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Devotion or Renunciation is Your Choice

nithyānandeśvara samārambhām
nithyānandeśvari madhyamām | asmat āchārya paryantām
vande guru paramparām || I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis,
satsangees, sri mahants, mahants, thanedars, kotharis, visitors, viewers, owners of Sarvajnapeetha,
everyone sitting with us through Nithyananda TV, Sadhna TV, Arra TV, Nakshatra TV and two-way
video-conferencing having Nayana Deeksha all over the world and Nithyananda Sabha in Varanasi.
I welcome all of you with my love and respects. Cities sitting with us – Kulum Lumpur Aadheenam,
Los Angeles Aadheenam, Oklahoma Aadheenam, Vancouver, Canada, Seattle Aadheenam, San
Jose Aadheenam, Ohio Aadheenam, New Zealand Aadheenam, Toronto Aadheenam, Philadelphia,
Montclair, China, Mexico, Dublin (NC), Singapore Aadheenam, Spain, Trinadad Tobago, Dakota
Dunes, Nithyananda Nagar Bidadi, Houston Aadheenam, St Louis, Manchester, Doncaster (UK), Hyderabad
Aadheenam,Croatia, ajabala Aadheenam. I welcome all of you with my love and respects. Before entering into the verse, I want to
explain some basic truth about Seeking, which is explained in these verses. See if I explain the basic concepts, the truth
expressed in this verse will be more experiential for all of you. When you are tired of dreaming
or you can’t handle dreaming anymore, you decide to wake up. If there is a nightmare,
if there is a fantasy dream, where the dream becomes too sweet, or too harsh to handle,
then you wake up. Same way, the waking state, if you make it too sweet or too harsh, you
will become awakened. Making it too harsh, becoming awakened, is
the lifestyle of renunciation. Making it too sweet and waking up, is lifestyle of devotion. Listen, I will repeat. In the dream state,
if you see two tigers are chasing you or two snakes are chasing you. If it’s harsh to
handle, you will wake up. Same way, if it is too fantastic, exactly the same place you
always want it to be is there, the same person with whom you want to be is there, you will
suddenly wake up. If it is too sweet, you will wake up, too harsh, you will wake up.
So that dream state is sustained in the struggle, not in the extreme, listen, only in the struggle,
the dream continues, not in the extreme. Same way, in the waking state, if it is extreme
sweetness, you will wake up or extreme harshness, you will wake up. But as long as there is
a struggle between these two, the struggle between the extreme sweetness and harshness,
greed and fear is what your incompletions. As long as there is a struggle you will continue
to maintain this waking state. This state you will continue to maintain. If any one
takes over, it’s all over. Allowing the lifestyle of extreme harshness
and awakening, getting awakened is the lifestyle of renunciation. A Naga, Aghori, allowing
the extreme sweetness
and awakening is the lifestyle of devotion, a Shavaite. Using both of process and getting
awakened is the lifestyle of Nithyanandaite. I use all available, possible methods, process,
kriyas to help you into awakening whether it is nightmare or fantasy dream, you will
wake up. You will wake up. You will wake up. Understand, neither fantasy dream nor nightmare
will let you continue sleep. Same way, neither extreme harshness nor the extreme sweetness
will help you to continue your waking state. It will lead to awakening, it will lead to
awakening. I tell you, if life itself brings the harshness
and awakens you, if life itself brings that sweetness and awakens you, you will be wasting
a lot of time. You voluntarily getting into that state, cooperating for your awakening
is what I call Seeking. It is not that every night you wake up with the nightmare or fantasy
dream. Many nights you wake up because you are too tired. Understand, same way in your life also, it
is not that all the time you can get the extreme harsh dream, harsh reality or extreme pleasant
reality. Creating either extreme harshness of reality or extreme pleasantness of reality
leads to your awakening. Cooperating with the life to create the extreme harshness
or extreme pleasantness is Seeking. Either with the concept of Shiva you can make
every moment of your life extremely pleasant. You know this is the place Sadashiva walked,
this is the very air He breathed, this is the very forest He and Devi spent so much
of time. Every tree here is the descendent of the trees which had the fortune of having
darshan of Sadashiva. Still the moon and the sun is a living witnesses. You can go on cherishing
this and get into the extreme pleasantness that will lead to awakening or you can deny
everything including your own existence and that will lead to extreme harshness, again
you will be awakened. Use any one, cooperate with any one. Allow
the awakening to happen. That’s all is essence of life. That’s all is essence of life. Your self-doubt, self-hatred, self-denial
neither allows you to experience extreme harshness or extreme pleasantness.If you go through
pleasantness, you doubt it. “No, no, no. This cannot be permanent or eternal.” If
you go through harshness, you build a hope, “No, no. I will get out of it and I will
have pleasantness, joy one day.” The hope stops you going through the extreme harshness.
Doubt stops you going through the extreme pleasantness. When you don’t allow both,
continue to enjoy your struggling state, incompletion; because only that will maintain your ordinary
waking state. Sleep is the base material out of which the
dreams can be dreamt. Confusion is the base material out of which this waking state can
be perceived. Only when you are in the state of sleep, you can dream. Only when you are
in the state of confusion, you can see this waking state. Understand, that is why confusion is very
precious investment for you. It is one of the most precious investment. Most precious
investment! But I tell you, let confusion not become your most precious investment.
In every step, every line, every inch of your life, if confusion becomes your basic stand,
basic foundation, then imagine the amount of time you are wasting, energy you are destroying.
There is a beautiful verse in the Taitirriya Upanishad: anando brahmeti vyajānāt (3.6)
­– Bliss is God, don’t waste it. You may think, what do they mean by don’t
waste it. Don’t waste it by attributing it to your confusion. If you think confusion
is bliss, if you maintain the stand that confusion is bliss, you are wasting your life, destroying
your life. You are wasting the bliss, destroying bliss. anando brahmeti vyajānāt. See your day-to-day habits get recorded in
your muscle memory. Your lifestyle patterns, like what you feel about you, all that, gets
recorded in your bio-memory. Cleaning up your muscle memory can be done by building good
habits, nut cleaning up your bio-memory – what do you feel about you consciously, can be
done only by awakening the Seeking. Awakening the seeking. Listen carefully to this statement, to this
truth. Seeking either leads you into extreme pleasantness or extreme harshness of the Reality.
In both ways, it awakens you. Whether you get into
completing your individual existence or whether you get into expanding your individual existence
into cosmic existence. If your individual existence becoming cosmic
existence by devotion it is called Upāsanā. If your individual existence becomes nothing
by allowing the cosmic existence, it is called Vipāssanā. In both extreme, you are awakened.
Whether Upāsanā or Vipāssanā, you will be awakened. But go through any one extreme,
only then, you will be awakened. Don’t continue to play in the field of confusion you will
continue to be just in this dilemma – waking state. Dilemma destroys your dignity; takes
away your respect for yourself. Dilemma destroys your dignity; takes away your respect for
yourself. Today we are going to be having a long session
for Inner Awakening participants. It’s going in high speed. This Inner Awakening I can
say is one of the unique Inner Awakenings where there is no break IA which I introduced.
The concept of no break IA. NBIA! No break IA. We are completing with all the inner awakening
processes. And then, Shivoham process, and third eye awakening practice and enjoying
Kashi. Today we are going to be working with the
world and my world, which is going to be quite a enjoying process, a joyful process. Today’s
satsang essence – Vipāssanā or Upāsanā. Subject for Vakyartha Sadas, understanding
Upāsanā and understanding Vipāssanā; how both leads to awakening. With this I bless you all let you all radiate
with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching Causing Living Advaita, the Eternal
Bliss, Nithyananda. Thank You. Be Blissful!

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