Does Fundrise Real Estate Investing Work? – Fundrise Review


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  • I’d say it’s great for diversification! I think I’d want to get an actual property tho, we’ll have to look into it more. Thanks 😁👍

  • I won’t use or suggest others use it unless they want their money locked up 5+ years and not very liquid, they issue out K1's, don't get the full benefits of true real estate. My preference for newer investors interested in RE, is by using a REIT. You can get capital appreciation, can invest within a Roth IRA to collect the cap gains/divs tax-free, and don't have to pay extra just for having to do a K1 on taxes.

  • Man you're crushing these videos! Great work and dedication to YouTube.

    I would personally rather invest in real estate directly than use Fundrise!

  • Nice video. I personally love fundrise but only if it's a nice balance within your total portfolio and be diversified.

  • Fundrise seems like a good option for somebody who does not want to get involved with physical real estate but the lack of history worries me. I would put some money in but only a bit to see how it worked out after a few years.

  • Thanks Jarrad, this is an eye opener! BTW, I like the hack for using Fundrise for your next car. I have had the same car for almost 14 years. I can't even remember what a car payment feels like. I will probably need one ( a car, not a payment) in 6 – 7 years like yourself. Any thoughts on how much to toss into fundrise? A grand?

  • I just invested $10,000 in Fundrise on July 27,2019. I am adding more money each month! I am a long term investors. I am in no rush!

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