BOUGHT $475 ABANDONED STORAGE! FOUND NIKE COLLECTION! I bought an abandoned storage unit

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BOUGHT $475 ABANDONED STORAGE! FOUND NIKE COLLECTION! I bought an abandoned storage unit

ladies and gentlemen boys and girls of
all ages we are here at another storage unit right now
yes I’ve been busy as heck because I have to process sort get ready for this
$7000 unit that I bought that I’m giving to Grimes fines to sell for me as
auction house in Texas I’m still out buying units because I’m on a roll right
now I’m addicted and I bought this one right here for four hundred and
seventy-five dollars very simple very clean let’s just get right to it not
super big weather for 75 or 450 I forget somewhere around there there’s one
simple reason I bought it one simple reason I was gonna buy it no matter what
saw this mirrored piece of furniture right here very dear friend of mine she
loves this type of furniture asked me if I ever found some so I was like I saw it
I had to get the unit don’t know what’s in here after I bought it the point of
people been against me my arch-nemesis and dear friend cowboy storage cowboy
don’t forget to Like share and subscribe button on his channel he will be putting
out lots of videos by some of the best units tells me oh that’s a nice sofa
right there it might do it a little bit of money it’s looks very modern Danish
modern not wanna dance but anyway let’s get right to it let’s get going on this
unit right off the bat you see a zipper bag ice chest rhino tech not bad Titan
$32.99 for an ice chest we already know quality
look at this thing sleeps 12 I might have to keep that tent I don’t know when
I’m going camping but I feel like that’s a tent to keep us see if it’s all in
there every night I think it is all in there and it sleeps 12 we might have to
keep this tent for ourselves empty suitcase mmm-hmm-hmm Balmain paris that right
there makes me like a little more interest because the one thing i liked
about this unit is the only minute to had sealed boxes looking in it
now how many boxes but it don’t take much to be treasure gold silver and gems
so kind of cool I like this you see oh yeah don’t have the comfy in them that’s
probably 40 bucks maybe $45 in my flea market world but if I had a place they’d
have bar and I keep those right now okay so one name is synonymous that the right
word synonymous with money is a pink pink is a very good brand we all know I
love pink backpack empty box you got to be kidding me
you got to be kidding me Burberry for her berry jacket for a child come on
that’s flossing right there cousin you got to be kidding me hmm it kind of
doesn’t look real I don’t know Gucci made in Italy size 5 man I want the I
need a parent like this legit his shower curtains rugs and
that’s that okay so now after studying first bit of quois I’ve gotten a ditch
and now I’m gonna see what else is hidden in the clothes adidas sweats oh
we need a box we don’t have a box we’re just gonna start throwing stuff on the
ground there it’s not that special I might keep that one that’s pretty nice
alright I’m liking this engaging those are pretty cool I think my daughter
would like though if they were stringing him yep
Michaela wears lots of best she’s gonna be going through all this tomorrow I can
already promised that Levi’s nope Levi’s and returns happy face will look at that
here in a minute we got here we got hats Raiders Yankees well it’s actually
please Phillies Raiders will save no missing
shots maybe Jebus the republic of market will give that one to Uncle Michael I’d almost wear that one sorry Raiders for the basketball shorts
from the player who step 3 nice brand new clothes Polo Ralph Lauren Tommy hilfinger very very McHale is
going to take that shirt I’m going to tell you guys she’s going to take that
shirt okay I’m just gonna go through a quick close box instead Here I am
knee-deep nice it’s a few dollars yeah just lots of clothes I’ll probably
end up keeping okay look at every brain in polo good good brand Nike very good
brand good sweater few bucks brand-new jeans no yep ready to leave ice I like
who Brandon Levi’s nice size forty but still a good Levi’s brand new Levi’s
nice we got all just sorts of Levi’s holy Wow nope those who leave ice you
whole pile of just good Levi’s to sell the red Levi’s these are special ones
they got the holes already in them we’re making a mess I don’t have no camera
woman today shared this all princess she’s off whoo that’s dibs right there
I’m dibs on the making shirt right there nope stained No I don’t know what that is but it seems
like might be told a public market raining Ralph Lauren when I knew I loved
bringing forward hustler steak you know that’s go :
it’s a cheaper television that’s about my was hoping at least to be a UH a nice
brand TVs are not easy to sell right now because Walmart has them so inexpensive
nice spinning overnight bag let’s go wrap clip on water wash it a little bit
true religion haha McKay that’s what you get when you don’t come to work you miss
out on the cool things and Dad take so much dibs
Westinghouse sadly accent hood a cheap TV I was hoping that was something cool
you know Samsung etc etc that’s a hundred not a $300 sale now maybe a
hundred good decent mattress got another good decent mattress here it’s 15 bucks
probably tomorrow that one box spring the intrigue in this units going to
exist in one two three four five six seven boxes and whatever this couch may
turn out to be this is a pretty nice karaoke machine
singing machine is m102 oh btw almost like keeping it nd a home would have been nice whatever
that was Gucci oh I love Gucci not really too worried about definitely like
it when I’m trying to find stuff to buy and sell Oh who Tom Ford I don’t rob
them all the IROC Tom Ford there we go Oh
Gucci again please what is that for Gucci bag Gucci bag ah it’s a nice end
table coffee table it’s made of some type of pop metal nice that might
actually be a 40 or $50 table that I think I think is reproduction I’d pay
one import issues Jimmy Choo nice I think that’s expensive I don’t
know but I’m pretty sure that is expensive like high-end expensive forever 21 no forever not expensive what
do we got here huh whatever what’s in there’s not in there that boy would have
been a nice dress some form what where are we wearing this wing Alexander Wang
H and M one that’s probably freaking expensive a little ridiculous but Wow do
you know Massimo knew so a woman that was a kind of expensive
brand we had Zara recently we had Zara saw a jacket BCBG Maxim re I don’t know
about that yes we do yes we do oh sweet sweet one two three four six chances to find
some Louis Vuitton owners and Gucci errs and Tom or I have no idea about this sofa but it
does as you can see it’s a little staying there and stuff I mean it’s a
sofa it could be clean and such but this
potentially is a very pricey so if you saw the way they took care of that thing
Wow let’s look on the bottom real quick mmm Sammy’s bed set
Noguchi in there nice few doors you know I mean it’s like a little ei $10 bottles
the ba ba box that’s a very clean life I appreciate that about that yeah some
ninja nope French playing Farber where $20 box actually I go out on a limb
today that’s a good start let’s ladies all out and inspect him one
day time find Tom Ford and Gucci but one of the next best things is a Nike
collection size 13 Nike Air Max M 90s Air Jordan retros of some form I like
the colors I would Oh or dropping shoes I like those though I would wear those
if they were my size these I could see Uncle Michael rockin they probably are
his size as well as those right though it’s so rock those shoes because I like
those colors tiffany bluish almost a little bit of white and grey got the
white air maxes and some shell toes some air Mac shell toe looking shoes all size
13 I must speculate if I to say 5050 5050
250 easy $250 there if not more all in all this is a pretty good storage unit
for 454 simply I’m not sure how much many of them we got all sorts of regular
dangler beds TVs miscellaneous kitchen stuff got some high-dollar clothes set
aside for the Internet and people any who need clothes I decided I’m keeping
this bed frame here like I like that I don’t know why would that be a dope bed
frame in my future bedroom I’ve been a starting to accumulate new life kind of
like cutting let go to the left I had a tooth always start fresh so I let go of
everything I had and I’m starting fresh so I’m piecing together things I want
for there’s the next life I feel like I’m gonna live there a little bit of
money there nice belt for eBay some hats chairs a little bit of money adds up
this one’s already been called dibs to my friend as well as I don’t know she’s
gonna like this but if she does it’s her if she doesn’t I sell it got a dresser
30 40 bucks couple hundred and shoes yeah this is definitely a money maker
and you’re gonna see this couch right here is either either it’s either 100 or
it’s 2,000 I have no idea though I’ll put a picture of the tag I saw on the
bottom I don’t see a name other than that with that being said I got to hurry
up and get this load I started to get back and finish unboxing the $7000 you
know got Grimes coming soon if you don’t know that already you probably do I
don’t know when this video comes out but don’t forget the like button share
button and subscribe and check out the whole playlist on the $7000 unit best
storage and everybody’s ever bought


  • Gucci jacket you can get $500 too $600 on let go or offer up. Ebay will RIP you off with there fees and PayPal. Flee market is good if there are people who are walking around with loads of cash on them.

  • the metal art in the one box at the beginning of the video, it appears to pom pom's designed by Curtis Jere. Good Money

  • Nice tent and I also would have kept it much love to you πŸ’œπŸ’šβ€οΈπŸ’›β™₯οΈπŸ’™

  • Be careful of dust bags, they can be fake and lead u to believe the item associated is real. It happened to me the other day with a Louis Vuitton. I knew it was fake because the bag wasn’t right. I had just watched a YouTube that talked about fake dust bags, thank goodness πŸ™„

  • That was a very nice storage unit. I liked the Gucci coat size 5. Jebus is leaving Friday for the Bay Area you should try to hire mama Jebus to be your EBay helper. She might accept since she will be starting a new life in California.

  • I do so appreciate your experience and talent for this lifestyle/business! Thank you for making the effort to slow down just enough to better share it with us. Enjoyed it . Best good wishes for success in the Pirate Booty auction. . 1Corinthians 2:15

  • One of the most admirable things about you, is your beautiful, caring and generous heart. Every single video, you are ALWAYS thinking about other people and it makes my heart hurt with happiness from your amazingly unnoticed very kind gesture. I know that you don't realize it because it's your norm. I'm just so in awe over your instant inclination to automatically help regardless of circumstance. You are truly one of a kind Pirate and I hope and pray that all of your dreams come true. Back to my initial thought on this video! You open boxes, see an item and AUTOMATICALLY have a family member or friend in mind for that item! I already know payment is not a option either! You are a friend like I am. You love with your whole heart and try to make others better even if our own lives suck! You are just amazing PIRATE! I just don't think you realize it or get told that enough! God bless you! Keep up that hard work and allow the Lord's blessings to continue to not only fill your wallet but also that very sweet heart of yours! ❀️❀️❀️

  • Start stashing some unique furniture for your new home. Those bar stools are pretty cool, and that bedroom set is awesome!

  • Good video . Love the bed . And good luck with shoes . πŸ–’β£β£β£# reStoragetheLove. Best wishes to u and the kids.

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  • My uncle has a set of barstools like that and his eyes are designer and they're 250 a chair if that belt real it's anywheres from 175 to 200

  • What an awesome unit…nice treasures for sure. Tent sleeps 12…that's a party tent . Love the weed leaf hat. You are killing it on these units. Much love Mike..

  • nice unit. so proud of this buy. keep thinking smart and doing what your doing. those shoes could probably sell more on ebay. dont sell yourself short those look like they are in immaculate condition.

  • Nice clothes.. Helpful hint peroxide will take out blood and other stains on most materials. and also toothpaste put it on the area stain and rub it in . boom gone haha

  • Starting fresh always feels great! And it's a good reminder that you own things – things do not own you. πŸ™‚

  • Nice locker! Congrats!! Love the bed. Hope the womens clothes are more than you think they are. If they are not fake…what a pretty penny they will bring.

  • I love your thinking. Starting over myself. 7 years ago I left everything behind and moved 1200 miles away from all my family and friends to save my life. I hopped on the bus with one suitcase filled mostly with winter items ( being a larger woman winter clothes and boots pretty much filled the suitcase). I have to replace an entire household and that is just the basics. You don’t even realize how much you have or need until you have to replace it all. I think you know but I will tell you again, I admire you and your moral values!!!!! Never stop reaching for your dreams and being TRUE TO YOURSELF!!!!

  • WOW Michael keep touching these units with you Unicorn Magic❀️ They are All Amazing & You’ve been Scoring A lot of Beautiful Items❀️ The American girls clothing is expensive & resells for a lot, also those purse dust cover ladies will buy those for there purses. Michael the bathroom rugs were in the box I would keep them for your new place those are not cheap & are comfy on the feet. Lay may I ask please the Nike Slides what size are they & how much are you asking with shipping please? Thank ya❀️

  • I.just love your show and upbeat personality! Forget which YouTuber recommended you. Great locker! That American girl should bring you $$$

  • That box of clothes and coats would pay for the unit as resale items on EBay. Remember your purpose for the 7K unit…. Ignore the nasty ones. Let most profits go toward your purpose. I can't begin to tell you the times I heard "Sticks and Stones…." as a child.

  • Very nice name brand items so should net you some good money. Majority of the items aren't flea market things which is awesome. Great locker

  • Well that was a nice one! You certainly are on a roll lately! Love it for you! Praying for continued blessings for you always! Much love to you & yours!πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

  • Ok…. I see you talking about and giving items away. Keep for your future home BUT stay true to your goal as you will have time after home purchase to give to family and friends. Focus. Go without now to have and spend in the not so distant future… Last lecture, I promise. Now it is all up to you. Be strong young man.

  • There is so much more profit to be made with longer term EBay sales. Lots of that stuff should make more money on Facebook Market, rather than flea market prices. I am glad you are planning ahead for your newer, fresh life ahead. Have fun in Texas.’s so hot and humid there, you won’t miss your hair.❀️

  • God bless you and your family always and another great video and great stuff in this unit keep sending those great videos and I send you lots of blessings to you and your love ones πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • Mike,you had an easy $400 in shirts and jeans…easy to list,easy to ship for free…I could make a good living on the clothes you give away at the flea market…

  • For well known/high end brand clothes, do you sell those online like ebay? Or do you use something else like poshmark?

  • Those futuristic bar stools are so unique. You really should keep them for your new house. Those aren’t cheapies.

  • Wow love the bed and great little clean locker. Your so sweet thinking of so many people that you were giving some of the stuff too. ❀️

  • 12:06 was a wetsuit, for diving and snorkeling. The Jimmy Choo dress may have been 100% silk, at least it looked like it.

  • I always respect your hustle Mike, love your philosophy, I'm start incorporating your philosophy into my life as well. God bless you & keep hustling brother.

  • Hey Storage Auction Pirate love your videos. Please pray for us here in Florida and if you can please start a donation for all victims of Hurricane Dorian this week coming up. Thanks for all you do.

  • I love you and your attitude…..and your not bad on the eyes either…..but I’m older and married 39 yrs… very handsome.

  • Let me know if you find any Louis Vuitton. Or Burberry. Learn how to pronounce these high end brands so you don't appear ignorant. They are pronounced, louey Vuitton and Bur-bur-ee. Not berry like a fruit. I have worked in high end stores and generally its the people who can't afford to shop here are the ones who mispronounce the brands.

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