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CVS Freebies & Moneymakers & Savings 12/29 to 1/4

good morning everyone welcome back to my
channel I am Sharrica Latrice. Thank you guys for tuning in. please like and
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get into it because we have a house full of people today and I don’t know how
long I’ll have to myself before you either hear noise or my daughters come
running in… Secret deodorant is on a sale. and it has an extra care buck deal
attached to it. you buy three and you get four extra care bucks but the sale is, you
buy two and they’ll equal $10, so basically five dollars a piece. the best
way to do this, I think is to go ahead and buy four so that’ll be $20 for all
four. now if you have the CVS app you should have a coupon that’s $5.99 off of
two, if you have the inserts for this Sunday there were secret deodorant
coupons in there where you buy one get one free up to $5.99. now I’m thinking
what will happen when I get to the store is that even with the insert coupons
I’ll still get $5.99 off just like the app coupon. but just in case I just put
it as $5 instead of $5.99. so as you can see here you start at $20 for four.
the CVS app coupon takes off $5.99. you have $14.0. then I have an insert coupon
(because it’s a limit of two for those coupons ) so you can use two in one
transaction. $14.01 minus five dollars from the insert you’re down to $9.01.
you’re going to receive four extra care bucks so then you can put in four extra
care bucks in this transaction, so minus four dollars. you’re down to $5.01. I have a four
off 20 which I probably should have put that up here but I forgot I had it so I
just tagged it in at the end. but that would bring my total down to one
dollar and one cent. again, the coupons say up to $5.99 (the insert coupons) they say this amount here can be up to
5.99. some cashiers just go ahead and put the total amount. so that’ll take
the 99 cents off of here and I’ll be left with one cent. let me show you those
coupons. now if you don’t have the app coupon just use two of the inserts
because if you’ll see here it says limit of two identical coupons per household
per day. and then there’s the four off 20 I’m going to use and this is the three
dollar extra care bucks they had to have printed for the Softsoap last week. I
don’t have a direct four dollar one and I don’t want to use a cash card so I’ll
probably be using that one with this transaction. next deal is my spend 30 get
ten. Pantene is on a by three for twelve herbal essence is on a buy two for
twelve and then the loreal face wipes ended up being part of the promotion. now
my store usually does the ninety-eight percent rule meaning that I can get
ninety eight percent of 30 and my extra extra care bucks will print so hopefully
it’ll recognize it because that’s cutting it really close. that brings our
total down to 29.49 for three Pantene two Herbal Essence and one L’Oreal face
wipes. there’s a five dollar off coupon in our twelve twenty-nine insert. I received a
$2.00 off $5.00 Pantene CRT last week. there’s a $3 off in our twelve twnety-nine
insert for Herbal Essence and then I received a three off twelve shampoo CRT
and then today we’re supposed to be getting a $3.00 off one L’Oreal product
CRT. so that brings your savings down to sixteen dollars .$29.49 subtract 16 gives
you 13.49. you’re receiving ten extra care bucks so you put ten extra care
bucks into the transaction that brings your total down to three dollars and
forty nine cents which is basically about fifty eight cents each. now in
about two days you’ll receive three extra care bucks in beauty
so once you apply that you’re actually paying .49 cents which is
like eight cents each. okay so here are the coupons themselves. Listerine ready tabs. I really don’t like
these tabs but if they’re a freebie why not get them and donate them. so they are
on a buy two get four extra care bucks. they’re about three ninety-nine a piece
that brings your total down to $7.98. I have two CRTs for this. I have a $3
off two and I have a $1 off one. after my CRTs the total is 3.98. you get four extra
care bucks back and that makes this a 2 cent moneymaker. and there are those two
CRTs. moving right along here is my next deal.
scope mouthwash and oral-b toothbrush for the scope you buy one and get two,
for the oral B you buy one and get 3 extra care bucks so the cheapest ones I
found were $4.99 and $5.19. that total comes to 1$0.18 cents. I have
a $2 off 8 CRT for Crest scope, for oral-b I have $1 off from our 12/29 insert for
the toothbrush and $1 off for the mouthwash also from 12/29. that brings
your total down to $6.18. you’re receiving 5 extra care
bucks so you roll in 5 extra care bucks that brings your total down to $1.18 cents before tax. and here you go, there are the 5 extra care bucks
I’m going to roll in. if you’ve been following my channel you know that my
husband loves the CVS gold emblem candy. they are on sale 3 for $4 I have a CRT
that’s $1 off four dollars worth of gold emblem bringing the total down to 3.00.
and there’s that CRT. A deal that I’m going to combine with the candy is the
Arizona tea, they are again 4 for 2.00. I have a CRT that’s $1 off four dollars
worth. so I’ll pick up eight that’ll be $4 and
then take a dollar off and that’ll be three dollars for eight
Arizona tea. and there is that CRT. alright I’m a little iffy about this one
because this CRT was really acting funky last week but let’s see how it works. it
finally worked but let’s see if it works this time.
so Revlon is on a spend 12 get 4 and you can do this six times. I have a
buy one get one free foundation for L’Oreal, Revlon or Almay. so I picked
the Revlon foundation that’s 18.49. get two of those. if the buy one get one
works correctly it’ll take the $18.49 off. so that brings me back down to
18.49. I’m receiving 12 extra care bucks from this because every time you spend
12 you get four. I’ve spent 36 so I’ll get 12 extra care bucks. so I’ll roll in
12 extra care bucks. that brings my total down to $6.49 cents which is
what I’ll pay but in two days I’ll get three dollars worth of beauty bucks so
that technically brings my total down to $3.49 cents. here’s a
bonus deal that I was looking at. I probably won’t do this because I have a
lot of cough syrup and cold medicine. from penny shopping and from
previous sales but I wanted to see if this would work. I might do this just to
see if it’ll work but then I don’t want to have one of the people have to void.
sometimes little things like this will work at CVS but here’s what I’m thinking
Vicks is on a spent 20 get 5. the ones that are part of the deal are $9.99 and then
we also got some coupons in the current insert from 12/29. the Nyquil will be
$9.99 the vapor rub will be $9.99 and the vapeocool is $3.99. one of the
inserts from this Sunday today is a buy one get one .so if you buy a nyquil you
get a vapeocool cream for free but it only goes up to three dollars. I
subtracted that $3 off and that takes us down to 20.97 then in the same insert
you have a dollar off nyquil, a dollar off vapor rub, and that brings
you down to $18.97. I have a CRT that’s four dollars off 16 of Vicks so $18.97
subtract four brings you down to $14.97. roll in the 5 extra care bucks that
you’ll receive from the transaction and that’s $9.97 for three things of Vicks. the
part that I’m wondering if it will work is that … you buy one and get one for
the vapor cream so that kind of nixes that out. many stores (sense you have
to purchase one to get the other ) many stores don’t attach the coupon to the
one you buy they attach the coupon to the one that’s free so you should be
able to still apply the dollar off the Nyquil, the dollar off the vapor rub. that is the buy one get one that is the one for the vapor rub and
this is the one for the nyquil. all right well let me go ahead and get out today
and see if I can get these deals. it looks like it finally stopped raining
talk to you guys later bye

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