Blake Griffin Announces His Retirement

Updated : Sep 05, 2019 in Articles

Blake Griffin Announces His Retirement

– Welcome back to Sports
Show, I’m Kenny Mayne. We’re gonna take you live to a previously unscheduled
press conference where Pistons forward Blake
Griffin is addressing the media. Nobody’s quite sure what this regards, but I’ve a pretty solid guess. – I’d like to formally announce my retirement from the world of comedy. – Okay, I was– –I wasn’t even close. – Ultimately, I really wanted to spend more time focusing on
what was important to me, the career that I should be
really paying attention to. – Blake, don’t say music, don’t do it. – My music.
– Seriously? – To clarify, I will
continue to play basketball, otherwise the basketball
people will stop paying me. No more questions. – So, you’ve just watched breaking news out of what was
– See? I’m serious. clearly a storage unit. Blake Griffin’s still
playing basketball, I guess, but, also claims to carry a tune. This is really stupid. – I can’t get out of my-
– Fuck off, Blake Griffin. (letters impacting) – [Reporter] Keegan, so what do you think about the fact that
Blake’s done with comedy? – Yeah, I don’t really follow his career. – [Reporter] Derek, what do you think about Blake leaving comedy? – What’s he goin’ do? – [Reporter] He’s going into music. (Derek chuckling)
He’s actually said he was gonna go into music too, what do you think about that? – Oh see, now it’s time for me to go. – [Reporter] Why is it time for you to go? You don’t think he could sing? – Nah, I don’t want to hear him sing. – [Reporter] Would you
have any advice for him? If you had to give him any
advice on his music career, what would that be?
– I guess make it quick. Do us all a favor. – Tryna do?
– Well first he did comedy, but then he said
– I heard somethin about that. – What’d you hear?
– That he wasn’t funny. – There’s, like, so many
day-jobs you could have, like so many that you could get. I mean, gardening, the service industry. – The only future he
had was in basketball, buy hey, give it a try. – [Reporter] You think he’ll be going to hip hop, country, some other shit? What genre do you wanna hear from him? – It’s a new genre called silence. – Um, Blake Griffin,
advice for you, just don’t. – Thank you.
– Is that the door? Pardon me, oh that’s a door.
(onlookers laughing) (letters impacting) (gentle piano music)


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