Creepy Abandoned Asylum: human body parts found, strange noises heard!

Updated : Sep 11, 2019 in Articles

Creepy Abandoned Asylum: human body parts found, strange noises heard!

What is this? CCTV. Security, cars… Quick. Holy sh*t, the security guard just came out the building. I just missed it on camera. Do you still see him?
-No i guess he walked away. We’ve been lucky !
-Very lucky ! There are fences too. Well that’s easy. Nice, well done. Go inside right?
-Yeah. We are inside. Go straight?
-Yes. Is this the main building?
-I suppose so yes. This is the active part, we have to watch out.
There are also cars parked. nice ! Sweet. We are inside a leprosy asylum.
It’s a long-term infection disease. People with this disease were kept here and never came out again. There are stories that when medicines ran out, they gave the people regular herbs and grass as “medication” En the nice part is that we are only like 5 minutes away from the centre of a metropolis Indeed.
-Really cool. I’m excited!
-We have a good start already. I think this is a manual labor.
-Indeed. Show me. 1993. It’s cool that everything is left here. Asylums are normally pretty empty. Cool, a bed. Look here, a patient. That must have hurt a lot. videotapes with probably horrible music. *Security dog?* Go away dog ! I don’t care as long he isn’t in my frame. And he’s gone.. A very nice location. Totally decayed A totally different architecture here compared to Europe. A completely different style. I hear something. A cat? *Noise is messed up, no clue why* There are exactly three scooters for us. Beautiful corridors. It looks likes there’s light on. At the door. Holy shit ! Creepy ! You don’t want to get treated here. It reminds me of American asylums We better turn around, there’s an active part. We should stay away there. Are there still some documents lying around? Dr. Eelco Hold it closer. Frederik is glowing ! Wtf is this? What is this? Some human body part.
-Iew, it’s sticking out. What exactly is it?
– No clue at all. an intestine.
-You think so? Let’s check. ieww. wow, a morgue here, you can smell it right away. Here they lay with their necks Frederik is going to get a boner. Really cool ! Here they were finally freed from their suffering. One of the coolest asylums i’ve ever seen. really oldskool. This is a really cool one.
The operation room is perfect. And the rain has added value. Right?
-A lot more atmosphere, slamming doors…spooky!


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