Beauty In Decay: Found GIANT Abandoned Factory With Computers Left Behind – Urbex Lost Places Italy

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Beauty In Decay: Found GIANT Abandoned Factory With Computers Left Behind – Urbex Lost Places Italy

Previously on Broken Window Theory: In July we spent ten days in Italy to explore the most beautiful abandoned buildings of the country. We started at an old military base from the times of the Cold War. Here we met our crew for the road trip: Together with The Proper People and the Italian photographer tobi_urbex we spent the first night in this building complex. After the breakfast we drove down to the valley where we had discovered this impressive dead mine. But this was only the beginning of our most memorable urbex adventure to date! It’s still day one of our urbex road trip in Italy. And we have nearly reached the third and final abandoned place for today. It’s already evening. But luckily, the summer days in Italy are wonderfully long and bright. So we have some hours left to explore this next place during daylight. And we will definitely need this time. Because a big factory is awaiting us. No, “big” is an understatement. It’s massive! Actually it’s one of the most tremendous abandoned sites we have visited so far. By now the vast building complex has become the home of several illegal refugees. We are not sure if we should enter the halls at all. After all we have a lot of expensive equipment with us. Actually, we feel quite uneasy at this point. But as adventurers every new exploration is a leap in the dark. So, here we go again. The factory consists of several seemingly endless halls. Apparently, we are lucky. We don’t see any other people in here. Expectedly, they won’t come back until it is getting dark. So we have the property to ourselves for at least a few more hours. Today, all the halls are mostly emptied out and it’s hard to see what was produced here back then when the place was still active. But our research revealed that this used to be a cotton spinning mill. In the past all these halls probably looked like this. Packed up to the roof with big machines! This photo was taken in another cotton mill but it was part of the same company as this one. Several centuries ago a lot of these sites were built by one single family that used to be the biggest domestic cotton producers for some time. Today there isn’t much left of this empire. Nowadays you can find plenty of giant abandoned factories all over Italy which are the last remains of the former major corporation. Even though the spacious factory halls are very impressive they weren’t the reason why we came here in the first place. On our journey through abandoned Italy we are searching for the most beautiful natural decay. And according to rumors we should make such a find in the old office tower at the edge of the compound. We are wishing for some real urbex highlights right now. Obviously, the roof of the multistory building is leaking. Nearly everywhere it’s dripping from the ceiling. The condition of the building stock has become that bad that the water is soaking through every single floor – from the top to the bottom of the tower. But this is actually accelerating the decay we’re looking for. On the contrary to the factory halls apparently everything was left behind here. Hundreds – from today’s view – ancient computers are rotting away in the offices. Even older devices can be found here. If you want to see more of those photos make sure to visit tobi_urbex on Instagram. He was our guide on the road trip through Northern Italy and you can find photos of the most amazing Italian abandonments on his page. It seems like people left this place in a hurry. But according to our sources the factory was shut down by the government. The reason: This place was responsible for a massive environmental pollution. We will go into detail in just a bit. But at first let’s look around the administration building a little longer. Next to computers and documents there are also some samples left behind. Especially printed fabric was produced here in the past. As mentioned earlier this multiple hectare big compound was part of a nationwide operating family enterprise. In the 19th century production started in the first factory. The company could expand really quickly and in its heyday the business had a significant impact on the economic growth of the country. On world exhibitions the enterprise proudly presented its fabrics. But due to the high costs of all the branches and a huge drop in sales the permanent closure of all the facilities was inevitable in the early 2000s. In the end the company became bankrupt. But at that point this particular factory has already been decommissioned for years. Some years ago it was already discussed how to proceed with this abandoned factory in the future. A part of the building complex was supposed to be retained. But in a citizens’ forum people decided to transform the site to a pleasure ground. A big pond should also become part of the public garden. But apparently this is more difficult than expected. Due to dangerous waste the ground water is contaminated which is the reason why the site was shut down in the first place. To be able to start the soil cleaning the former thermal power plant was knocked down recently. But since a lot of asbestos was used during the construction of all the buildings, the demolition is a new risk to the environment now. So the recovery measures have been rather sluggish. But in a few years this whole place is going to become the green haven the citizens are wishing for. But let’s be honest: From the outside it might not look like it but from the inside it’s a green haven already. At least for urban explorers like us. Next time on Broken Window Theory: On day two of our road trip we reached this enormous compound. It’s not totally abandoned, so we had to sneak over the property really carefully. This is one of the many abandoned asylums of Italy. At first we wanted to skip this place. But during our exploration we were overwhelmed by the numerous magnificent abandoned houses we could find. Over the past weeks and months we gathered a lot of new followers on all of our platforms. Thank you guys so much for joining our adventures! We have big plans for the future. But in order to execute them we need your help! Feel free to check out our page on Patreon to learn more about us and our project BWT.


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