Email Forces Resignation Of IN Prosecutor

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Email Forces Resignation Of IN Prosecutor

this seven seventy-nine texans brockbank that
dot netflix dot com fax writing grand prix have them so whichever but they were carlos let is identity
prosecutor for johnson county and indiana uh… apparently during the you know protest in wisconsin he sent an email
to a scott walker wisconsin how do i know because associated press and had a request for those emails uh… and they went through the process anyone and
they have gotten governor walkers emails and they run into this use of the father co a
folder called uh… from meaning like uh… people government professionals is that
i had said he’s back to be met let’s really find carlos leon’s e-mail and that’s an interesting he says the government if you’ve been employed associate who pretends
to be sympathetic to the union’s cause to physically attacking or even use up firearm against you used to describe the u_n_’s currently the media is paying the venue protest
is a democratic uprising at the individual that the issue number of
your decision to protest employ plus like operation what it says in undercutting any support of the media may be creating in
favor of the unions dot blots carlos at night i love the blockbuster the false flag operation meeting pretending to be part of the opposition and
they do something about torture right dot blots poll by the way they should physically attractive
dot blots and even shoot you godbless now governor walker apparently wisely rarely in that case ignored the suggestion and didn’t have anyone
shoot thank god for m and for everyone else about right and remember one of the fake co brother called
governor walker and said hey uh… maybe we should get there fateful just like this cross trouble rewards that we consider that but he did say we rejected that idea because it would cause trouble and that you thought it wouldn’t happen politically now put whether incidents look he didn’t do it so it’s worked over what
was concerned that he didn’t do any of this stuff so i think
you can’t put it on him but you’ve got the crowd carlos lehrer who’s a you know deputy prosecutor it was
just in this now he of course totally denied this would be a massive baby
suggested opt out of the other somebody was happening right now of course cox he said quote i am forecasted there would never have a keeper
some electives and would like everyone to be sure but that is just not me spe when i would say i think you should do what he has to get his
budget balancer brenda walker which peace that’s taking a little bit too extreme when talking about the email considering the
false flag operation the shooting etcetera would it be action specific there were reports
specifically asked them and about the fate violence uh… that was just in the email he responded to
get now that’s two g’s epic expects a president or technology parts so he’s at experts agree that we can set you
can’t leave his identity as the stolen his emails hackman’s double false flag operation was conducted
on him of corsi later confess an admitted yep i sent the email and he is now reside cebu city come on down what was called to their head
this is how they think and you know the whole old-time d you were hearing broke boxes channel
conservative commentators of the union thoughts that you know your thoughts in the wild actually republican thugs effingham
how can we put reagan his union votes wallaby actually commit the violence remember another indiana prosecutor and get the questioning the prosecution team
in india has already stepped down another republican because but earlier on in this whole process
he suggested that the wisconsin uh… police should fire into the crowds with
live ammunition cut too which i say that after one idea so that they are both
resigned admitting yes they both has said those crazy outrageous comments uh… and it gives you an interesting look into the deserve minded how they fit hello and that puts the two of the movie the
ralph no later just free shipping to one thousand movies or levi strauss rate on your pc one
television gaming console at first i thought i’d be like the problems
that did not put on


  • The British government was trying to get MI6/MI5 agents to infiltrate the TUC/Coalition of Resistance to cause conflict in the group in order to disperse the group before the march happened.

    They did a grand job marching anyway, despite the MI5/MI6 trying to get in the way of progress, on the 26th March 2011.

  • It's hard living as a Progressive in Lawrenceburg,IN being surrounded by easily swayed scared old republicans.

  • Republicans are like Winston from Ghost Busters "If there's a steady paycheck in it, I'll believe anything you say."

  • No Cenk, this doesn't give you a window into the conservative mind. That's a hasty generalization. And I'm a bleeding heart liberal for the record…

  • Hahaha what an idiot. False flag in the day and age of emails and internet? You can Google someone name and find out their history for the last 20 years.. you think planting some lackey won't be uncovered within hours if not minutes after the attack?

    He's an old school Dr Evil, still thinks "millions" is a big number while he rubs his pussy.. Hey welcome to the 21st century..Actually even suggesting a credible assassination attempt on a public official is a crime and he should be tried..

  • itll probably take the police opening fire on unarmed crowds for people to realize whats up…hmm kinda like the revolutionary war funnily enough

  • conservatives motherfuckers really behave like nazis sons of bitches and all that for the money !! pieces of shit !!!

  • If they started firing live ammunition into crowds, then we'd finally need those "Second Amendment Remedies" the Republicans keep talking about.

  • @sikvenum82

    So, you became a Republican to piss off your father?

    Way to responsibly use your inalienable rights. Do you vote single issues as well, like pro life, or second amendment, while the GOP carves up this county for their corporate masters fiefdoms?

  • @doit420sdf There are no extreme left policies being advocated by any major politician or TV network or national radio show. The Tea Party discredits itself by the candidates it puts forward and the racist signs they carry. End of story.

  • The "God Bless" statement hints at the real problem. Most people don't recognize that when we fought against slavery, for women's rights, civil rights, equal pay- AGAINST the conservatives, we were really fighting to free ourselves from the damage a few silly books written at a time when man knew nothing did to us all and still do today.

    Attack the source. Ridicule and expose the falsity of religion and belief in God, the afterlife, fear of death & the unknown.

  • @5lkk It's illegal to unilaterally have ur emails deleted if u work for the government all that is kept forever.. It's considered government property and u cant just delete it or order someone to do that unless your really high up ie like how the loss the 96 hours of torture tapes on order of the CIA director..

  • I wonder, if a major company screws you over and you go to trial before this judge to settle the matter, will the trial be fair?

  • I've noticed a few conservatives who end all their posts with "God bless". Not atypically after saying something outrageous or hateful.

  • It's like Cenk has said about a million times. Projection! If a person is loudly anti-gay, they're probably dealing with gay issues. If a person screams look at those violent union thugs, they're probably planning something shady and violent. I love the God Bless crap too, but given what christianity actually teaches (not your pastor but the book) I'm not surprised

  • @MYBEEFIZSTRONG That actually happened in medieval europe from time to time. The peasents got so tired of the nobel's shit, that they would rise up. Al Franken's book "Lies and lying liars", cited a case where the peasents got so pissed off that they rose up, gang raped the lord's wife in front of him, killed her and him, then freakin ate them. Franken's next line was," republicans have no idea what class warefare is. That's class warefare, paying more in taxes isn't."

  • I've never met anyone from IN that was too bright. I'm sorry, just haven't. Lots of bright people from NB and KA but some how IN got skipped over.

  • If the justice system and the medias dont get those assholes to be out of public life and politics, it means that America is agreeing to keep these bad apples as the image of the country. Think of what you want to send as a message to the coming generations…. These guys should be deported to serve in Afghanistan for a few months.

  • @doit420sdf … There was really no need… The worst of what the teabaggers do, they are doing THEMSELVES… Look at the crap Walker is doing and is considering doing.

  • They should overturn every casse he's ever worked on, because can you trust that a guy who would advocate a false flag operation did everything else by the book.

  • Evil is not those that twirl their mustaches in public, but the people who feel nothing at all when doing their evil deeds.

  • @Ragitsu Since when weren't the banksters who rolled us, gave massive bailouts, demanded tax cuts that increased the deficit and are now screaming for the blood of teachers not moustache twirling horned cloven hoofed monsters?

    The banker in brazil (possibly related to the boys from brazil) that ran his car through a group of protest bikers is emblematic of the pure undiluted evil of the golden calf worshippers.

  • walker is the coolest governor ever.

    Its like in war times, some one surrender and worked for the invader. But in secret they protect its people. Thats your walker right there.

    Crazy shit to hurt union, ignored.
    In front of the rich powerful he thanks he is talking to, he only thought about the evil stuff, but immediately reject it with lame excuses.

    In time when your country is already conquered by corporations, its people like walker that can protect you.

  • @garytcw He is not going so far as to have one of his own people shot, because the ramifications are too great if they get caught. He knows what he can get away with.

  • @dangerouslytalented Yes, and I am obviously not being totally serious. duh. But the similarity is there.

    A guy worked for the invader. Protect its people in secrets. He does more good than any rebel or cenk can ever do.
    Like without heroes like Walker, your planes would not be bombing stuff in middle east, it would be on the unionist, after the evil plan worked, but hey the sell-out-with-a-heart stopped it.

    Somebody make a movie out of this. Walker 2012.

  • Wow. I am surprised. Not that some one would purpose this, but that Walker turned it down. I guess there is a line he won't cross.

  • @RobNLynchburgVA Yup, which is why I am annoyed that people actually look at these people as Christians. They break commandments almost daily, then people say, "look! he did something against the bible!"… when will people learn that just because someone says they are Christian doesn't make them a Christian.

  • @jibsmokestack1 9/11, we will not forget the day our government attacked its own people for quest for oil.

  • @bluefootedpig "when will people learn that just because someone says they are Christian doesn't make them a Christian."
    I have a problem with this statement. With so many Christians, or people claiming to be Christian, able to find interpretation from the Bible to support their particular beliefs, then how can we distinguish any given group as "truly Christian?" Other groups would no doubt claim that they are in fact true Christians and others not and vice versa.

  • False flag? Oh, that is rich, Carlos. Mr. Former Prosecuter won't be working as dogcatcher now. Great career move, Mr. Lam.

  • @RememberJudas314 You bring up a good point. Well there is two ways to look at it. First is to look at the actions against what the bible says. If you start a war and thus kill people, are you following "do not murder" or "love thy neighbor as thyself" or "do not resist evil"? But you are right, how… but lets put it into a context you might understand. If America goes to war with Iraq and kills 150k civilians, does that mean every American wants to kill Iraqis? cont..

  • @RememberJudas314 cont… so if look at America and killing people, we have our constitution which says that all men are created equal and are entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. So when we oppress other countries, we are violating our constitution, does that mean every American is like that? I hope the point is getting across that just because a small subset performs an action, does not condemn them all.

  • Okay, I agree with Cenk on almost every point, but taking this as a point to demonize all concervatives. There are plenty of them who don't even vote republican, much less agree with actions like this.

  • False flag operations seem to be a favorite tactic of fascists, tyrants and Republicans. Consider:
    – Nazis staged attack on German radio station, blamed Poles, as pretense for invasion.
    – Nero burned Rome, blamed Christians, to create excuse for urban renewal and oppression of dangerous cult.
    – 9/11/2001 staged by U.S. and other forces, blamed on Arab-Muslims, as pretext for invading and occupying Afghanistan, Iraq, and now maybe Libya.

  • every case he has ever tried now has to be called in to question…think of all the innocent people this person may have convicted with tactics like this.

    mistrials for all?

  • @LarryGUU 911 was NOT staged by American forces. Bush DID use it as an excuse to start the war on Iraq and Afghanistan, but he did not NEED to stage it. Other excuses would have been found. Had he staged it, then the hijackers would have been Iraqis.

    Likewise, Rome caught fire probably accidentally. But Nero used it as an excuse to build a grandiose palace for himself on the now vacant land.

    But the Nazi false flag operations, the Reichstag fire and all that, DID happen.

  • @LogicBeforeNorms Not all conservatives. Just these insane teabaggers, the ones that are causing all the crap in Wisconsin and Indiana and Maine and certain other states.

  • @FumingPoliticalPunk Plotting a fake assassination does NOT equal holding a racist flag. Holding a racist flag was NOT the right thing to do, but (a) it was not like the teabaggers were not holding racist signs anyway (which means that those concerned even needed to show up with those flags) and (b) was not likely to cause others to get killed or maimed.

  • The fact that this is no longer a rarity and the population hasn't risen up in full scale revolution demonstrates that there is even worse to come, and the war to own America has already been decided.

  • Why isn't this guy charged with terrorism???????????????????????? A religious extremist plotting to harm others that aren't in agreement with him. It sounds like a terrorist plot to me.

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