Defense Secretary James Mattis Announces Resignation | NBC News

Updated : Sep 04, 2019 in Articles

Defense Secretary James Mattis Announces Resignation | NBC News


  • If Mattis cannot convince the President on some important things then he failed in his job. Leaving makes you look like others….so thank you for serving and let another serve.

  • Trump is the president of peace. Mattis is upset that Trump took away all his wars. Trump saving more American lives than any president. Trump. The nazi destroyer

  • I love how slowly but surely trulpz drained the swamp on both sides of the partys and thought career long politions .also like here even the weak puppets in milatary trumps worn them down .
    Go trump ! Maga 2020!

  • this is the first thing that i agree with trump, matis was just a paranoid war addict. usa just wants to justify having a 800 billion $ army.

  • The only reason is that they wanna keep what they have before they loose everything, that’s what all the Democrats that resigned, it’s because they know what they did wrong and are afraid it’ll all blow up and left with nothing.

  • This is frightening.
    Gawd I hope we come out of this alive.
    Serious question: is there light at the end of the tunnel? I’m scared to death of this buffoon.

  • We don't need to be in Syria or afganistan time these people take care of their self and we take care of our Borders …. The people of Syria don't want us in Syria they like Assad !!! 1st president we've had that is not a politician but an American 1st !!

  • does anyone else realize that Trump wants US Troops out of Syria and his comment about let them turn to Russia for aide, says more to his relationship with Russia and How Russia wants US Troops out of Syria so that Russia can take over the country. When will republicans in his corner realize that Trump does not have the United States best interest is about advancing his business dealings and his ongoing friendship with Putin. Impeach and Indict on Treason Charges and lets get our Country and our Core Values Back.

  • on the eve of 2020 polls opening, folks will have been camping outside the polls for two days, just to stand in one of many 6hr lines. The next turnout will be the biggest in history and will take 2mos to count the ballets. As for me,…I'm gonna be the first person to become a billionaire operating a Lemonade stand!!!

  • Mattis is a low IQ loser. Too stupid to avoid the draft. Just get a letter from your doctor,, fake bones spurs or something like that.
    And paying taxes is for losers. Not paying taxes makes me smart. Look at ME… I have a gold plated jet, 17 mansions and don't pay any tax.
    I have a very smart brain and know more about everything than anybody. Believe me. Recessions are good!
    I like undereducated. They think I actually care about the average American thanks to FOX.

  • I was just looking for his resignation speech and all this click bait. I hear more of the analysts speaking then the man himself.

  • Good, we need someone that wants peace. You want to quit because we're ending wars? By by.
    God bless America
    God bless President Trump
    Trump 2020 – See Clearly

  • The world is watching the USA implode…no surprise…incompetent government. Trump is a pathological liar…mentally unstable….


  • When even someone as agressive and disgusting as Mattis resigns – we are in absolutely deep trouble. These might be the last days of a peaceful earth

  • Good riddance. One less warmonger in Washington. If you can't respect the president's world view and carry out his orders its time to retire and be a door greeter at Walmart.

  • Trump wants give away Syria to Russia!!! Wants to give way Eastern Country back to Russia!!! 3rd War is in the way!! No Longer support NATO! Trump cancel the Nuclear accord that America did fight for more than 50 years! This is a green Light for Russia!

  • The saddest news for the whole wide world, that a man of his knowledge, courage, intellect, ethics, record and bravery should resign gives me the willies. Only God knows what awaits us next with the ….in the White House.

  • Trump hates everyone that doesn't kow-tow to his narcissistic, egotistical, self-centered, one-man misogynistic rule. He follows in the footsteps of all the dictators that destroyed hope, freedom and civilization. He was a bad omen to begin with, let's hope he is not able to fulfil his destruction of democracy.

  • 'Boo hoo' Mattis served at the discretion of the President who has made the right decision. Folks think we've been in Syria for a long time, but fail to remember that we followed ISs in as they were being forced out of Iraq. I think that the other option for the "petty general" would be to put his BOOTS on the ground over there (but that's not going to happen.) Every day we are there risks a confrontation with another nuclear super power. A lot of "armchair warriors" may not agree, but I believe our President made a difficult, but correct decision – from a 26 year vet.

  • Just as any institution built on the foundations of the highest principles must lead an example, this General as so many others, have set an example according to their status and command. That's why institutions stand the test of time.

  • It takes a good man or woman to lead a nation, it takes a good man or woman to lead a soldier, it takes a good man or woman to lead anything or anybody.

  • The last rationale thinker, in one of the most (if not) tumultuous administrations in American history, is gone. Well, were in deep trouble now.

  • So being a marine I always support Mattis and Trump. I guess you could say I am disappointed overall, Mattis was the man for the job! This was a bad move for Trump

  • Terribly dum decision to leave Syria: it's like stopping a treatment against cancer after only 95 % of the job has been done. And at the same time, leaving once again a friend in need alone: if Erdogan once again crosses into Syria, to get after the Kurds, the latter will remember Trump's decision. To say it in a Trumpian way: a very very very bad decision by a very very very shortsighted president and his yes-men and women all for the sake of some millions and millions of dollars. That's what happens if presidential elections only offer the US voters either Ebola or Cholera as options to choose from. You simply don't go until the job really is finished, not before, is that so difficult to understand, Donald ?


  • You libertards are stupid hippocrites. Princess obammma fired Gen mattis. Where we're your big mouths then. Princess obammma went thru 3 secretary of defense in less time than president Trump. You fools don't even remember or care. POS hippocrites. Trump has accomplished a lot inspite of opposition. Drain the fswamp. Trump 2020.

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  • The peoples elect the civilian commander in chief, and he sets policy, not his appointees. They serve at his pleasure to help him achieve his objectives and fulfill the promises he made to the voters who elected him.

    No general, however patriotic and heroic, is above that hierarchy. Gen. James Mattis is one of the finest military heroes and leaders we have been blessed to have serve our country in this era. But it was time for him to step aside from the President’s cabinet because he differed from the President on so many policy issues.
    He did not share President Trump’s views opposing transgender social experimentation in the armed forces.

    He disagreed on the initiative to launch a sixth unit of the armed forces, focusing on a space force. He opposed moving our Israel embassy to Jerusalem. He opposed pulling out of the Paris climate accord, and he opposed pulling out of the disastrously myopic Iran Deal.

    He even demurred on the President’s decision to impose tariffs on foreign aluminum and steel in order to protect and foster America’s home-grown aluminum and steel production capabilities.

    He did not share the President’s view that the military and its budget will need to be part of building the Wall along our southern border, and that fight looms larger than ever as the new Congress enters, intent on withholding funding for the Wall, almost-certainly assuring a showdown over the use of defense funds for homeland security.

    Really, Gen. Mattis really had to depart.

  • The weakness of a Democracy country;  every four years election, without any honor provisionary safe guard to protect past presidential deals or contracts.  This is how USA kept shooting themselves in the feet, of not being able to be trusted and labeled as a betrayal or abuser.  History, Iran, Kuwait, Viet Nam war, etc…, shows every time US end up betraying  allies.  Being betrayed is the ultimate creations of a personal enemy; they will fight with passion and willing to die for the cause.  If we think ISIS is the evolution from al Qaeda. /by betraying Kurds in the field of battle, they sided with Syria to live, but with feelings of  USA hatred now.  What will they become to USA?  This is why electoral college should be amend to just being a tie breaker if a majority vote does/can not be reached.  This safe guard mechanism is not functional as it was installed it for, we end up with a moron without foreign affair experience in office, possibly creating the next evolution of USA enemy.  They should also amend a law that requires the Vote of House and Senate when dealing with past presidential decreed and not let the president do as he may by himself.  We should treat all president's decreed to be equal in importance, one body one unit, past or present.  No one President's action should  be  more important than the next.  This way allies will not be betray unnecessary because Congress will hold the decision for the people and by the people and what is best for the country.  This way any rogue leader, like current moron, can not just undo any past president's decreed just because he wants to,  on the base of racism or any other agenda.

  • I have to admit I was at first very impressed with everything I heard about Mattis. Now I see him as a wanking crying baby. First of all he was not elected commander in chief. Trump was. Second. I have way more time in the service (32 years active in the Navy and 15 years as a Navy Merchant Marine Officer) then Mattis, Kelly, Kean and all the talking heads making the circuit. In my long career did I agree with everything I was ordered to do? No I was not. I did not throw a tantrum or fall to the floor crying like a baby. I made my position known, when I was allowed to then I carried out my orders to the best of my ability and worked hard to make my superiors vision a success. That is the mark of commitment and leadership. If anybody should understand this principal all Flag officers should because had they pulled these shenanigans while coming up in the ranks they would have been booted out. Maybe they called him mad do0g because he was a cry baby. I am extremely disappointed in him and he has lost all my respect. Service to the country is doing the best you can with what you have.

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  • Pendant cette periode de fermeture du Gouvernement
    du blocage du system pour dégager Trump
    l'Amérique Grande Nation qui était le Centre du monde
     est devenue une nation normale

  • The United States has been in the Middle East and Afghanistan for 17 years. Perhaps President Trump thinks it is time to leave after we spent $3 trillion to help these Muslim areas and his predecessor left Iraq, Libya, Mali and Yemen without accomplishing anything lasting.

  • I really don't know anything about James Mattis' politics but have the highest respect for his intellect, principles and his service to our country. I would love to see a serious discussion of a possible ticket of Mattis and Kamala Harris for president in either order for 2020.

  • Excellent general in time we will realize the honorable sacrifice Jim made to keep the country out of the hands of a lunatic

  • James  Mattis  were the counter point to   Trumpit's good  to have taken away from  him  the nuclear codeBe  resilientBe  Patientlove

  • Jim MattIisthe only  adult well aknowledged  on the internal as well as the  International  politic situationis back
    Praise  Him  with the best blessings
    possibleWe can't   stay without   leaning down  with  pride, respectfor  having  stood for  managed    trained  the best military USA ArmyYour name will stay down  in the USA Military ArmyI always  demanded the High military  Command to honour your nameby naming  one  military base with your nameto  thank you for your sacrificehaving dedicated your entire life for the USA ArmyFor the  following  we  are togetherNever my hand will  drop yoursI'll be by your side for ever  untol our last breathas Almighty God command  me to  doYou   always asked thr reason of our meetingit's because  Almighty  God loves youHe knew how grieved  lonely  concerned  about  your  Ithat he made us meetWe missed the  opportunity to have  children together  my great painNeverthelessI offer you my  family my  2 Son who will  love youthey lost  their father  were still  YoungOffer you 4 Grand-Children  rooted  from  England  The person who send us  the  files about the  Guelton  Family lives in   Canada I always wanted  to makr further reshearchalways delayedO7.33amGood morningWish you a   sweet happy daymay all the enlightenment  colors your  heartfoll it with   exhilarating  sents landscapes of  red  white  Roses Iris  Ambre  mysterious Encentsto  invade your senses light them upEnjoy your day  SweetheartI love youxx

  • never let a military man like Mathis or past General Patton try to run a nation. They are warriors trained as warriors, they live as warriors and die as warriors. The People we Americans are great full for your work to get this done but we as the people want peace for the outcome and want to fix things instead of bombs. You are now relieved of worry and now you need to enjoy your life and enjoy the glory of what you fought so hard to protect. Go enjoy life, buy a expensive car, get a ticket for speeding down the he highway, buy something great for a family member who doesn't expect it. be happy go eat some pizza and watch a movie and eat nachos and while your at it go get some fries at your favorite fast food joint. Plan your Sunday early go out and have fun and encourage others that they can do what ever they want to do in life because your Mathis, James. Find That person that doesn't know what good you done and go out a get a soda at a gas station and drive fast cars and make people laugh. You are James Mathis. You can do anything.

  • A avut dreptate cu privire la ISIS – a fost un geniu care a prezis tot! Este un gânditor care știe întotdeauna ce spune. Un specialist în securitate! Și a creat propriile strategii de conducere ca lider! A reușit să fie admirat și iubit de o națiune, să fie venerat la nivel universal! Onoare și respect grandios general. Păcat că națiunea americană și toată lumea are de suferit!

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