CRAZY Abandoned Storage Auction Prices in San Diego Storage Wars Rene

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CRAZY Abandoned Storage Auction Prices in San Diego Storage Wars Rene

these guys this is San Diego a bunch of
defeated auction buyers everybody here realizes they got in the heat of the
auctions and everyone’s like shit we overpaid but now we all treasure hunting
looking for the gold bars newer Nintendo games and a million I’ll make us but
we’ll probably gonna sell your clothes in the swampy but that’s okay you know
not auction next week this is with Dan Dotson Bryce storage Murphy Canyon I got
call this here he’s one longtime auction by up plus a
YouTube channel fed hey don’t you ever give a store in TJ to you you want to
promote it because I have a lot of fans in Mexico well and what days it is
Thursday in Monday’s and where can I find it now when you do the whole thing
in Spanish for our Mexican followers sure no God look at any let segunda I’m
gonna serve under premier eyes silicon-silicon a Libertad exactly
come check them out um Renee from bargainers essentially let’s go look at
units twenty-four units let’s go make some money
huh this is Matt’s turn out to you well the way this is going to date it should
be about seven hundred no I’m kidding you know promote your store Empire
thrift Elkhorn Boulevard some Renee said she got 20% of anything look at 25 I
like it that’s why I’m drug-free household stuff cleaning household stuff
star what’s holding it like that today I think is 24 28 units and what they gonna
do so we look at three and then they sell three two times then one at a time
but they go through so we look as there’s so many people soldier sizes in
time so which is really good because it makes the oxygen move fast but one of
the things you have to make sure which I’ve done a mistake before that you
remember which unit number you want to bind you bit in the correct one so
sometimes it can go battle let’s see what it goes for crazy they don’t want to do a lot of
work syrup a fortress cheap what you think especially the web box that thang
OD paperwork that a second you know what suppose were top-to-bottom soap 110
bucks one in the two boxes don’t mark get the big cash bonus potential American auctioneers is about
to make some money one of these crazy san diego-ins will overpay but today everything is going higher so today – it’s actually not bad that’s
Jordan that’s Jordan well that looks like designer clothes it looks clean and
looks thinking anything yeah looks like it’s all fresh Tennessee Titans Jersey clothes I just don’t know if I clean so we’ll see Hey the one thing that oxen I was making you
remember when about that Indian house for 30,000 with the deposit I still got
like a thousand boxes full of antiques the one thing I don’t eat for my store
is antiques even when I was a really good deal for 250 because just the two
fire extinguishers will bring 200 but if I bring home to store antiques KC might
cut my ass I still got like a thousand box from the Indian whorehouse like it’s
like crazy it’s like I don’t need that exact you know what I really need is
like microwaves and toasters and clothes I’m so long good clothes but 350 bucks
for three pairs of Jordans and jerseys yeah I don’t see that much more profit
and now right away to full package now sexy better D that’s a good deal that’s
like over 100 boxes in there 4000 bucks that was a good deal except it looks
like they went through it and came back and took what I wanted I don’t see guys
when units are stacked like this I don’t like them because dad looks like some of
your through to shit and pride of ownership lesson number one
dishwasher Portugal should make a video series how to burn through money over
pain if you find him dumb enough to buy it at this point is not making profits this will pay 2500 nothing about it at
the registration of six years oh it’s okay he’s rich I said super watch I don’t try to buy
units you see there were two units next to each of the same owner everything
could have fit in one unit which tells me most likely somebody went through and
took all this stuff that they wanted so you’re not gonna find any gold you’re
not gonna find anything really weird because they already got that stuff so
you know it’s still okay Tobias I could swap meet roadbed I’m so busy right now
it’s not what I have to spend my time with if I don’t have any merchandise I
just need to buy for the store yeah both of these units would have a Buy and
their money makers in Prague double your money but I’m just looking for that you
know a big factor you know the score I’m not gonna say wow factor but that’s what
I’m looking for who got real quiet listen it must be
good they got quiet so I message oh yeah I’m let’s do what
it was like barely enough yellow suitcase mine’s always 50 bucks 25 in the
interest 25 show me some fingers it’s not the middle one just table same owner you can follow okay
– would you lunch well let’s who’s to worm-like hey you
paid cash right we do pick a baby rise like say hi to all both of my followers nice house they going with American
where can they find you guys auction well actually good America Line’s hit
that that’ll take about 60 auctions check that out and you guys got auctions
pretty much every day all over Southern California right every day so you know
run into Jim Tom I said hi Ron or Laura or Dan and that’s it oh no
you can Jim Kolbe we have marched in El Centro and we have Kara we up north so
actually seven auctioneers Wow big company check them out American
auctioneers that come do some local auction mines thanks Jim sold
$50 cash dragon 3d TV LG Rama are you pulling the
stuff this is for my house right now from our sexy cos if you see that that
takes too much time you worry I guess I was like oh I need that for my house okay it’s the same owner same on no
looks clean but the way the prices are today they’re
probably gonna go away crazy with Nicole 5650 750 700 700 650 700 700 757
they enter dignity yes yeah Oh that’s not bad is that for the diapers just Tyler’s
gonna be San Diego auction day crazy prices so everybody so that was like
four boxes to diaper somebody but fifty bucks it was like I guess the heat got
to everybody today Danny person dies really bad you got anything to plug I
think you gotta have kids about that yeah I know I think you might be able to
get cheap at Walgreens nice dresser couch speakers a
non-starter see not that much weights go today probably too crazy 200 that was it guys so you see that’s it’s
actually one of our big ones out here and it’s a really good facility to keep
it clean set of some nice stuff coming out of good I don’t know like I was
looking for specific units today I don’t have to buy it as kind of went out
because one of my boys showed up late so I’m like I’m gonna auctions there were
maybe four or five units that I thought you know had potential but they were all
going for what I call top dollar which means unless you get lucky and I’m
making any money so anyway like subscribe let me know if you like these
type of videos we’ll do more and actually we did several different
facilities today so as more videos coming but I’ll probably run this one


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