을 이용하는 전염병과 같은 추악한 이슬람교로 전세계가 오염되고 테러가 벌어지고 전쟁까지 일어나고 있는것만 봐도 이지구상에서 모든 종교가 사라져야 인류에게 진정한 평화가 찾아올거라고 생각합니다.

  • Girl should care about the religion of her partner if really Christian. It's living hell trying to be a practicing Christian and married to someone of another religion. Constant attacks from other partner and demands that they go directly against morals of the religion to show that you love them and choose them over God even if they seem super nice and respectful at first, they always become disrespectful and constantly act out to push you to go against personal convictions, when you would never even dream of doing the same to them.

  • Fucking stupid!!!!!!! Come to America and see the way parents treat us, how religion fuck us then decide to toss a gem away over both

  • 나는 종교를 바꿔도 상관이없는데 부모님때문에 안된다.. 이게 무슨말이지..? 자기의 믿음은 중요하지않고 지금 믿고 있는걸 한 순간에 바꿀 수 있을 정도로 믿음이 없다는 말인가..?

  • I think they could have tried at least and see if they can understand each other even though their religions are so different.. Thats really sad ya know..

  • i don't get why religion is so important. i mean just praying every day but nothing happens. i would respect someone if they believe and have their religion but sometimes it gets annoying when they pray every fucking time they eat a meal. and keep telling me that 'jesus' made only two genders and that gays shouldn't exist. so to summon it all up i feel like you shouldn't but into someone's religion and choices unless they are overly sexist and of what i mentioned

  • I dunno, but if I were in her position, regardless the religion issue I'm still going to open the walls because they does have alot in common and would become great friends anyway.

  • 하… 어렵다 참 사랑함에있어서 종교관까지 같아야한다는건 억지지 완전 잘가다가 이게 뭔지; ㅉ..

  • I too strongly believe in my religion. Well I'm not strongly religious but I still won't change for another. I'm with someone right now who's not the same religion as mine. My family knows that but they just keep quiet about it. I'm not forcing my beliefs on him and he never forces his beliefs on me. It's sad one day we can't be together but till that day comes, we'll live our life together.

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