Dick Gregory on the Resignation of the Pope & Corruption in the Catholic Church

Updated : Aug 30, 2019 in Articles

Dick Gregory on the Resignation of the Pope & Corruption in the Catholic Church

sitting to my right answers this is the
email above those of you can see incident to my right is one of has been one of my favorite
people for the last forty forty-year-olds someone awhile for the last forty three years
since i first saw him at the cellar door here in washington d_c_ at at that time
he was talking about activities of the of the federal government and individuals within the through what
happened to be in the federal government that he thought were corrupt and mine
naive little country boy self that that i was like what is this balloon talking
about and he said things that were born out
later on during the nixon administration without the estonia of watergate from that time out have may have met
respect for agenda men extraordinaire one of the most peaceful and committed human beings on the face of the planet his name is richard claxton gregory and he is the father he’s a he’s a
husband and the father of ten eleven to you know nami is eleven that we know
about not merit to up to speed tribes have a woman name leal gregory dick gregory welcome to the
rockne’s item about incorrectly becky congratulations and happy birthday and one of one of the time they have i feel like this the whole world is don’t know what to do and they say two things we thank and praise god we’ve all made it is safely today and i
pray to god to heal return in my return will be equally safe but i i think this things that happen and that they won’t tell you about
pauline carpeted one is not the end of favorable white men if you look and see what happened in
south africa you can be hourly your mine altho your totally out of your mind and someone say he he shoot someone four
times in this accident benedetti some if i have failed on the steps and all the way down accidentally punch my wife in the face four times
fractured a skull fracture the gel i’m going to jail and no way to allow mattel’s m_i_t_i_
was accident and i think women should be upset all all were the world pedestal young girl and pakistan issues
are demonstrating for the right for women to go to school and they shot indicated any almost eighty what we do it is the
same thing america and white folks did in the civil rights
movement day one part of the field but they
didn’t do not know stop it and i think when women if you don’t get outraged over that
being u_n_ you in trouble you that parents walking down the street
whilst five-year-old children for sale in all of that danielle sit back and the
jury hitler and the nazis the rolling stock
they could get by with it invaded and so when you stop and think about
what’s going on today and and abha make a copy and get this
latest no paper in america ran this this was in the uh… beyond the london accordion about the pope might go to jail this
week in and you should be able to figure that
out i mean here is our partners they should have some
are tak trillion-dollar organization have over a billion people in it and that’s lacking rock come in and year
after having a successful till four year and tell the folks to put this network
together uh… algata i’ve got a problem and i’m going to be quickening two weeks s impossible if you seek you know you were sick eight
years ago so you’re saying i won’t give you two weeks to find
somebody to run this multi trillion-dollar operation with over a
billion people and so maybe with this year but would
was fixing to go down as a whole homosexual thankful pedophile playing as
a whole lot of the month monday and only the one paper then rented somebody is is the london guardian but what can happen and yet we thank we
live in a free democratic society so when you stop and think about that i’ve had busy i i i meant to give
it to you and other this is the document that the butler released okay in a vatican butler go to jail for telling the truth he gets out inmate the pope coming to visit him and uh… christmas to gain he’s right back in the vatican when


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