Christmas Gifts That Are Low Budget & High Impact – My Daughter’s Special Gift To Me – With Love !!!

Updated : Dec 31, 2019 in Articles

Christmas Gifts That Are Low Budget & High Impact – My Daughter’s Special Gift To Me – With Love !!!

Well hello it’s Mark Albert and Merry
Christmas. Today it’s December 25th and we’re celebrating Christmas with the
Albert family and I just wanted to give you a brief, umm, share something with
you about my daughter, who she’s giving me permission to share,
she gave gifts to all of us here that were low cost low budget but very high
impact. So she’s a very caring person, she cares deeply about people. I’ve been
on a diet for the last year and so there’s things that I can’t eat so she
did a lot of research to see what I could eat and she put she gave a bunch of
cookies and it came in a basket like this individually wrapped.
We got coconut balls. We got chocolate chip cookies. We got snickerdoodles have
cinnamon in it and other things just phenomenal very caring. And one thing
she got for my wife there’s some chocolate cookies with raspberries on
top incredible. But the key point here is sometimes people spend all kinds
of money on Christmas and may not have the impact that they would want but with
my daughter she didn’t spend a lot on the gift she gave me but the impact went
through the roof and I just want to share that with you so that next year
when you do Christmas shopping being creative
might be one way to keep the cost down and have a very high impact in terms of
the meaning it gives to the person you give the gift to. Listen I trust you guys
will have a great Christmas season and much success to you as you move into the
new year. Thanks for listening and being part of my youtube channel. Have a great
day, take care


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