Checking employment income

Updated : Nov 20, 2019 in Articles

Checking employment income

Checking employment income. We regularly check and review information you tell us about your employment income to make sure we pay you the correct amount. To do this we use information from other agencies including the Australian Tax Office. We’ll send you a letter and ask you to review, update or confirm your employment income online. This isn’t a debt letter but we do need you to check your details and it’s important you respond. If you don’t respond we’ll apply the employment dates and income information from the Australian Tax Office to your record. We’ll also send you reminder letters if you haven’t logged in to review your information. You can ask for help offer an extension at any time. This is an important process so we’ll send letters to your myGov inbox or by registered post to make sure these letters reach you. You can check your employment income details online with your Centrelink online account or you can follow the logon details provided in your letter. You’ll need your customer reference number and the confirmation code. You can find both of these in your letter. You’ll also need your current Medicare card your current Australian driver’s license or current Australian passport and your email address or mobile phone number. At any stage you can ask us for help. Call us if you have problems logging in, you lose your letter or if you don’t understand what you need to do. We have a dedicated phone number and staff who can help you. When you check your details there are a few things to remember, check the name of your employer. Sometimes your employer may use a different name such as a trading name. We have a drop-down menu to help you find your employer. If you don’t recognize the employer name call us for help. You need to check the dates you’ve worked for them. The dates you work affect the way we calculate your payment. It’s a good idea to check your dates carefully. We’ll use the dates your employer gave to the tax office unless you update them. Check your income carefully. You need to enter your income for each fortnight. Remember your income may vary each fortnight. You can find income details on pay slips or bank statements. Most banks have account information online. You can enter your net pay amount straight in from your bank statements. You can call us for help if you have problems getting these documents. If you can’t complete the process in one go you can save and come back at any time. You have 28 days from when you get your letter to review and update your details. If you need more time you can ask for an extension. We will give you two extensions of 14 days each and you can call us if you need a third. You can ask for an extension online or by calling us on our dedicated phone number.If you don’t review, update or confirm your details by the due date we will send you reminder letters and try to call you. If you still don’t respond we’ll apply the employment dates and income information from the tax office to your record. This may result in a debt you need to repay. Go to our website for more information on our compliance program. We can help you review and update your details online. Call our dedicated phone number

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