Columbia mayor: Resignation won’t solve race issues

Updated : Nov 06, 2019 in Articles

Columbia mayor: Resignation won’t solve race issues


  • It appears to me that this man was targeted simply because he is white. How is it that he was to prevent the incidents that occurred against the blacks on campus? Was he to be a mind reader and anticipate those events? It's obvious this man is deeply sorry for the things that occurred, BUT THE BLACKS OF THAT SCHOOL BULLIED HIM to resign RATHER THAN TALK INTELLIGENTLY AND WORK IT OUT! No, they did not feel they were being listened to enough so they RATHER THAN TRY TO COMMUNICATE they instead pull off these dispiciable stunts of hunger strikes and boycotts to force this man to resign. I find this distressing. If you want change then talk, but if all you can do is bully your way to getting what you want you WILL NEVER BE RESPECTED! He should not have resigned; he should have forced them to TALK INTELLIGENTLY about a resolution. Bullying is NOT ACCEPTABLE!

  • Excuse me Mr. Mayor, but protest is NOT uniquely American and it's a "right" up to a certain point. The way our law enforcement has dealt with peaceful protests in the past…I'd rather protest in a number of other countries before I'd do it hear in the US. Less chance of getting my head cracked in some of the more advanced countries, where by the way, social protest is pretty normal. I realize my comment is a bit off base if you will for this video and I'm focusing on this point since I think it's a great demonstration of our (American) retardation towards how great and unique "we" are. We are unique in many way, like locking people up at the fastest rate on the planet, worst education out of all the leading industrialized countries, crappy health care if you're poor, crumbling infrastructure, horrific record with our domestic policies…yep we're unique in many ways and PROTESTING is not one of them…damn man, WTF is wrong with some of us? And I think the Mayor showed class and guts in addressing some tough issues, issues that many "establishment candidates" in this current election are terrified of šŸ˜‰

  • To address the softball dog whistle question that was tossed by the CNN "VJ of news", well it starts the conversation.

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