Did Nicki Minaj Retire Or Is She Just Trolling?

Updated : Sep 13, 2019 in Articles

Did Nicki Minaj Retire Or Is She Just Trolling?

hey good evening this is the star report
oh yeah double dose on a Thursday night come on in we have to get right to it
I couldn’t let the night go pass without addressing this topic you see it on the
screen did cardi B make Nicki Minaj retire a very simple question there’s no
sense in you know playing it playing around with it trying to somewhat sort
of guess let’s just go right to it did cardi B make Nicki Minaj retire if you
ask me let me go first yes yeah no fair well track no farewell
tour nothing to the barbs except just a little a little silly tweet up on
Twitter Wow after the barbs and all these other people holding you down for
over a decade that’s how you go out that’s how you go out let me also say
for those of you who remember you know just I don’t I don’t always try to act
like you know I know everything I’m not one of those people but you know solute
to offset offset from the migos remember remember I told you up on everyday
struggle and a couple of other times I said ain’t no pimp like a country pimp
Nicki Minaj probably thought you know when cardi B pushed out that baby that
she was gonna take a break no offset put that ass on the track even harder yeah
huh you gotta out there with swollen feet
did you see the picture of cardi B feet swollen up on the ground talking
reckless let’s talk about it tonight got my
cocktail ready hey good evening in the live chat how you doing mhm
the queen out of here not down for the count out of here see it’s different day
in time back when jay-z and other people you know declared their retirement there
wasn’t a sea of trolls to finish them off she’s gonna be finished off I assure
you Nicki Minaj sit tight also um Malik Yoba in case you know that
the speed was on be one on three with the homie big
ticket yes that’s the homie he and I pieced it up years ago
the show is called the morning culture I don’t listen to hip-hop radio in the
morning I thought wasn’t Frankie and Wanda on that station in the mornings I
guess Katt Williams ran her off wand and I don’t know anyway so I’m big Tigger
interviewed Malik Yoba this was posted today September the 4th and poor me I’m
yesterday poor me today’s the fifth post it yesterday
and Malik Yoba did an interview with big Tigger and he said I don’t know that
person talking about Mariah Lopes and then said that person is lying
quote-unquote so we’re putting her name out there tonight or his name it Sherm
whatever the fuck Mariah Lopez cloud chasing lying we have
to keep the same energy with regards to you know kicking dirt lon i’m lee ki
oppa as i was doing now we’re gonna be you know even more
fair and objective because he has addressed it cuz i don’t know that
person he spoke about his character he spoke about him being heterosexual
claims he’s not gay i don’t know but he has responded so i’m
gonna give him the benefit of the doubt until Mariah Lopes produces receipts
anybody can say anything but you have to have receipts in today’s day and time or
Mariah Lopez is gonna have to go file a lawsuit Mariah was talking about that
flush about you my lawyers gonna contact his lawyer okay well get busy bitch we
want to see all right other things we’ll talk about tonight and I closed down my
match.com account yeah I don’t want to hear the horror stories of older females
I say that respectfully I don’t want to hear about your husband breaking your
eye socket back in 93 you know just he ran through your credit
you know and you lost everything and now now you looking for somebody to blow
your back out I ain’t the one so I closed down my match.com account again
salute to the homie DJ tiger for those of you who have been emailing me a
couple of people emails but more so the comments of a show from earlier
telling me catch this one that Lake Lanier Islands is haunted 60 miles north
of Atlanta it’s a huge lake they’ve got all sorts of beaches and truthfully
that’s all I’m looking for for those of you know those of you who have followed
me over the years I love to walk on the beach in the morning when no one else is
around I’m not looking to go set up a fucking tent you know two o’clock in the
afternoon you know blow some Kush sip on a fucking drink no I just want to walk
on a fucking beach early in the morning and that place I think it’s gonna work
for me I don’t care if it’s haunted what it was 30 40 years ago I don’t give a
goddamn about Jason from Friday the 13th is in the fucking water
I’m not going in the water okay also hold on a second let me just say salute
to a gorgeous Navy who sent in a comment earlier gorgeous Navy said star you’ll
make a good husband your way of thinking about how a child should be raised is
good leave match.com its wack lol I’m gonna respond to gorgeous Navy shortly
because um I want to just reiterate something I was saying in the show
earlier towards the end of the show about the primary care provider and how
when I you know do have kids you know probably a decade from now regardless of
what my system of belief is or non-belief or system of living the
primary care provider of those children I will back her up whether she’s a
Christian whether she’s Jewish whether she’s a Muslim it’s very important to me
that the that the mother have the stronger influence on that young
developing mind now I’ll get to this later but I just want to let gorgeous
Navy know that I saw your comment thank you so much
alright in other things we may or may not talk about hold on a second um judge
Mathis did he pay off the ballet the ballet
does not want to press charges now huh and Ariana Grande’s coming up in concert
here in Atlanta November the 9th 19th pardon me Ariana Grande
I’m looking for a date I want to go see this little singing brought all she can
sing we’ll talk about that later okay um good evening I think Bostick
Ronnie might be calling in as well yeah did Carly beget Nicki Minaj the fuck
outta here this is a trending story everywhere let’s get right to it good
evening nano e cardi B did she finish off Nicole they may Cuban artists role
in that come on I bought the video I thought that I saw the video happy it
look like a man with flashes God why what Theo Theo that that’s silly nigga
he’s silly that’s silly nigga had an extended clip
sticking out of his pocket I don’t give a fuck whether they’re trolling or not
that’s not what you do with the Queen of hip-hop and she’s been the queen of my
book for a lot of years she’s headed down the path if you asked me the same
way Lil Kim had a bunch of niggas around her that were doing all that extra
carrying on and she wound up go to the fucking jail the penitentiary Detention Center for year go ahead well
you understand like yes you she is the queen of hip-hop but I feel that ever
since Remy you know smoke there were sheep I feel like since then she’s been
going downhill like we got a little case of her person now you got a little
personality on the job up in uh platform and and and on you know Queens radio and
I’m like this is not corn this if we’re going to call her a queen she’s deaf
it’s not actual like a clean if you’re gonna put in the same category as only
on Beyonce like you can’t even remotely compare them to Nikki because Nikki she
wants to wrap up where she’s just gonna be that ratchet bitch man I guess bitch
maybe this is her way of passing the torch to make a negative value baby stop
it stop it now hang on a second you much younger than me I appreciate your call
but now Megan the style you nothing sideways to say about her nikki is
getting dragged right now and she has been ever since that video came out
people are saying she looked like she was a she was it trouble working trouble
twerking she’s never been good at working though
like you know it is what it is well she’s too old now to be struggling and
that’s what they’re dragging her by saying you’re saying Nikki’s passing the
torch to Megan the stallion come on she’s definitely a competitor McCarty
but why else did he get so you know so like cool with Meg the stallion so
quickly I mean yet she paid her homage I get that but at the same time like this
is the artist queen she Nikki was the artist that never really associated so
for all the female MCS right never really did there was never no never
unity when she was around you know I mean she always according to Nikki she
feels that she’s been bully for 12 years that’s not Queen behavior at all so do
you think that Carnaby took the crown smashed it absolutely because if you
think like if you think of all the female MCS back then like no one really
took the toys young ma come on really like all those other female and young
and may has bars were you going yeah but what has she been doing like he having
to put out she put out that album I just put out a hot-ass track about two weeks
ago we’ve been met yep but four stars no one’s really listened to her like that
when they come but unfortunately everyone’s listened to the hottest
emails right now and that’s Nexus values and car TP won’t really listen to young
MA like people that really is it without a
pop yes all right yeah like every everybody to that register you never
said it the other day that’s video make this valley as you can on video it’s
like is that all we gonna do for the rest of our lives to shake our asses
that’s all you can receive for the next young ma one week ago she put out a
video called petty wop petty wat – pardon me –
points million views she’s still popping well fortunately everybody wants to
focus on the ratchet bitches sorry okay any thoughts any comments do you care
Malik Yoba hat is now clapping back at the tranny Mariah Lopez calling her him
see it a liar hey thoughts on feels like every toy empire it seemed sounds crazy
hey like Malik Yoba he you know it if that is me to even talk about she’s also
on Nigerian brothers and when I first found out when I first found out that he
liked ran Eva or whatever the case was I was like nah there’s Disney agape he
can’t be true man he ain’t there is like some like no disrespect boy in our
culture it gives you if you go that route able to put you in the tire and
burn you and roll you down the hill unfortunately so I’m really surprised
that’s how he really feels like that he’s really into that shit I think he’s
I think niggas just rolling just again what hang on a second Theo you’re from
where Nigeria you said we’re from what well my parents are out here I I can’t
tell you off hand where Nigeria is in comparison to Uganda do you know because
they have a big homosexuality act or they have a homosexuality act and Uganda
you know this yes I didn’t know about the acting John to play it doesn’t
really surprise me because you know Africa 2014 anti-homosexuality act bored
me and they are celebrating homosexuality in Uganda in the
motherland the contract that’s crazy I mean you know we live in a different
time right now we live in a different time about niggas oh stop it they’ve
been gay okay they’ve been gay Africa since the dawn of time stop it stop it
yeah but their ways they were in hidden locations now now they’re all now
they’re all over the place but put that we’re right here so there’s no argument that yeah but I
feel like before before they were they weren’t really out there like that yeah
they’re always been di get they work they were hiding because niggas would
get him burned not just in Nigeria but like in Haiti
and a lot of countries like they weren’t tolerating that they were not tolerant
as well you know shit the shit is just copped it well imma let you go I’m
Magazine to show Hey no stay with me stay with me hold on hold on you’re from
now have you ever been to UM Africa you said your parents are from there you’ve
been there yeah or three times been there three times the first time I went
I was probably I was probably 14 when I went there can you write something down
for me please do you have a minute you can write this down I’m just I’m taking
my time this evening got a pen or can you type this yeah s is in Sam am bia
Sam being here you can be are people s s a.m. BIA people put that in Google what
do you see what do you got feel Sambia people are you there seal I got a game here my
Wi-Fi back you okay okay yeah I gotta go man thank you thank you whose Wi-Fi is
acting up come on folks did cardi B put the nail in Nicki Minaj’s coffin huh got
this corny nigger up on instagram live walking around extended clips Nicki that
nigga’s gonna get you in trouble that’s a corny nigga let me go on record
and say it Safari was a corny nigger too but you know Safari was a penile deep
down inside Safari sitting back right now laughing and key King oh and they go
walk around extended clips up on Instagram live folks if you have not
seen it go to UM Vlad tv.com and and up on the shade room I think Nicky was
clapping at the shade room today so in her feelings the baby’s getting her to
fuck out of here let’s go to Cash Shop good evening to uh Lance
Lofton Oh 8 thank you sir nigga Lake Lanier is haunted
800 people died there oh I’m so sorry to hear that sir I will be going there I
might go there this weekend just walk on a fucking beach well thank you for the
cash I don’t give a fuck who’s will who’s running around Lake Lanier you
know Swamp People niggas coming up out of the lake a Bigfoot I want to walk on
a beach uh uh hold on a second IRA hey IRA thank you so much for your cash yep
make Ronnie explain her race she sounds like a fucking agent oh shit let me see
if Ron he’s in the cue ball chick Ronnie Ronnie caught wreck earlier today and
let me just say for the record in case you guys didn’t hear me cosign what
Ronnie said I cosign what she said you know just but I want other people to
speak I don’t want to have the last word I don’t want to you know steer any
conversation and that’s what I like about running she speaks her mind let’s
see if this is already here hey 7:3 – Ronnie’s at you hey star hey hey hey
thank you for being available sure no trouble at all yeah hey so you’re
getting just just a tad bit of heat from earlier and I just wanted to make sure
you know I support you and I back up your statements just in case there’s any
confusion all right no no no confusion at all but I would also stand stand
alone if I had to yeah okay okay all right so where do you want to start did
car DB shut down Nicki Minaj did she make Nicki Minaj retire did she get
Nicki off the block did she get Nicki the fuck out of here Ronnie uh well I
would have to say really the beginning of Nicki’s demise goes all the way back
to shizer shizer record when Remy Ma just completely destroyed her I would
have to say that was the beginning of the end for her and then cardi just came
along and just was the final nail in her coffin okay I think she got her out of
here so much pressure if you look at in terms of the politics in the industry
you know a lot of people big people they’re not really riding with Nicki
like that you see cardi he’s got you know all
these features she’s got a lot of people you know riding with her and Nicki just
she doesn’t have it anymore she’s you know she would have done well to do to
borrow a page from Drake you see how drink stands next to like the
up-and-coming artist some of them that he likes like there was a block boy JB I
never even would have heard of heard of him if Drake didn’t stand next to him a
lot of people say that you know little baby when Drake did that record with him
the Pikachu record you know that was really what helped catapult him and to
the you know a more mainstream light if she would have embraced cardi when she
first came out they could have shared the spotlight together if you look back
and like CEO was saying you know a lot of the other female
artist Nikki didn’t really collaborate with them you know she collaborated with
a lot of guys she you know all the male rappers features but how many female
artists did she really collaborate with yeah and I don’t really count this this
latest collaboration with Meghan because I feel like that is just like a letch
last-ditch effort for Nikki just like standing next to takashi 6:9 was a
last-ditch effort just like you know hopping on the the blue face tatianna
record after everybody else jumps on it I feel like she’s had so many last-ditch
efforts she’s had the problems with the tour’s it’s over with her she’s getting
bad press she’s you know taking on actual people who write articles and
DMing them like fighting is arguing arguing about silly yeah yeah yeah like
when you’re arguing with somebody who has you know a hundred followers and
their GM’s writing books you know and it’s time to just step away and have her
family like she said she’s gonna do yeah now I I think that this was a sudden I
think that cardi B is part of the reason why Nicki Minaj called it quits I’m not
gonna let her off the hook because you know she was talking at Queen’s Hall she
came out with the Queen album Queen CD and whatever you want to call it and you
know it just I don’t think it was well thought out I I didn’t like the title
Queen off the off the RIP I thought that was to bolster us I thought that that
was it wasn’t timed right you know knowing that you know cardi B was you
don’t want to come up and yes folks we’re comparing cardi B to Nicki Minaj
yes we are we have to there can only be one and I think that the the machine
behind cardi B especially offset you know putting her to work after you put
that put out the baby for me and I think that this is uh the reason that Nicki
Minaj has deep down inside said hey I’m out of here yeah I think it boils down to likability
kardi is very likable a lot of people in the industry like her you you you won’t
hear anyone in the industry say anything bad about cardi in fact whenever they’re
asked they all praise her Nikki you know she’s not very well-liked because of her
antics and the way she’s handled different situations in the way that she
comes across so you know it’s very obvious and the way that she said it she
said well you guys are getting what you want so it’s almost like conceding
defeat in a way right right hey do you have a few minutes to hang out I want to
ask you about Malik Yoba and Mariah Lopes can you hang on hang on a second
all right sit tight let me bring some calls in I’m coming to super chat cash
Shep I see the homie Bubba Quan all he’s he’s spitting some do lyric 20 James
deal sit tight I got your homie and a few other people as well so to area code
nine one seven good evening nine one seven did cardi B get Nicki the rock out
of here Kawa seven oh yeah yes sir
good evening oh yeah oh yeah hi ru hi sir what are you smoking what are you
sniffing what are we going to come on that good shit man a good sit that’s the
question sir I mean cardi B you know cardi B just kind of stayed in her Lane
keke she made sure that you know she took care what she had to take care of
she came in the game she’s loved by everybody Nikki on the other hand I
think she did it to herself she’s our own doing she had a nasty attitude she
just a nasty person you know there’s nothing good coming out of her energy
just real fucked up you see the way she’s dealt with Mariah Carey you know
when she was on that show and everything like that so like you know she just
gives off this real nasty vibe like like a like an entitled millennial you know
saying like you know she’s just really overdosed on confidence you know she’s
not hung she you know she homage to the people who paved the way
for her do you feel like I’ve arrived and people should just fuck with me just
cuz are you from the north were you from sir
but of course I’m from the borough Brooklyn baby okay do you think she’s
gonna try and make a comeback do you think she’s just you know trolling us as
Theo pointed out earlier now she’s trolling yo st. she’s slowing
cuz you know she said album she’s probably trying to promote so she’s
trolling she’s trying to put it out there and try to hope that she gets some
hits you know no press no bad no no bad press you know is no I mean no this was
the same no good pressure no bad press that may have been once upon a time but
you know today’s generation is so disloyal so dislike and once you you
know show them a sign of weakness they flip on you like a flapjack on Sunday
morning if you ask me I could be wrong yeah of course if she’s trolling if
she’s got another album coming out I think this is a bad PR move I think that
they will come ahead her even harder but I give you last word I don’t know bro I
think that she might she might you know she might get a little people might pay
attention it could come back to you know fall back on a real bad place all in all
in all you know saying as long as there’s more people out there like her
she’s probably gonna have a space in this universe unfortunately I’m saying
thank you sir thank you for the call Nicki Minaj is she trolling shit is she
coming back with a new album or if she just taken some time off
2:01 good evening took my Nicki Minaj she announced her retirement today on
Twitter what say you yeah the little star Hey a little salute
yeah if she everything since the whole Remy Martin thing was a bad PR vote on
Nikki’s part when they key release that albums and on cardi B’s
drop when she was on her rise that was a bad move that was a horrible goal and
it’s not course betta goetta about of it cardi B is just grieving the
way for her to slide her ass up out of here quicker it was with me mine
Remy knocked that crowd Remy Ma so not Remy Martin Remy Ma please give me yes
get up-to-date good today Remy Martin the liquor company said
ready Mon cease and desist and she changed that name fast go ahead copy
that will be ma not shit out of her knock that crown clean or probably took
her head off McCarty didn’t pick it up Carney was
crowned by the people now Nicki Minaj every decision after that horrible dude
that she’s went horrible decision if she’s the queen as she proclaimed
herself you should be with a better man if you’re saying that you’re the queen
you should be with a king not a bum right not some dude on the rise not a
dude is not even an upstanding dude like if he worked a regular job it would be
better if he was an upstanding man or tall upright black man don’t none of
that you got yourself a bum a gang member things taken you doing videos a
peasant now create peasant exactly who does got with the gesture
instead of getting with a game Wow he played herself she prayed it though a
new Flavor Flav’s but part man Flav I know we’re cool but that was one part of
me yeah you say well you win the right you’re in the right area with the
comment now if what she’s doing he’s some type of way to try to draw sympathy
these people are gonna eat a lot and that has nothing to do with car TV
that’s nothing to do with corny be come on this is all her bad decision making
Dame Dash as complaining to when I got a yourself a podcast to complain like if
you were black everybody’s after the black one wasn’t show in that black
woman said well I’m not going to in content you know you wasn’t showing that
black woman card when she was on the up and hour
you know like if you look at everything she should’ve dated great or even little
Wayne woman sorry I have to jump in I have to jump in and say that Drake is a
trick he’s a tricky Drake is out there selling a raw tool
even Rihanna recently said she’s in no rush to do another collaboration with
drink well let you finish up good yes correct correct but look at stuff and
all they need to do is see a shine and glitter and they think you go so if she
would’ve got was great that’s what people were looking for at that time
when they were shouting all that nonsense where you know it would have
been better for her image she’s with the bum what he had no don’t forget about
that and he fell away listen Dawson Ronny would you say Naz so that was what
Ronnie saying yes yeah remember they had a little brief little thing and for
whatever reason he decided to pass on her so nas wasn’t blowing her back out
he’s a good guy but he probably was just you know he wasn’t that type of too low
profile low profile yeah yeah he’s smoking weed he probably you don’t want
to chill you know if she’s trying to be active and be out there
and that’s what he needs he needed like a basketball house wants to read books
and play video games and she wants a nigga long dick Oh I ain’t cool down its
pressure key then she ain’t trying to hit at okay and now she’s trying to with
Mac Italian mega stallion gotta got one more summon huh and it’s a wrathful God
he is being groomed not to be a queen but to take this career thing you go
turn this and talk away okay so I’m gonna take more clothes thank you for
your for your support thank you so much okay hang on a second Ronnie guys let me
also say we have t-shirts and more coming you can look up under the videos
here you can see the t-shirt line if you’re looking to submit designs send me
an email the hater one nine six for yahoo.com and
let me also say someone sent me an email earlier
somebody didn’t even say their name or send a link to their
artwork please don’t contact me again if you’re not professional if you don’t
even care about your own craft to the point where you think you’re just gonna
send me a fucking email and I’m gonna respond and we’re gonna go back and
forth no I like people that are professional so let me just say I’m not
going to say who you are but just come on fuck out of here fuck out of here I’m
sipping tonight pour me Bubba Kwan greetings sir sends in a super jet he
says it’s the same old song you’re gonna be somewhere sometime and they never let
you fly okay those are do lyrics Ronnie James Dio from Holy Diver
he says hashtag stand up and shout hashtag deal thank you sir
yeah probably my favorite rock and roll singer why James do ya nefertiti on the
check-in you high-yellow nigga you better stop filming me or I’m gonna eat
your foot next it’s on site hashtag fuck your rims alright that was cute that was
cute I spoke earlier on a show and I spoke about Nefertiti the lizard that
you know it’s just causing havoc out here on my property not with me but you
know with the insects and thank you thank you for your super chair that was
funny Bubba Kwan also says and let’s not forget the fact that her own brother
helped with her decline Oh Nicki Minaj with his alleged child sexual assault
case and her current man issues Ronnie didn’t Nicki Minaj he was convicted
convicted yeah wasn’t he convicted so it’s not alleged
if he’s actually convicted I believe he’s serving time I’ll look right now
yeah I think so Elvis this Shep Rosenberg he sends in a
cash that was given on the line hold on a second guys
six for six where are you sir seven mmm mr. Elvis the chef Rosenberg are you
there sir good evening hey man how are you thank you for your support I’m
always trying to support thing you know the machine thank you where do
you want to start well cardi B get Nikki out of here Wow really can I go so with
a different subject with another topic Malik Elba maybe well I think I think
the tranny although the pre-op or whatever she is
she’s full of she’s full of the S word you know she’s a liar I don’t believe it
was she got to say she’s cloud chasing and let me just say this I kind of
understand that world a little bit from you know my youth coming up as a kid
okay and the nerve of her to now want to say that this person did something
horrible when you got paid and I don’t think you guys talked about age I don’t
know one asked how old were you you out there hanging with your crew on
Christopher Street and you slid off and make some money and you bribed the body
and you feel good about it and now you want to take this opportunity to do to
reach some sort of like what I like it’s just done with a hatred and a nastiness
that I just just puts a bad like just every I listen to the to everything that
she had to say and I’m here to tell you she’s a liar I don’t believe it words
yes Wow yeah she’s a liar come on you got paid did you see Malik Yoba on v-103
with a big tiger and he said he said that person’s a liar quote unquote he
spoke about his integrity he spoke about what he’s done throughout the his career
people know him that’s not even his type of behavior I mean he went in stood his
ground I gotta respect you yeah I respected – I
did see that yes and I respect it and I believe them and I think that uh you
know is the cloud chasing is deep now a lot of people looking and you know that
arm she’s out of a culture subculture that suicide
is really really big so we’re dealing with a group of people that are known
for suicide and known for hatred and known for the deception number you
talked about craftiness you know they’re full of crap
it’s undeniable you know this is part of that whole thing but what’s he gonna do
okay well listen I think that the next move
is on Mariah Lopez if he or she is going to know take it to the next step we want
to see receipts or else thank you thank you for checking it okay all right
Elvis is chef Rosenberg going to chicken Ronnie did you um I didn’t really need
you to research that stuff but did you Nicki Minaj’s brother what’d you find
yeah he was actually convicted um the victim was 11 years old and there was
his semen DNA was found on her undergarments how many years did he get
did he get a decade 15 years 20 what are you getting you know is this a I think
he was given eight years let me get the actual that’s all Jesus I’m gonna bring
in four one five was your liver paté for one five
good evening talking about Nicki Minaj retiring what’s poppin starting Amanda
calling out the bay oh shit what’s going on with you man what’s going on man
first of all real quick deals out of his mind
big magis released a track call big young mas it’s probably one of the best
songs of the summer in my top young and may young ma so yet young MA yes she
came out with a song called big that I’m telling you I’m surprised it’s been
slept on this hard it’s probably the best song she’s ever done okay like I
said probably my top three songs all summer well and she’s about to drop a CD
soon and I’ll you even usually like her this song was just fire but um yeah so
just I had to get that out the way but this Nicki Minaj thing I don’t actually
think it was a cardi thing I think it was more of a general perception I think
she’s trying to Joe Budden herself you get what I mean
okay actually slowly been making this move into being more of a media
personality and I think the whole idea of her even jumping on Joe but a podcast
and them doing like the swap was kind of her real introduction to it I think
Apple probably said you know we’ll give you a career doing this if you can hit a
certain metric you can hit a certain number and so they decided to just go
ahead and do a swap and I think that this has probably been on her mind I do
think that she definitely wants to be a mom and like she’s ready to give up all
this like you know as an active competitor being petty
in the game but I think that she’s she’s gonna have a lot of thrill and a lot of
happiness from throwing shots from the radio show where she’s not going to be
my collateral damage walk where it won’t affect how much she sells or her
perception as an artist I think it’s good her perceptions gonna change more
when she’s just a media personality but do you think this is a fucked up way to
go out I mean I think it’s pretty sad but I mean you know I’m pretty sure that
the bag that Apple is gonna give her is gonna be nice so you know it’s a win-win
for her you know she’s a smart person she knows how to play you know the
public sympathy card she knows how to she knows how to rile up her fin she
knows how to rile up the Internet you know she’s smart she knows that
she’s not going to be as impactful as an artist anymore
her time has just come the products not that hot anymore
okay and it’s not even necessarily that cardis better I just think that she
knows her product is in his hot or as impactful as it was so the way that she
could maximize and leverage her you know her super stardom her personality is
just to go ahead and become a media personality full-time okay okay that’s a
good perspective Ronnie any comments or did you want to
finish with Ronnie brother a nomad Nick no I pretty much agree with his
commentary about the situation also star just want one more thing before I get
off the line there’s a big fight this weekend could be
versus Dustin Poirier UFC it’s a pay-per-view big one that’s happening
this big big fight the guy that beat up that beat up Conor McGregor in his last
fight okay is that Saturday night Poirier Saturday Saturday night young
yeah I may be going to Lake Lanier Saturday
morning and staying the night huh I don’t know no no put you up on the plate
just wanted to put you up on it hang on a second did you see the face-off
between Andy Ruiz and Anthony Joshua Anthony Ruiz says he’s going to be
faster leaner and much better prepared I’m going with Luiz Ruiz plummy Ruiz oh
yeah Ruiz is gonna beat the shit out of him I’m telling you they didn’t want to
make this fight this is basically Eddie Hearn who is Anthony Joshua’s promoter
basically cashing in all this all his chips on this guy he needs to make the
money back so that’s why they’re doing it the Saudi government put up 100
million dollars the building of a brand new arena a brand new outdoor facility
you know I think he’s more worried about who’s gonna win that you to fight
between ksi and that Jake Paul guy I don’t know if you heard about that yeah
okay the two big youtubers so same promoter yeah Jake Paul was trying to
fight soldier boy wasn’t he soldier boy didn’t want that smoke yeah completely
different weight classes oh man we’ve soldier boy what 96 pounds Jay
Paul drove to soldier boy’s house hater misses nothing pulled up to his house
Soulja Boy was standing in the in the fucking at the garage doorway you don’t
want to smoke yeah we if why is he pull up somebody look even Chris Brown would
beat the brakes off the chick this man didn’t want to fight Soulja Boy you were
doing good to you for a reason man listen listen Jay hit him with one of
those roundhouse kicks off the head in stand fuck out of here man it’s not the
truth I meant these me okay alright no magnet gonna check in hey no Mandic
apologized about that whole thing with miscalculating the fight between Ruiz
and Anthony Joshua was so you know given that respects go to area code three two
three good evening three two three Nikki naj has announced retirement do you care
do you think cardi be helped get her out of here 3 2 3 are you there
nope nope okay he’s sleeping slacking let’s go to area code 602 good evening
602 doing a double show tonight what do you thoughts Nicki Minaj’s
retiring do you care six times gone all star hey pretty good I really just
wanted to speak on are you still doing anything about the talking that earlier
with the guys on the rocks through the window what kind of past that discussion
is there something you want to add to it are you I see the video yeah I watched
the entire video I just felt that it was very much needed as far as sparking the
so-called black community and moving towards the right path of understanding
what’s the word I’m looking for worth about self value self value within
the community I did have some points I needed Ronnie to look up if you could
you as well sir can you give us your points instead of telling Ronnie to look
something up are you a man of color where are you from and how old are you
yes yes I’m the random from Phoenix I called in before ok you from Phoenix
Arizona how old are you sir 32 32 okay and you are you a man of color or you a
Caucasian yes I appending to be a man of color I am NOT there’s a lot of white
people pretending to be black people on social media that’s big you know that
right right right right yeah I’ve been out here for a while so I kind of lost
my southern twang I guess you itself okay but if you look up the weapon
dictionary of 1828 all right and you look up the word American Ronnie and
this goes into the conversation wait sir can you just give us the definition I
mean we got a bunch of windows open here Kansas mangas make your point please me
you’re already taking us back to another show it don’t you do that
where’s it you want to go that is yes that’s just it a definition
Ronnie you can go ahead and read that because your word is golden in the black
community’s ears as far as you know white people and I don’t need to be this
disrespectful but you know if you mind this guy’s totally – do you want to talk
– running dragging are you dragging sir go ahead that was pretty much that’s
pretty much it I just wanted to touch this that a little bit on the that video
I did appreciate what he did and it would I feel like it’s going to spark
positive movement that’s what I feel and if you look up that so do you have a
u-haul truck with horse manure in it by any chance in your back no okay where
are you going with that I’m not going nowhere but thank you for your call so
thank you so much yeah yeah yes sir okay all right
wants to take me back on this show um area code 7 a gleaming sub 1/8 talking
about Nicki Minaj has announced her retirement are you their separate trash
Malik Yoba says Mariah Lopez is a liar what do you want to go
leaky over the moat bro wake it up so mighty like women with penises you know
there was always a man so this may get fucked out of here
okay how we endeavor like this mr. DeFazio undercover for real right for
real man there you look like snow Billy man related to emigrate yeah I am good
yeah nope it’s nobody’s the truth sir he’s the truth don’t get it fucked up God is the Hangul you call from the BX
you’re come from the BX book Bambaataa – yeah
motherfuck man body you’ll call from the BX yes okay you don’t give a shit about
Nicki Minaj retiring you serious that’s you stretch
okay hold you sir she’s fast I’m 37 book I’m sorry
37 37 okay can I speak to your boyfriend in the back I was giggling I heard him
giggling can you put him on the phone yeah this is crazy man can you put your
boyfriend in the phone hey girl hey girl retire girl come on and chime in okay
all right listen guys I got a boat you guys you get you guys have a good night
oh you poor me you girls have a good night okay thank you so much buddies
bone smugglers run you got a few moments you got to go north right here okay okay
anything we need to put on the table did you see Nicki Minaj’s fiance waving and
extent while walking around with an extended clip up on Instagram live
did you see that yeah I mean I would think he’s too little for that for those
kind of shenanigans you know that’s usually the 16 17 year
olds on Instagram and coming themselves yeah yeah I think she’s got a
problem on her hand and I think she’s gonna have to learn the hard way I mean
she’s still one of my favorite rappers but I just I think this is a sad fall
from grace for for her anyway also hold on a second you you you and I spoke
earlier about Meek Mill you didn’t watch him perform but he did perform today at
the NFL kickoff for the Chicago Bears and the Packers yes um I sent the name
of the team uh I’m not sure it was that it was at Chicago yeah Green Bay versus
Chicago yeah so he performed for the opener and I guess that was our first
actionable item yeah yeah okay do you know if Rhapsody performed at that um
kickoff also because she was scheduled to to my knowledge she may have but I’m
not sure I do know that meek took the stage okay
neat performed thank you you know area code six one seven good evening would
talk my Nicki Minaj she has announced her retirement six one seven are you
they’re gonna start running yeah yeah yeah so basically are you this is a vo
too by the way but yeah basically how’s it going I don’t think this has anything
to do a cardi B Nicki Minaj already you know put it out on the floor head and
said you can’t touch me in on stairs so I don’t think that’s got nothing to do
with her but this but I’m saying that despite despite the fact that I like
Carter be more and I think her first album was better than all the give me
knowledge of albums up to the blueprint the pinkprint but I think this is more
so courage trying to find out which celebrity she is the the continued saga
first he was little Kim then she was Lady Gaga now she’s trying to force this
Kanye and Kim Kardashian things this is my personal a feeling of other thing I
see so desperate to try to have that you know a husband wife same thing that she
she pulled a bum nigger that’s a there been convicted of murder in reap and
decided to use the one she’s gonna marry to me it’s just a cringy to watch you
know now hang on a second Sloane was he convicted of both of those things all
you just throwing reckless words out there I know he was convicted submit man
he was convicted of manslaughter and sexual assault so basically he’s a
murderer and a rapist you know what I’m saying so Carol like I said I’ll let you
read this I don’t know like I said I feel like it’s pitiful I don’t think
she’s getting new Apple deal and nothing like that that’s why she want to fall
back she just got finished cussing yo blood now because he was trying to
belittle the spot that she’s taking so long to get to which I don’t know what
it is I don’t think she’s all that she just finished going on at I read like
this is my shit I’m in here blah blah blah and all of a sudden she just popped
up him I’m talking about to have a baby in the family I think she’s trying to be
Kim Kardashian the last name Nicky Petty it’s corny the whole thing’s corny
everybody’s looking at her like everybody’s looking at her like a clown
right now you look in the comment everybody’s like word finally this bitch
is gone everybody to talk about our legend rap with top 20 crazy you got a
gift shots firing star thankful you put her in the top 20 what about Ray
Rock putting a different criteria on the table okay she wouldn’t be in the top 20
I’m talking about now I’m not talking about the eighties you know all that way
back in after the the Golden Age right now you gotta see how when you do that
it’s kind of deceiving because she’s inside of an era where nobody’s really
that nice anyways motion to the rap is an aside her League most of the rappers
in her League rap like the fucking second graders so he not really give
them her that much much credit teams these events all
right now it’s more of an assault to say competing against mobile rappers no bike
chicken fuck with no real rap but she’s the best today that’s kind of more
insulting than anything uh that would be flattering but I agree I agree with that
one though so if you own that and yes she could be top 20 today okay can I ask
your opinion or your thoughts on Malik Yoba saying Mariah Lopez is a liar the
transsexual that came out and claimed he was you know paying her for sex when she
was underage means alternate oh I got some thoughts on that stuff but I’m
gonna leave it to this I’m gonna agree with the lady who was snapping on y’all
last night saying it was that last night of the night before who said you know
and I’m gonna be on my Dave Chappelle sure you might hang up for me after that
let’s do not drop the f-bomb slow down man come on don’t do that don’t do that
and you dare talk about a lady who I let her have the last word I like to let
people speak but please don’t drop the f-bomb you can say nigger all day part
of me part of me let it bother me okay part of me I just I just wanted to say
it that way so I could say I agree with her and let them handle I don’t give a
fuck about what they doing over there with that tranny stuff let them do what
they do I enjoy listening to the shit but I don’t really give a fuck
Thank You Man salut thank you okay I almost hung up on him I’ll be calling
here dropping f-bombs I do not own YouTube hey Ronnie
um just do you have to speed you don’t have to be Alex Jones he just took
another L in court did you catch that or know about the whole sandy hook yeah I
hated mrs. nothin so being sued by the family’s suing the shit out of him I
watched a little bit of his a one of his depositions and he’s he’s trying to
clean your shit up and they got him by the balls
alex jones for those of you know Infowars fans and so on and so get it
and get him all the way out of here let’s go to area code seven one three
good evening seven one three Nicki Minaj has one night
a retirement for music good evening 7 1 3 my name hey my leg hey you still a hey
what’s up man what’s going on with you there’s no Hill fucked up listen to the
fuck shit as you should be nigga you work hard everything part of this I
won’t in you send me email you got some new music
come on promote your new music on Houston please I got I got new music new
artists and then the new music hasn’t dropped yet but I’d be sending that shit
to your email so you’ll know where these motherfuckers get it from got it
it’s another yeah and then you know what I mean man I appreciate how you doing on
shakin his Ronnie’s pillow money right there yes sir she did hi good evening
what’s going on I’m looking up this story about Alex Jones yeah what was
that with him he’s out of here well he lost his appeal so his case is gonna
move forward but I think more important than that is that YouTube let him come
back last week but it only lasted for a day number 9 G Richmond where are you
text me call in Alex Jones down for the count number 9
I’m so good you were saying Ronnie guy yeah so the channel was live for 17
hours before they just took it back down again so yeah basically they take and
shit down putting it back up showing people that they can do it right here so
are you sipping on Palmer song what are you doing you smoking the black and
miles and Paul Masson you got down write down where do we start with this topic a
story I got there I’ve got my black and my lit now hang on a second
just want to put some respect on your name because you’re a day one me you djl
is when we smoking black your miles and doing Palmas I was that 2014 on live in
13 2013 yeah man yeah man we’ve been doing this ship – even before then when
we were doing like blood test shows on this thing
right like in 2012 yeah and then we did the hater burn there you go the hater
burn the first hater sponsored by skylar saunders don’t even forget that okay
alright so listen I do yeah I got a flourish I got to put respect on Skylar
Saunders named John absolutely goddamn yeah me heylia’s you everybody that was
on their 2013 Bronx everybody you’re right all right Peter bronzed Pacino man
okay so hang on a second he’s the man that was before I take more calls man
Nicki Minaj she has announced her retirement what say you sir
okay who the fuck cares Richie drop it stupido song I think she
was out of here Wow come right out like damn I don’t want to say this but New
York man what y’all doing y’all that Kakashi take y’all out of here what the
fuck y’all doors don’t let oh I don’t know what are you but again a nigga
don’t let that motherfucker take y’all out here and then he had rainbow-colored
hair yeah these now just y’all out of here
oh all right what the fuck at eight doors dark Oh kiss ass get you a man I’m
sitting back and watching all but listen I appreciate you calling man salute and
keep me posted on your new music all right okay well I got the mothership
that I’m looking okay but it ain’t post be dead please do meet you man yes sir
salute you okay all right hang on a second Ronnie let me go to UM
read some of these super tests running I’ll be right back super juice good
evening says the new tool album is Firestar ooh okay check out the track
pranam ah okay is it print um uh okay salute boss salute boss check Ronnie
thank you super juice okay black to death sends in a super jet Nicki Minaj
had a goat status 12 year old 12 year run at the top of the female hip hop hip
hop hip hop hierarchy once she steps down the female rap game will be over
watch okay a vo good evening have y’all says let me
holler I think I just picked him up have yo mrs. Parker Lynne thank you so much
for your contribution well my dear I won’t catch the lives have to view
recaps schools starts for me again I’ll keep you I’ll keep up with you on IG
thank you so much perhaps diem when I hit up ATO okay
thank you mrs. Parr : yeah um I don’t know how old you are mrs. Parr : but I’m
no longer on match.com so I’m I’m back to the young young females yeah I’m back
to dating scammers and ratchet bitches I get old time for old bitches you know
reminiscent up on a nice calm hey coke coke thoughts at 3:00 a.m. says a star
you see viral video of the dude getting a bowling ball thrown at his head at a
bowling alley in Chicago hashtag I believe that children are the future I
didn’t see that no Ryan you see some video with us am I getting a bowling
ball thrown at them I don’t what he’s talking about mr. yank no don’t worry
about doing that thank you for your sorry sorry yes gotta go no I was
looking up those uh Sambia people okay the tribe did you mentioned earlier
yeah they’re in Papua New Guinea yeah that’s some really weird stuff you want
to read it yeah so like for example for 260 days out of the year heterosexual
sex is forbidden but homosexual relations are always permitted at any
time during the year it’s considered the life force exchange so like young young
boys and older men it’s sort of like a ritual continue it’s like a a rites of
passage it’s very similar to eight to the ancient Greeks
yeah same sex right so it’s a ritual that the boys perform fellatio on the
older men and they’re basically passing their life for it
my mother told me about those that tried back in the late 70s because she used to
make me read a lot of books I’ve spoken about this before it I had to I had to
explain the books at the dinner table that I was reading but that was later on
again late 70s but I never really kept up with that knowledge but yeah they’re
from Papua New Guinea yes yeah yeah correct thank you so much funny thank
you so much crime skills I get your email so I will respond to you tomorrow
crime skills thank you so much let me see Lance oh wait good evening sir sends
in a cash yep Malik is selfish he put his kids on the guillotine yeah there’s
there’s a couple of people have spoken about that there’s YouTube videos did we
did we touch on that Rani Malik Yoba not informing his kids or something about
the whole him coming out yeah he’s attracted to trans women good we I
forget yes we did and so the ex said that he told them the
night before okay thank you it was either the night before or the same
night okay oh shit flamethrower on the check and he says
I’m on the line boss nigga 6:17 okay give me a second flamethrower let me get
you there hold on Ronny flamethrowers shit time
coming right back to you okay flamethrower Oh mom oh good evening sir
he says y’all was on the Palmas on bent ten toes down yeah those shows were
really sloppy Wow salute to our Kanaskie who else man
Bronx Pacino number nine of course deejay alias my nigga fuh for life a
Craig yeah we would we did like a week’s worth of show shows part just on black
and Myles and Paul Masson thank you uh mama for your your donation flamethrower
area code six seven eight flamethrowers popping man how you been
went oh I’ve been good man I had to come up to New York how are you man I’m good
hear me yes sir where are you I’m in Brooklyn okay you been I left Atlanta
I’m good man I have to move the family up here so reckon you left that boy
alone I figured I support the machine well you know you left me to be with you
so I had no choice you and I have never met now you miss
Maggie now you take now you’re taking them to
Lake Lanier boss enough so I had to let them go you were living in Atlanta for
how many years 28 whoo have you ever been to Lake Lanier I have many times
listen from full blast radio.com he put me up on this ship I’m trying to go
there this weekend for real for real you got to you got to
– home away from home now what’s all this togetherness all this shit they
talk about is haunted what the fuck is all that about
and it’s cuz niggas don’t know how to swim so every time somebody drown they
blow it out of proportion okay I’m just trying to walk on the
beach I’m not trying to go in no fucking canoe or no goddamn you know raft fuck
around out the underwater you feel me no I don’t feel you man you on that old
niggas trying to walk in the sand what you eat out they get get in the water
I’m trying to cover bitch and walk on the on the beach sipping tea at 7:00
a.m. as I do hella smells good to hear voice you want
to chime in on Nicki Minaj yeah Malik yo but do you want to go yeah uh-huh I’ll
had nothing to say about Malik yoga okay as far as Nicki Minaj goes harassment
retiring she’s just you know trying to figure out how to get the heat off of
her nigga who was on live with the bleakie
yeah yeah Manning is corny fell in the quarry nigga yeah convicted convicted
felon registered sex offender and now you know he probably got a late-night
call on Tokyo or whoever’s on it Kate you know what what’s going on now these
skedaddling out of town so we got to go he’s right baby trust everything we got
to get out of here yeah I ain’t losing you so we got to get the fuck out of
here so you know what it is yeah it didn’t like come on not like she’s just
all of a sudden chose to retire after everything she’s been through after
shooter after her in car to be she didn’t retired but the day after her
nigga was on live not just talking about she got to go start the family might not
and they could that nigga costume I’m puttin respect on offsets name tonight
because he got caught be out there working overtime I’ve told
you before a lot of people don’t really get it you know but you know just ain’t
no pimp like a country pimp he got that bro working overtime and it was just too
much for Nikki but listen I’ll give you the last word man last word last word is
ain’t no pimp like a southern temp at this cardi B didn’t know what to do
after both Acula took off off set and quality control came in they were
guidance judge not she’s drivin shush thank you Miss Alou Balu yes sir okay
that’s the homie right there yeah he got a little busy he disappeared you know
let that boy hey peace – rah rah sins in the a cash app he says star this is Rob
black I want to chime in on this Nicki okay Rob black why you my nigga I don’t
see a phone number were you calling from Rob black piece to the god I don’t look
for yeah it’s just Rob black I know it is that you rob black piece piece piece CEO what’s up man you call them back
okay can you hold on I’m trying to find Rob black he sent in some money all
right all right okay six four six piece is that Rob black six four six piece
black man how are you sir how are you I’m chilling man I’m good how are you what do you want start ah
man listen man nikki is fucking finished man all these antics that she’s gone all
the shower on the fucking beat radio to hold Joe Budden shit though the signs of
someone who was reaching you nam fan and it’s out for the bronx round from remy
knock that fucking crown okay hmm bars as far as the female rappers
Rhapsody’s not too bad either but she’s not on all that purple hair bullshit
right and I just like Nikki she was she had an
opportunity to be that chick when she was on spending with holes and conning
them when I’m on the track but it’s like she never really came with the music
like that did the pumping but as far as the hip-hop shit man it’s
like he’s waiting waiting to the popping and then when carding was on the rock I
try to come back and do the hip-hop thing but people were already awful
already I hear you but I would have two different have to disagree I think Nikki
did a hell of a job in terms of rapping hip-hop she did countless awards
I take nothing from her I just think that heard now announcing this
retirement and not giving a longer statement and I think that’s why you
know give people an in-depth statement you’re the fucking Queen don’t give us
some little some little silly shit up on Twitter talking about you you’re working
on a family mrs. petit come on people held you down for well over a decade but
be more respectful I think that’s that’s still giving people you know her ass to
kiss if you ask me I feel you better look at Nikki fries right we go back two
years about seven only area I would say oh nine twenty ten which he was all
arrived what competition as far as female rappers what I put out there for
other compared Nicki Minaj to there was no other real female rapping that were
popping like that then on top of that she rolled the middle Wayne bandwagon
she rode the whole young money bandwagon you don’t saying to wish that you know
and now that don’t do did not stand on the side of her you don’t give her
features and all the other bullshit where’s the music at know that formally
God Nikki hot with the sixth a man if you got to deal with Young Money yes I
was on the plane with Dwayne you can call me Whitney I want
mein fare like stock if I get there let me get started doing too much not that
we’re so I appreciate the donation but your phone sounds like shit man
your phone sighs shit but thank you man yeah right now no better roll
okay salut yeah BX nigga order crazy phone Ronnie um hang on a second I
had someone to ask him for getting here shit got a bunch of notes here Ronnie
anything that we forgot to touch on with regards to the show earlier are you okay
with everything I thought you did a great job as far as the Chicago video
you know the guy throwing the boulders through the fucking glass anything else
you want to mention when we go with that yeah I mean I guess it’ll be interesting
to see what impact you know we get from that let’s see if all of the Asian nail
salons and Chicago go out of business and if it becomes a trending thing all
over the country and they all go out of business you know like the guy said this
is the beginning of a revolution so I guess in no time we’ll see them all out
of business yes okay all right really yeah oh I
don’t wanted to ask you here I want to ask you I said I want to go see ariana
grande in concert and you responded and what do you say
I said that sounds explosive you don’t think she’s gonna have an explosive time
okay you don’t think she can sing I mean she can sing but um maybe it’s just
because she’s so small I just see her as she thought somebody you
see that is the the main act you know if she was going to be there warming up but
if she’s gonna warm up for like Rihanna then you go which you don’t you don’t go
to see ariana grande No okay now I’m 55 years of age when I look
weird at ariana grande concept probably so I’m gonna find a date who’s younger
but I did tell you behind the scenes I saw a Christina Aguilera when she first
came out what was that song genie in a bottle and she opened up for TLC yeah
she opened up for TLC that that bitch was singing she she brought the house
down fucking talented and um you know yeah I don’t know about now but back
then she was crazy and I just you know I think I want to just go see what all the
hoopla is about I think she can sing but um you know I sort of mentioned that all
right let’s finish up a few more calls here area code 843 good evening a43 talk
about Nicki Minaj has announced her retirement are you there a43 yeah sorry
hey yeah I don’t think she’s trolling okay I rather a COPI blast was
controlling or whatnot on social media she’s that trolling
I think she’s reached the end and I think she’s okay with it I think that’s
why she’s bowed out the way she did because if you kids realize you can’t be
making too big of a splash or people gonna start picking making shit up all
his other extra shake and like dude said before on the line he said if you look
at her task if you look at her baggage I mean she don’t even do all this extra
shit anymore she just needs a battle I’ll go have her family in tow she does
now to follow for a career I think starting like two years ago way before
this blazing shit when Remy Ma dropped that song what was the shooter
but the butt implants with all that mess because Nicki was claiming she was like
the real boss bitches she was authentic and chick that’s when the career fall
started that’s when it started and if you add on the what this thing Safari
you don’t know what boyfriend so far we did pimp put some respect on
his name okay oh yes yes that’s a fact and and they wouldn’t be the new
boyfriend jumped out and be dollars that’s when she started getting
shaky and in my opinion like the dude said on the call she did rise on course
she did ride coattails to get to where she is she did because people don’t like
to talk about in New York and I noticed in the hip-hop culture as they call it
even though the East Coast gucci mane when she was what so i see and gucci
mane that’s who put her on and was that anybody it was gucci mane when she was
like so wise years ago and then she jumped her wing then she jump it is jump
to that and then now everybody’s like ok it’s a purse I the Barbie shit is done
people have three four kids now it’s the Barbies have grown up they’re not in the
same mind frame nice day for know a decade pay a mortgage now you know right
yeah that’s all I disease that man good show hang on stay with me stay with me
do you give a fuck about Malik Yoba saying that Mariah Lopez the transsexual
activist is a liar any thoughts on that oh I don’t I don’t think that’s a lie
because his thing was out there like years ago with the whole like the tranny
Sheen and going to clubs allegedly was that I heard that years ago but I don’t
think that’s why I don’t think she well the person is lying if that’s been
questioned I don’t think they’re lying I bet he slipped up with that Jesse’s from
always thinking like 2013 where like he said you know it’s the show supported
people who live different lifestyles and then everybody was like okay cool then
he came back and then like changed his statement like I was just talking about
the character you know that Justin plays it was like we knew that he like got
shook up about it everything you know he said too much and that’s what I do well
that’s what I believed that he was with us a couple of like do you think there’s
truth to what Mariah Lopez is saying oh hell yeah well okay okay
Thank You Man thank you for your support salut all right okay hang on Ronnie hold
on one second let me go to super chat mrs. Parker Lynn sends a super jet star
I don’t want your ass I just want to have lunch then curve you like momma Dee
did oh thank you don’t listen you sent in a cash app tonight so I’m already
fucking with you okay if you want to have lunch
Halloween you’re in town yeah mama d-did curb this shit out of me though at the
Bronner brothers beauty show a couple weeks ago and and you know who else
curved me if you guys don’t know Deb Antony if she’s still in Atlanta did she
moved to Hollywood can somebody just say that you know if you find the time you
may be tagged her on Twitter or Instagram and say hey star said he’s
still trying to holla she’s got some pretty eyes now I’m gonna be respectful
that’s Waka Flocka ‘he’s mom but if you have the time just just tag her and tag
me hey star I still tryin to holler you curved him what are you still trying to
holler you know since mama D curve D share to me maybe I can go back and see
if you know Deb Antony will do that coffee you know that I tried to have
with her earlier transcendent music grieving says star are you up to speed
on Malik Yoba and young buck making a documentary called you don’t bother it
it won’t bother you hashtag sucka shit Thank You man sleuth out what that was
funny that was funny gem star hey good evening Jim star sends
in a super chat story you got to do a show on Jay Z donating 400 K to an
organization linked to the FBI and Chicago PD cutting off black teens
dreadlocks hope is Fugazi Ronnie are you there I saw something on TMZ about that
do you care I mean I’m not saying you gotta you know pull all that shit up but
uh do you know him talk him out Ronnie jay-z and some yeah
Meek Mill I think I have it right here hang on a second is this what you’re
talking about gem star I may be sitting here sipping
but I do try and prepare for these shows tmz.com Meek Mill NFL rock nation
donation group criticized for poor Hank Academy yeah after 2016 picture teen
says he wanted to cut his locks Sally responds
that were you talk about gem star yet the the the 400k donation that was a
couple of days ago I did reference that I think on Tuesday or Monday Tuesday
partly Tuesday um I don’t know I didn’t read into it that that that deep slow to
jay-z you know doing charity work I don’t know maybe we’ll dress it tomorrow
gem star but thank you for your contribution okay and let me go to
another Kashyap hold on second Ronnie mal mal mal mu says I believe in Santa
Claus more than Nikki retiring okay maybe if she’s not retiring maybe she’s
just throwing some shit out there you know just to keep the Wolves off of her
back you know black to death says a boss nigga you didn’t mention my $6 and sixty
cent donation put some respect on the triple sixes you atheist okay hang on a
second let me go back homie uh did you send it cash app or super chat hold on
black to death he says Nicki Minaj had a goat status 12 year run I’ve read that
one at the top of the female hip-hop a hierarchy once she steps down camera
that one sir the female rap game will be over watch
watch thank you black to death hold on a
second mom Oh sends in a super chat thank you sir he says thank Alex thanks
Alex Jones get him out of here yeah Alex Jones tried to come back on fucking
YouTube they said now you get the fuck out of here for the gun show at Lake
Lanier this weekend bang bang thank you mom yeah I’m trying to go to Lake Lanier
this weekend I don’t care if it’s haunted I don’t give a shit I’m not
going in the war I’m not gonna be on a fucking canoe I’m just trying to walk on
the beach early in the morning Gemini 209 all day says salute to Ronnie
hey Ronnie Gemini 209 all day says Lou to Ronnie
oh thank you very much yeah that’s all he said yeah Ronnie are you promoting
anything I mean I appreciate you being available do you want to promote
anything whether it be cash shop a Facebook group or what do you want to do
okay I want to promote the machine share subscribe like comment thank you thank
you but if you do want to promote anything please know you can alright
feel free to what No thank you so much mama also sends in a donation saying
Nikki will be back once boss cups her mom’s Nicki Minaj’s mother’s not
fucking with me but thank you so much thank you for the donation all right a
few more calls let’s wrap this up area code five zero for believing 504 we’re
talking about Nicki Minaj has announced her retirement for music 504 well bless
her heart you have a blown light-skinned or Negro yes sir bless bless you banana
sauce or whatever you want do you know I’m just calling I really want eggs
runny requests okay we come from sir amico 504 oh that’s night war a war oh I
called you know I don’t i donate either the wrong as a water and Seabrook
opposed thank you that guy I donate to the Machine either two different uh you
know know what that BSS oh no problem look that benefit I got a question for
Roddick well the Rosa Parks not good enough
legal sitting on her feet some uh was supposed to get some monetary gain from
that get on saying like you just look at you just look at look at what what did
he we get out of it okay what was the Pope’s got out of that you know if
they’re like are you talking about this show from earlier with regards to the
protester at the Chicago elder one two things okay so yes okay
it’s after your question and the flick shit the split comment she’s been tested
all nights like I know what fucking monetary gain is I am so Rosa Parks it
was didn’t get no kind of monetary gain gotta not religious enough see well but
you built but you benefit from but I heard not given the pussy and the
struggle our people went through so you know you might need to check yourself on
accident shit are you done yeah okay so you ask me what type of monetary gain
Rosa Parks got she didn’t get any monetary gain that wasn’t what she was
trying to do she was trying to effect change as far as the busing system well
this man this man I also didn’t call for him to get some type of monetary
windfall from what he was doing so I’m not sure why you made the reference and
asked me that question because I wasn’t saying that you’re holding me you know
am i cutting me off let me answer your question because I like my Bella mama right
so my point as far as the gentleman that we spoke about on today’s show is that
he took some actions as a matter of principle but in the long run this is
going to be something that’s going to be on his record and it’s going to be
something that he’s going to have to answer for and he’s also gonna have to
pay a monetary fine restitution all of that and in the end if people continue
to patronize these businesses it’s you know what really did he gain from it
okay now with that being said rose applause caught a whole felony that’s it
what something I wanted to miss alline back there my question Rosa Parks your
answering me about Rosa Parks you’re not answering me about the gentleman okay
my answer to your question is that we have yet to see what will become of it
just like we back then so makes conversation full circle back then they
Rosa Park had yet to see or the civil right movement had yet to see what will
become of it or black people have a hole then no will will become of it shit has
the swagger okay well okay let me answer the question and well just like you know
you don’t want be cut off I don’t want be cut off
like all shorts arranged shoe anyway pants is fully answered your question
Rosa Parks civil rights moving and black people then no we’ve become we will
become of her catching a felony behind night releases in SC so you gotta let it
play out sometimes you know say and that’s because it like so
matter-of-factly like a will becoming this shit here you go
you don’t know change his actions could change the my mindset of all black
people confirmation we don’t have you know and follow all this motor will all
be spoiled as was on a podcast if they be more the fucking thing why don’t you
take your hand off your eyes for a second and just relax
I asked you a question and you never ever fuckin I thank you oh you didn’t
you said we have to wait for it to player can we just finish up without the
profanity I think you guys are doing good I don’t think that it needs to go
to that type of level but let’s finish up you have that word you know creeping
you just doing all kind of silly shit all day you know I’m saying like oh it
was like my bad no I’m not mad at all but I’m saying you just said some shit
like you I can who
you’re able to say this types it and deal with Americans that does not
Dominican Republic ah but that you able to say you were listening to my show
earlier thank you you were listening in earlier no no I was down actually I left
you you able to benefit overdose video money what the motherfucking Dominica
the reason why you’re able to focus poop are you snapping your finger and as each
I turn right now you know I wouldn’t want that you you might want that I want
that to brother in your podium oh thank you thank you thank you man thing for
the floor yes okay all right all right hang on a second running stay right
there okay here on that all right that was a good comma a good exchange you
know we are even though I don’t like to go back you know to the previous show
said that that was a good exchange Houston hang on a second sent in a cash
Houston I’ll get back to later thank you so much and I think we’re pretty much
done fit for tonight Nicki Minaj she has announced her
retirement from music if you believe it or not maybe she was trolling I don’t
know I’m just kind of bothered by her boyfriend or fiancé pardon me walking
around Oh Instagram live with the fucking extended clip silly nigga
Selena gonna cornball hey Ronnie I wanna give you a last word anything you want
to say before we sign off honey Nicki you’re done
hang it up go get married marry marry that guy have his baby push out a whole
bunch of babies and just sit down go away for a while give us a chance to
miss you yeah yeah Ronnie thank you for being available and
thank you for the help on the research have a great night sorry YouTube take
care alright boss chick or any other check-in alright alright
little sloppy tonight but um I just I couldn’t let this topic just get away
and not address it because tomorrow’s Friday I’m not sure what I’m doing
tomorrow I am dead ass serious about Lake Lanier I can’t believe I just
didn’t even know about this salute again – DJ tiger full blast radio
calm homey if you’re out there man and you get a chance or if you’re watching
this you shoot me a text man if you can give me any details about this place
I’ve got the the information off of Wikipedia and I’ll do a little research
but yeah I just I need to walk on a beach that’s always been my thing going
back to UM the 70s I’ll keep it real with you I’m 55 years of age that’s like
a a energizer or energy energizing place for me mentally all right hey also if I
can just again we address gorgeous Navy who sent in a comment on the show
earlier who said star you’ll make a good husband your way of thinking about how a
child should be raised is good leave match.com its wack lol again I
want to say thank you because um as a non-believer in the theory of God I
don’t necessarily need to push my system of living upon anyone
certainly not with regards to children for me it was irrational awakening but
again I am respectful to those who are believers my mother’s a believer and I
had family members that are believers and when we get together for a different
type of functions or family events I am respectful to how they do praise worship
and so on and so forth and I encourage them not to be not to be trolling or
stuff like that but yes as far as children are concerned again in case you
didn’t catch this earlier I believe that the primary care provider should be the
one that has the strongest influence on the child so yeah whether I’m with a
Christian a Jew a Muslim I don’t want that child to look to the
mother and then I will support him back up the mother the same way my father um
backed up my mother my mother was tough my father never beat me never hit me my
mother she would pluck me in the head you ask you something great Wow don’t
you say I told you once what didn’t you understand you know just anyway um I’m
rambling pardon me but thank you for your your comment earlier okay let me
get some banners up on the screen thank you guys for your support tonight your
time here you go first banner up the homie full blast radio calm make sure
you put some respect on his name and I will see you guys at some point tomorrow
take care good night and be safe you you


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