CNN: Porter In ‘Serious Talks’ About WH Promotion Before He Resigned

Updated : Sep 12, 2019 in Articles

CNN: Porter In ‘Serious Talks’ About WH Promotion Before He Resigned

some of that, but it was so interesting to hear senator king reemphasiing that. I do want to go to Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn, you talked to your sources about the rob porter allegation. What was going on at the time the scandal of his ex-wives broke? Tell us what you learned.>>Reporter: This comes out of a shift of the narrative coming from the white house about who knew what when about rob porter when these allegations of abuse first surfaced and he abruptly resigned last week. We’re learning not only did he take an important role in the white house, not only that, rob porter was in serious discussions to be promoted when he abruptly resigned last week from the white house. Now, he was the staff secretary, a very crucial role in this white house because he handled all the paper flow that came to the president’s desk, executive orders and whatnot. But not only that, he was being considered for several other positions, elevated policy roles across the nation, as well as the deputy chief of staff role, a position that the person who had been serving in that role for less than three months stepped down last week, as CNN reported. We now learned that not only that, rob porter was considered being elevated, considered being promoted in this west wing which just shows these white house officials who were aware of the allegations against porter were able to overlook these potential indications of trouble in his past they had been alerted to by the FBI in order to have someone who is seen as a professional,


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