Democrats Call For Al Franken’s Resignation | NBC Nightly News


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  • If Franken goes, then Trump has to go too. Why is Trump getting away with at least 13 women making sexual assault claims

  • He'll be back for the 2020 Presidential elections, … after rehab, … (just like Marion Berry), … gotta love the Demtards!

  • They call for Franken to resign but push to elect Moore who rapes children. They have nothing to say about trump resigning. I can’t stand the hypocrisy here. It’s All wrong but touching children is FAR worse. Yet they support Moore. This country should be ashamed.

  • Franken should still insist on an investigation. In the upside down, republicans are guilty of the things they accuse others of. They say that Trump and Moore are being accused by liars and conspiracy theories. Meanwhile, Veritas, Breitbart and Stone took down a Democratic senator with anonymous testimonies, a goofy photo and a bunch of facebook hens that proudly posted their pictures of Franken with smiles on their faces until all of a sudden "He grabbed my waist" or "Brushed my butt or boob" accusations came out in a flurry. Let the investigation go forward. And you republican scum don't have the Franken card to play as an excuse for Trump or Moore anymore.

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