Elite Dangerous INRA Abandoned installation from the last Thargoid War

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Elite Dangerous INRA Abandoned installation from the last Thargoid War

As the war against the thyroids
continued in developed from the cutting-edge science organization to the
vanguard of humanity’s struggle against the alien aggressors elite pilots were
recruited from across human space and given the most advanced ships and
technologies to help fend off the enemy records indicate that the disappearance
of the thyroids might have been down to covert operation undertaken by the
intergalactic Naval Reserve are the far Boyd’s had been infected by a virus and
the particular type of virus Athiya it was known as the McCoy virus and it was
produced by humans the Fargo a hyperdrive technology was rendered
useless the virus attacked plastic in the system and there are indications
that the thyroids were also infected as their excess platoons were composed of
polymer like material there were accusations that intergalactic naval
research arm committed genocide on the thyroids regardless the thyroids
disappeared with the end of the thighbone or intergalactic naval
research arm was officially disbanded its veteran spreading to the corners of
the galaxy to continue to gather famous elite pilots or to degenerate and live
off telling tall tales in dingy bars hello it’s Ricardo and I’m in the
Hermitage system now after a quick glimpse in the frontier expo trailer
that was released I thought I’d go and check out the INRA installation the
coordinates are on the screen now minus fifty three point five seven one hundred
and fifty seven point six one now the Inner Earth intergalactic naval research
arm is from elite law it was found a couple of weeks before it being included
in the trailer however I thought I’d come and check it out so sit back enjoy
the video listen to the music but beware there are logs and there are spoilers so
if you’d rather come and find it yourself
best switch off now otherwise enjoy it speak soon fly safe and look out for
more videos in the series we received a very exciting delivery
today pieces of recovered thyroid technology even fragments of spacecraft
most of the samples are damaged but we should still be able to put them to good
use sargoi technology is in many respects
far more advanced than our own understanding it could open up all kinds
of possibilities and rapidly accelerate our own development to space travel
energy weapons eva medicine the applications are potentially limitless I
suspect there’s a key discovery to be made I wonder will open up the aliens
technology to us perhaps I’ll be the one to make it and but I’m getting ahead of
myself there’s lots of work to be done before we can start popping champagne
corks I’ve given the research to us our assignments let’s see what they can find
out progress is so and much of what we knew
about the thyroids or thought bu has had to be revised but I suppose that’s to be
expected we know how to well the active research projects focusing on a number
of different areas I find myself growing impatient with
some of my colleagues but that’s the problem with being a perfectionist I
said high standards myself and I expect others to do the same phase three has been a failure I
sincerely believed we were making progress
but just because something works in theory does not mean it will work in
practice there have also been issues with the junior researchers think
they’re being monitored and one one actually believes she’s being held here
against her will of course those who have worked in this sector before know
this is not the case naturally our employers keep an eye on us the work
we’re doing is extremely sensitive with such alien technology after all an official project it’s just something
that one of the Julia researchers cooked up in his spare time he’s a specialist
in agricultural science trying to wipe out famine or something
apparently he’s created a biological agent incapacitates the alien technology
here we are devoting millions of credits and countless hours to understanding
this technology and he is trying to destroy it from the project in time but
our employers if you’re still with me thanks very much
for watching can I ask you to click the subscribe and the like button should
like what you’ve been seeing and you want to see more videos from me on elite
dangerous and other games fly safe see you soon you


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