Could I Forgive You Who Abandoned Me? | The Guilty Secret | EP.12 [Final Episode] (Click EN CC)

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Could I Forgive You Who Abandoned Me? | The Guilty Secret | EP.12 [Final Episode] (Click EN CC)

So? What do you want to tell me? I never played with you. I truly believed
that we were friends. (There are no secrets
that have to be hidden.) There are no secrets
that have to be hidden. There are only secrets
that you want to hide. At times, such secrets hide the truth. What are you doing? Why don’t you saying anything? What? Are you doing this on purpose? Do you think this would make me
feel better? Then what should I say? You’re not the one
who bullied me back then. It’s not her. I was the one who told Ara to abandon you. Do you think
she would’ve left me alone if you didn’t say anything? What I’m upset about is that you didn’t tell me
you two were friends. And when I was struggling
after seeing Ara, you deceived me by pretending
like you didn’t know anything. I wanted to tell you. But what if I did? It was obvious
that you’d suffer even more. Was telling you
the right thing to do? Yes. If you truly considered me
as your friend, you should’ve told me. You got hurt
because of what I said. How could I say anything
to you again? Every time I saw you I felt guilty, sorry, and I was afraid of
getting caught. “I should tell her
when we become closer. Should I tell her today?
No, maybe next time.” I was in a dilemma all the time! Then why aren’t you
saying anything now? Why are you letting them
spread false rumors? That’s because… Did you think someone would try to hear you out
if you kept silent? Explain yourself to the others. Don’t make me
feel sorry for you. You should all stop.
It wasn’t her. Don’t blabber about things
that you’re not sure of. Are you okay? Yes. I feel relieved, but I don’t know
if I did the right thing. You did the right thing. What? You did well. Honestly speaking, I was so relieved! Did you see the other guys? Jisu, you were awesome
back there. I know. Were you always
so eloquent? Shall we go
to the store together? -It’s on Riho today.
-Why me? We’re all in a good mood.
Just do it. Let’s go. -I feel great.
-Me too. Jisu. Can we talk for a bit? What’s our next class? Should we just go to the store? Let’s go. Hey, Miji. You see… I’m sorry. What? Right. Wait for me. Actually, Miji had told me that she did you wrong. She said she wanted
to tell you first. I thought you should know. Jisu. I have something to tell you. When you told me
about your secret, I couldn’t bear
to see you again. I felt guilty and afraid. That’s why I quit the academy. Do you remember
what I said here once? That I’d tell you once I could. I’m sorry. I was too late. So? What do you want to tell me? I never played you. I truly believed
that we were friends. I still feel that way. I also considered you my friend. But now, I can’t ever be comfortable
around you anymore. Let’s not stay as friends. I just couldn’t smile and make up as if the pain I went through was nothing. Can we have something else?
Why is it tteokbokki every time? “Every time”?
We didn’t have it yesterday. I like tteokbokki. What’s wrong with you? But I didn’t want to steal all her friends. You don’t have to worry
about me. What? You don’t know what to do
with Miji, do you? You can do whatever you want. You don’t need to be
uncomfortable because of me. Really? Yes. You’re the best. Then today’s tteokbokki
is on me. You? Why suddenly? I feel great. It’s my treat. Just like how my friends comfort me… I hope she’ll be comforted and cheered up. I’m craving raw beef. -I should draw the head. Sorry.
-That wasn’t the head? That was the most I could do for her. At the age of 17, we had many secrets. We continue to waver, get lost, and make new secrets. It’s always about soccer.
Do you like it better than me? Don’t be like this just because
I like soccer. Then date soccer, not me. Why would you say that? I’m just sad and hurt. But now, (There are no secrets
that have to be hidden.) I’m no longer anxious about people finding out. (New post) (There are no secrets
that have to be hidden.) (There are no secrets
that have to be hidden.) (2019 Winter vacation ceremony) Everyone’s going there. -Hi.
-Hi. -What is it?
-It’s a gift. -Thanks.
-I’ll draw it better next time. This is excellent already. Let me see yours. What is that? Your journal? Yes. What about you? -Are you holding a mirror?
-Yes. -It’s totally you.
-Right? Is that you, Yoojae? Yes. Why did you draw Yoojae
so handsomely? He’s handsome, that’s why. -Yours looks nice too.
-Whose side are you on? -I’m on Yoojae’s.
-Gosh. Hi, Miji. Hi. Have a great winter break. Okay. You’ll become juniors soon,
so don’t slack off too much. Okay. You do know that next year is when you really need
to start studying, right? Come on. All right. That’ll be all. Goodbye. Let’s hurry. I’ll be turning 18 soon. I wonder what kinds
of new things will unfold before us. -Yoojae.
-What? I have something to give you. You do? What is it? What? What is it? Where’s my diary? Did you lose it? Did I leave it somewhere? Maybe you left it
at the library. You’re right. Wait right here.
I’ll be back soon. I left something behind. Here you go. Thanks. Have a good break. You too. Did you find it? Yes. I’m relieved. Do you write your secrets
in there? I don’t have any secrets
anymore. What did you want to give me? Here. I bought one for you as well. Thanks. If you’re thankful… What are you doing this weekend? I know one thing for sure. (Year 2020) (First day of junior year) I may be slightly nervous. But I’m no longer anxious or scared. It doesn’t matter what may happen. (The Guilty Secret) (Thank you for watching
The Guilty Secret.) (Credit cookie) It’s yours. There’s one more.


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