Employee caught sleeping inside abandoned Power Station

Updated : Nov 09, 2019 in Articles

Employee caught sleeping inside abandoned Power Station

There is somebody ! It’s april first and… it’s obvious we aren’t alone. What an huge building man.
-Allright we are done at 5 pm. There, dogs! O yeah, holy f*ck. Are we going to succeed with all those dogs? Not a good start. Cars. I don’t know if you can see it, damn. I think it’s a no-go. The fence is open. There will be people for sure. This is a good parking right?
-Yes For car breaking. -Indeed. Let’s take a look to the car for the last time. Let’s hope it’s still there when we return. They will think we are copperthieves. It’s really nice. -Really cool indeed. I think we can just walk onto the terrain? I think so. I don’t know about security though. A turtle? – Really? We won’t hurt you, come on. When you guys move on he will come out maybe. -No he won’t. Bob filming for an hour. It was never so easy. – Easiest entrance ever. A huge hole indeed. Keep right. The lights are still on. Normally you can go into the coal conveyor. Can you go on? – Yes climb up here. Well we’re inside. Electricity is working in some parts. Looking good already. We are now in the kettle house. Some parts are still running. Lets check. Allright, this is not what we are looking for. I think we will get in the main hall here. Yes, i think we will get into the turbine hall. We only have to check if there’s nobody there. I didn’t expect machines to be running here. Lights and so. Didn’t look that way from the outside. -No Look there. It’s just open. Go upstairs here? -Yes, go up, quick. Wow, that’s cool. Wait a second. Check if there’s nobody around. Cool? – Yes. Let’s take a look. Cool. Nice decayed also. Four turbines. Perhaps there are more down there. In this hall there are four. Shall we take a look there? See if there’s more? Whats there? A control room. We have to check if it’s not alarmed. There is no light. There is somebody! There’s someone in the control room Is there somebody? – Behind the computer Really? – I go check if i can film. I’m going to try to get him on camera. There’s an old dude. An old dude yes? He’s sleeping. This is f*cking cool ! Its 10.15 AM April 1st. it’s obvious that we aren’t alone. A guy is sitting there, sleeping. That was thrilling. *panting* Jerk. We should photograph the turbine hall. -Yes. It’s a maze here. I just wanted to say, we need more adrenaline. There’s a big chance that dude is awake soon. We are going to photograph the turbine hall, but careful and silent. When that dude catches us. What do i smell? Fire? – Yes. 0000! -and? Super cool. Holy sh*t. Lovely. A nice control room. There’s been a fire, look at the ceiling. Totally black. All those gauges are burned crazy power station. Really cool and big. Really big. We have that dude good on camera. -Yes. Go ahead. Eelco is on the lookout, is everything allright? Keep away from it ! Wait a second. We are really close to the security. We can’t wake him ofcourse. All the stuff is still lying there. Hard to see i guess. I think there’s somebody walking around I can hear it Normally this should be a cool part. This can be pretty nice. Many pipes, nice. Nice, – Go that way? Yes. It’s freezing here. It would be really stupid if we get caught now. No time for pictures, so we film it. Nice, that too. Let’s make a last photo quick and go out fast. Security is right above us now. When he comes down we’re f*cked. Frederik is so slow… He makes eight pictures at the same spot. What’s wrong with him. He wants to make it more thrilling, getting us caught. Allright. We haven’t seen all by far, but we have more scheduled today, so.. Let’s call it a wrap. We didn’t get caught, let’s check the cooling towers. Let’s see if there’s an easy way out. We are pretty safe here right? -Yes Next, a cooling tower, let’s check it out. Holy f*ck man. What a crappy staircase is this? Too bad it’s partly stripped. I am going to fly the drone. what? I can hear it. -Is it coming back? Ah there it is. -Do you see it? There it is, yes. That was scary. -He was lost for a while. Bad boy. Can i look? – Nice view man. -Check this ! Holy sh*t boss, let’s check in, it’s a good check in.


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