Elite Dangerous Inra Mycoid base 2 – Stuart Retreat abandoned installation with Audio Logs

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Elite Dangerous Inra Mycoid base 2 – Stuart Retreat abandoned installation with Audio Logs

hello its Ricardo and I’m still playing
Elite Dangerous I’m in the hip 1 5 3 2 9 system where another INRA base has
been found the location and coordinates and now on this screen planet AC 3 is
what you’re looking for and I’ve already done so you like what you’re seeing
please can I ask you to click the like and subscribe button that will help me
out and also you’ll know when I get more videos of elite dangerous on YouTube so
you don’t miss one so I’m going to leave you now with a tour around in the base
there are spoilers there’ll be a spoiler warning I will be playing the logs in
this video as well but it shows a trail of breadcrumbs and a more integrated
story in the elite dangerous universe fly safe look out for more videos in the
series see you soon spoiler alert spoiler alert I don’t have long once they realize I’m
gone and the data’s been copied they’ll send their attack dogs often I know they
will but someone needs to show the galaxy what that in red really is I’m
sorry for the part I played in this journey I was a researcher at a facility
in Hamish for a system exploring agricultural applications of thyroid
derived technology the lab was owned by the Emperor
publicly the inner life emphasized the whole altruistic cooperative thing but
in recent years has become much more focus of weapons testing and manufacture
believing it’s a military contractor in all but name think of my field was the study of
disease resistant crops mica protein that sort of thing I didn’t get results
with my am disappear yes I was running a bunch of control exponents just trying
to keep them that way but afterthought related to the main body in my work it
was also interesting I didn’t think I would be significant but something made
them take it directly to wanna be in regards I didn’t want to go to dr.
Prince she’s always been pretty nor my equipment and samples always
stuff to some remote facility they don’t find out been taken to a weapons testing
site in the aleph a to a egg system my research was used as the basis of a new
super weapon designed to destroy the Fargo woods I heard they experimented on
live captives I doubt any of it was strictly legal it certainly wasn’t
ethical differences and work together starts off like that
but it’s something very different now progress at any cost months makes right
all our worst impulses gelled into an unaccountable organization focus solely
on making bigger and more powerful weapons if you find this if someone
finds this make sure I get some it’s time you

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