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storage auction we buy lies and sell
memories where every mystery box is a complete surprise and puts us one step
closer to retirement well you got it we’re gonna have a certain point
somewhere in there well those ones that there are silver
dollars these are silver so these just like a balance that goes like 20 bucks
apiece few hundred bucks are they dreaming and rental them these the
Japanese but we hope the German yeah okay
so shipping this is ship-in-a-bottle charger ABA inaugural season AFL verse
and affinities are good Astros verse to read under cool water
look at Astrodome these are same way somebody I like the car one yeah i d–
sports school sir Nomad you know John man Giants 1960s wonderful year I’ll
seal that was you know until if he was born
Seattle Rainiers Ron Dodge there’s all kinds of signals what’s in there put your head back in
here baseball games guide mention shoving me die stop put them all back in
here no those ones actually – that’s actually a pretty good one right there
by itself 1959 he’s at 59 all these are good Joe you didn’t send us a knife
sharpener with our buddy go after you by sword you I don’t know where how much –
if I did I wouldn’t say cuz then I would you away who Joe where he’s at
Volkswagen that’s with the handle is fun though they’re a he back
yeah uncle Michael got a new jacket
Bloodgood though that tank top you wore the other day nice you should have caught it right away
about it yeah that’s what’s a 30,000 yeah my back that’s all we made off we
thought he died card collection right on the back seat oh look at those puppies
for this many years huh the new 87 Jill one what you visiting Carter season
farmer Lone Ranger electric serial 60th anniversary just black diamond mines just little shrinky over with the other
cards right you can you give me my bike back please
oh oh my giving it back phone Dave and see what he wants that’s gonna cool that
we could open my cat’s actually that my one Silver Proof Set silver cruiser
silver number one looks that way hey where’s number one the numbers their
glass shelves this mags that could be good this is a beautiful thing yes
everything else is garbage United States America to the Republic for which it
stands one nation under God indivisible with liberty justice Alex Knightley
people do the Pledge of Allegiance anymore they asked me to say it one time
at the meeting yes we used to do it every day I don’t know no we don’t do it
no more it’s kinda well I know it kind of it started but then I mean mom’s you
back in there no more longer hours right now
Suzu don’t have any more box boxes and boxes toss it in couple shirts we have an expensive fishing stuff this
wallets here we go these teens opening offices are filling
up the air and a shoe or just anything they’re all cool little items like 5 10
15 please be a Babe Ruth baseball in there there’s your picture I told you I
said pick up sticks like that’s a manifest it works where’s the half
million in the real leg as if a coach like a hundred times oh my God look at the helmet look in
there look at the common room where’s that saying I’ve been a baby with
baseball I’m all looking the helm about that guys oh my godness American helmet
all wrapped up the guy West German Cadillac that’s cool too Alex likes the late just two of them
there’s another one for the liner huh it’s a real helmet it’s not Nazi Lynn
says it’s a British French Japanese but this right here is a German helmet what’s not work or the cement there
these are like bonded them now what fun this is a
cool asshole puzzle what makes this helmet cool is it has
some like their little troop symbol here or something
these can go inside of that thing over here this is from standard American
metal is cool yeah no it’s not did I not say that that that German knife that we
found the beginning was gonna lead us to one German real item
I did call that I did call that there he is that’s the dude and they decide for
him fish stuff back it’s on eBay right now for $5,000 no honey cuz I’ve been
through that situations and not cool there’s no you put together that’s why
it’s us man all right we’re good that’s the diecast car collector tasting
the work question won’t take us long to be long I’m fading there this is cut
right here and slide it out it is the same here just a Tartar what I make sure
you guys looking at the door that’s it that’s just a cool post that’s 10 bucks that’s nothing
yeah right that’s his work say oh let’s grab the simply put this miss doctor
this is another big thing you know it’s a big picture community look it coming
in here I know I’m not the loft whispers no reason what is it it’s a fix
oh yeah just just kind of open this one says co-op what’s it look like it look like it’s
noon at home doesn’t listen figure to me they could okay one important thing
we’ll open it tomorrow that doesn’t it doesn’t interest me I
can tell you guys I’m here one good so I’m showing them who it is jump garage
pitches on all I said German maybe I’m predicting German pictures maybe it’s a
signature of Hitler so you can set a guy with German awesome what made me leave
is Neven for I believe this dress somebody will correct me if I’m wrong
because people at flat it’s normal Michael though first ones garbage what happened was I
was it happen I don’t know that’s why they’re all together it was like that
was cool I got throw that bench in hey griffey
thank you to you for the bug huh that’s actually
probably worth something it is all brand new truth inside the bug I take it to
conquer for now we can make an actor MZ spuds Mackenzie that’s it stay as
cheap it’s still 20 25 a good table items my wife uses paw me please


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