Digital Dive: Former senator Al Franken says he regrets resigning


  • we already have enough of these anti white, anti american, religious supremacists that have infiltrated our government. One less is ok.

  • Al Franken took a picture of almost touching a flack jacket in the breast area and that is the Republic Partier equivalent of a con man, racist, cheat who has sex with teen girls, porno actresses and, all the while. lusts and fantasizes having sex with his daughter. He say's Melania has given her permission, and I don't doubt that, even though Trump thought he was lying when he said it.
    C'mon back Al, we need you. We have a Big Fat lying liar Illegitimate Pretendident and hoo boy, the lies he tells. Run with Bernie for VP.

  • Al Franken was not a giant in the Senate. He was a JOKE in the Senate. He suffered the hypocrisies of his own party. Did he deserve to lose his seat in the Senate because of a silly photo? No, boys will be boys and we do stupid s*** sometimes. This goes for Republicans to though. President Trump made silly comments about grabbing women by the p*****. Again boys will be boys. We say and do dumb things. It doesn't mean we are misogynist or don't respect women, it just means we're stupid sometimes. Personally I never liked and still don't like Franken he's a big mouth smarta**. In hind sight he didn't deserve to be ousted by his party.

  • Democrats did this to themselves . Conviction by lynching. That’s who they are . “We believe the women. They would never lie about something like this . Why would they?“

  • Hell no he shouldn't have resigned of course Republicans are going to make it bigger than what it is because they support a Serial sex offender Donald Trump. And I hate that Democrats are always so weak they let one of the best fighters go in Al Franken

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