Careful With YouInvest Trading Platform (JP Morgan Chase) – Fee’s!

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Careful With YouInvest Trading Platform (JP Morgan Chase) – Fee’s!

hello everyone and thanks for tuning
into the financial ambassador Channel my name is Brent and today we’re going to
be covering you invest by JP Morgan Chase this is a broker here that came
out late 2019 I seen a lot of investors jumping onto this platform to try it out
I haven’t yet made a video on this broker but I’ve went ahead and started
it up today because I had some news come out to me from an ambassador who had
flipped over to this broker who had been charged some heavy fees so with that
information I figured I would share this with my viewers subscribers out there
and keep you guys in the know how so if you are brand new to the channel a
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and let’s go ahead and get started so you and vest came out late 2008 team
it was across all the Facebook forums I saw a couple investors on YouTube
discussing it as the possible Robin Hood killer there’s a lot of brokers out
there that offer free trades there’s Robin Hood there’s Weeble there’s M one
finance there’s motive investing and there’s you invest there’s first trade
that’s six of them right now right there now very few of them allow you to and
thus for free and half fractional shares and retirement accounts the only two
that I know of are M one finance and you invest so a lot of investors are kind of
tossing up between M 1 finance and you invest you invest you can do limit buys
you can do limit sells you can do fractional shares you can open up
retirement accounts and standard individual accounts so you have all that
there now on M 1 finance you have all that but you don’t have your set limit
buys you don’t have your set limit sells that you invest has and you also can’t
time your buys and sells it’s at a specific time so a lot of investors are
kind of jumping over to you invest so really try it out and give it a go now
when you add says here their website it allows you
know the main thing here as says in big bold letters that you can invest for
free a hundred plus Commission free online stock in ETF trades with a zero
dollar minimum to start and then after your 100 plus Commission free online
stock in ETF trades its then just two ninety-five per trade thereafter so it
was pretty good right there Begg bold letters letting you know
exactly what they had to offer you could buy stocks and ETFs a hundred
times and had no minimum to start now as you kind of glided through the page a
very good looking page here very bold letters I like the way that
they kind of organized everything easy Samarra added value to you two ways to
invest you know you can open up your own standard broker account your taxable
account or you could open a retirement account so pretty easy not a whole lot
of text here so I think it was really good
bringing investors in to begin using the platform now as you kind of went through
all these different tabs here the main thing here that they pushed was that you
could invest for free again hundred free stock trades ETF zero men so it was
repeated here it’s repeated just about on every single page now here they allow
you to buy fractional shares you can see stock ticker symbol the company name the
expense ratio the looks like the size there and the rating of the stock so I
haven’t used the platform myself so I can’t you know I can’t bring it up and
just kind of load it up if you open up a broker account and then you ask them to
close that there are a fees associated with that so I did not want to have that
done so here as you kind of glide down on the you end the trade you’re able to
open up three different types of accounts you have your standard
brokerage accounts for an individual or a joint taxable brokerage this is just
your standard one where you can buy sell securities and at the very end of the
year you had paid taxes on your gains on your dividends and you can take your tax
harvest on your losses you have your traditional IRA and Roth IRA so this is
your retirement accounts here where you could defer your income or you know
after tax dollars go and then you’ll want to have to pay taxes on it and tell
fifteen and a half it would be completely tax-free so it
offered everything here that m1 finance offered so again 100 plus 100 Commission
free online trades kind of repeated over and over that you can invest the stocks
exchange-traded funds fixed incomes and mutual funds now one thing that I
suppose industrial didn’t see while looking through all these tabs was the
you know the fees here associated so if you flip over to their pricing and kind
of glide through here they have three different kinds of relationships with
them you have your standard pricing where you have your your baseline
hundred Commission free stock and ETF trades for your first year and then
after that you just pay two maybe five there after you have your relationship
pricing where if you’re a chase premiere plus client you get that 100 plus you
would get that 100 Commission free stock trades and ETF trades per year
repeatable year after year after year and then if you were and above that a
chase private client sapphire banking you know see morgan securities client
then you would get premier pricing you all your stock trades would be
completely free regardless if it’s a hundred two hundred three hundred within
the same year and then here as you kind of move down lower your they would
compare themselves with the main brokerage accounts charles schwab
fidelity TD Ameritrade vanguard so they already compared themselves to the big
names here so you invest here compared with the big names not those not the
smaller brokerage account such as you know m1 finance motive invest in robin
hood and so on so they offered 295 new US stock and etf commission stock trades
after your hundred it required nothing minimum to start and was completely free
of their to open your account they offered annual unlimited commission
free US stock in etf trades there and you had access at over five thousand
locations so it was looking very positive here for this broker now if you
headed over to their faq information and you know this is something I had done
prior to you know I looked at them quite a while ago and kind of compare them to
m1 finance now if you have any questions on your equities and such you may have
kind of dough through here you can learn all about you know your fees and trades
now what the thing here I want to share with you guys is if you head over here
to their fees and commissions schedule the main items here up on top were their
main US stock and exchange-traded funds so this is just normal to 95 per trade
$25 with representative mutual funds had no transaction fee $20 with a
representative and then your fixed income was $1.00 per bond $10 minimum
$250 maximum and just you’d pay with the bond there was actually worth and then
the $20 per transaction service on top if it was up with a representative now
if unless you glide it down here you know most people i looked at this i
looked at the account transfer termination fee so if you start an
account over on you invest you don’t actually want to use the platform and
you terminate your account there is a $75 a fee there associated with I
believe terminating the account and that if you do transfer that standard
transferring out of any account brokerage they’re gonna have some sort
of a fee so they have a $75 brokerage account transfer fee in an IRA and Roth
IRAs EPS here now the main thing here that the the you know the investor here
that shared their information here on Facebook was that underneath alternative
investment fees there’s an administration fee here of two hundred
and fifty dollars per investment here so if you have eight MLP which I had I had
Blackstone Group ticker symbol BX within my Roth IRA over on m1 finance I would
have been charged two hundred and fifty dollars per investment per year
now there’s also if you have private equity funds if you have hedge funds if
you have a REIT a real estate investment trust etc so they have this fee in here
that includes an LPS limited partnerships they have you know private
equity funds hedge funds REITs etc they don’t really classify any additional
stuff and they’re just kind of throw it in there as in etc so what
happened was that this individual this investor shared that they were charged
two hundred and fifty dollars per wreath that they had in their portfolio and
their Roth IRA I mean that is the best place to hold real estate investment
trusts because you’re paid out this very nice payout and then it’s completely
tax-free sitting in your Roth IRA building up until 50 and a half and then
at that point it becomes tax-free well you invest actually charges you to hold
REITs inside of your brokerage account here they charge you an administration
fee of two hundred and fifty dollars per investment per year so he was hit up
with some fees he reached out to you invest they said that normally some
reached are covered but they didn’t supply a list of which REITs were
covered which REITs were not covered and he was hit with multiple two hundred and
fifty dollar investment fees there so that is the main gist of you know the
information here that I wanted to cover I did post it over here on my Facebook
page here that if you invest over with you invest and you hold any wreaths or
MLPs an ambassador has shared that they were charged over two hundred and fifty
dollars because they held an MLP wreath within their account so here I went
ahead and linked all the information along with the the you know the
information or where this goes the administrative investment fees that kind
of posted this hit right here in the fine print of water it includes and that
there’s an admission an administration fee of two hundred and fifty dollars so
that is you invest for you so if you’re looking to start a broker and you want
to hold real estate investment trust M Opie’s within your IRA Roth IRA just
your regular brokerage account you invest may not be the platform for you
this is why I have stuck with M one finance you know I asked them in the
past and they’ve always been sort of helpful but not as feel for M one this
is all discussing here at you invest and we went over the price and we went over
their fees and side of their actual information pamphlet there so that is it
do you guys use you investor do you guys use
some other broker let me know in the comment section below I always
appreciate all your guys’s comments regardless if it’s over this video or
just anything in general stock market related real estate personal finance let
me know and of course if this video did help you out you did enjoy it hit that
thumbs up button below share with your friends if they’re using you and best
that way they can be safe not holding REITs MLPs within their portfolios and
of course if you are brand new to the channel a sub and not subscribe hit that
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next time see you later bye


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  • LOL! I own like 30 REITS. So that would only be $7,500 a year for me. Considering my entire value of the portfolio isn't that high, that sounds reasonable! 😂 They act like they have to do extra administration for these investments, which they do not. Typical big bank. That's why I avoid them and love my credit union and M1 Finance.

  • I currently have the majority of y investments in Chase. After watching this video, I reached out to ask about this fee and this is the response I got.

    "Thank you for contacting us about your investment account
    ending in xxxx.

    You cannot buy or hold alternative investments in a YouInvest account, so the fee should never apply. None of your current investments are subject this fee.

    This fee is included as it affected a small portion of
    accounts that were moved over per the Department of Labor Fiduciary Ruling a few years ago."

    I hold BX, O, LTC, GAIN, LAND, MAIN, WPC, and APLE. Based on what I understand of their reply, the majority of investors will not be affected by this fee.

  • Can you do a comparison between Chase YouInvest Portfolio vs Schwab Intelligent Portfolio vs Betterment. Which would robo advisor do you recommend? Schwab recently announced zero trade commissions.

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