Barack Obama’s entire U.N. speech


  • My god, I feel completely embarrassed by his speech ( as an american). His speech sounded more like excuses for what they had done in the world. I also suspect that he had a few days to prepare for the speech, which makes me think that he really does nothing in the officer but prepares speeches. just a big blah blah speech about nothing

  • Yeah…just put a Saudi in charge of the Human Rights Commission, for sure beheading will scare of the violators big time 🙂 UN = NWO !

  • These people are behind the creation of isis. They tried to get boots on the ground in Syria with the whole gassing trick, but it didn't work, so they released the hounds. They must topple the countries that aren't playing ball with the west. It's the only way to create their new world order. Iran has been on the agenda to take down for a long time as well, let's hope they bow down to the west, otherwise this will end in a major war. Nothing but lies from this man, he is a sale out to humanity. He's just an actor and he's great at it.

  • Well Mr. president you've made clear that you're planing to send thousands of American boys to die for an Israeli cause, and If you don't care about your own, I don't know if I should mention those thousands of brave Syrian men who defend their country from Islamist terrorists, whom you've supported, both financially and politically. .

  • Over 6,000 drone strikes with no oversight. Who is the real terrorist Saddam Hussein Obama? Who created this vacuum the great divider. I am ashamed to be an American under this tyrant. How many people have you killed Obama with a war you declared without congress? Obama needs more credit cards he can MAX out and leave our country a 3rd world nation run by foreign corporations and wall street.

  • Trillions of dollars of debt for what? This proves more money more problems. Saudi Arabia and Israel are the real puppet masters of the middle east. America is not a mercenary force that can be bought by foreign interests stop selling out our country Mr. President

  • Is he the first peace prize winner to appoint himself the power to indiscriminately murder anyone on the planet ?

    Certainly not the first politician to do the exact opposite of what he said he would do.
    Why would anyone believe anything this puppet has to say ?

  • Great orator? Sounds like a computer generated voice only with less natural passion or fluency. This man is a vacant headed puppet who was supposed to mimic a great leader to deceive the masses with superficial change but the experiment didn't work and now this ridiculous figure is spending his final days in the role as nothing but a shallow celebrity while the control centre considers their options in turning the puppet in chief post into a full on celebrity show starting with the preposterous Trump and aiming it at the noisy low intelligent masses while they get on with the serious business of globalisation, individual control and agenda based neo-fascism using their sheeps clothing techniques.

  • c'mon ppl, is this guy really that bad?
    I only read "hate" in the comments below.
    What about his achievements? Should have at least one.

  • Obama/Barry Bush/Barry Soetoro campaign slogan in his first term was "YES WE CAN" Played backyards=Thank you Satan. I thought it was untrue till I backmasked my own voice saying it… It says it for sure. That wasn't on accident. This man and leaders and big money families around the world are evil and care nothing for human life. DO NOT BE DECEIVED.

  • Isis is a creation of american and israeli intelligence to create chaos and division in the middle east,to turn sunnis and shiites against each other,to damage the image of muslims and to depose so called enemy regimes.Countries who want be sovereign and free from american and zionist control

  • I see him and Putin telling almost the same thing. I am wondering whether the same guy or group of people wrote their script.

  • I must say. Obama is quite a hypocrite and I believe he is misjudging some international and domestic situations. But there are some really stupid and outlandish comments on here. Most of them totally unconnected from this speech.

  • Somewhere in the world another drone strike happens.
    Can anyone say "bypass congress with executive orders"?
    I wonder who this guy's handler is?

  • The war crimes, financial terrorism, and crimes against humanity committed by the USA and NATO since WWII will greatly outweigh the crimes committed by The Axis Powers in WWII. Reject these liars. Warn and wake up our brothers and sisters. Act out of Love – teach those who act out of Fear the better path. Hence the clichè: More flies are caught with Honey than Vinegar.

  • It is SO DIFFICULT to listen to SO MUCH FUCKING BULLSHIT and try to finish it!
    What we are witnessing is THE UN and President Obama RATIONALIZING the SLAUGHTER of 95% of Humanity with WW3.

  • Did any of these trolls that commented actually listen to what he is saying or are they catching a few Fox headlines and deem themselves experts at international foreign policy? Damn.

  • I'm surprised he didn't say something about we should killed all innocent blacks and arabs to achieve greater israel. Fuck obama we need another John F Kennedy. but men like him are killed by bastards like this.

  • Obama is a treasonous lying coward. Licking the boots of his handlers. The U.N. needs to be exposed for the the tyrannical organization it is. These people are not about the forward progress of humanity in the least. Only the forward progress of the so called elite. Who hide behind organizations such as this. Rings within rings. Obama's right you can't turn lies into truth.

  • Greetings from Japan.
    I don't like the Obama Administration, but I like America.
    In my opinion, Obama is a wimp and incompetent.

  • The U.N. is a bunch of maniacs… You play the love game while you drone strike areas of the world.. Then want us to drive hybrids to cut emissions for the earth hahaha sounds like you dont live under the laws you want us to have

  • This piece of shit OBAMA ENDORSES CHILD RAPE. He is "suppose" to be Commander in Chief of the Armed Services and they just threw out a Green Beret for beating an Afgan Army Commander who chained up a child to his bed on a MILITARY BASE. This Green Beret, Charles Martland beat the shit out of the guy for raping an eleven year old child over and over again and his commanders told him to look the other way. FUCK YOU OBAMA. YOU'RE A LOSER AND AS PUTIN PUTS IT, an "AMATURE" and in my eyes, PATHETIC and USELESS. Fucking asshole. Obama gives the deserter BURGDHAL and his family basically a ticker tape parade AND RELEASES FROM GITMO, 5 evil killers of Al Qaeda to go and fight and kill AMERICANS. OBAMA IS A GODDAMNED JOKE. IMPEACH HIM NOW! He has killed this country and our standing in the world. THE USA is a JOKE now. A FUCKING JOKE. He just loves our enemies and shits on our allies while his fat assed wife spends billions on fucking vacations. FUCK HIM AND ESPECIALLY, FUCK THAT FAT ASSED WIFE OF HIS.

  • if this guy isnt being so darn hypocritical … he hasnt kept this country out of drama. why must we keep hearing such lies. the only change obama had for us was to make the USA look even more incompetent than even a third world country. omg he just needs to sit down, and give back the peace prize while hes at it.


  • President Obama is a strong, dignified and highly intelligent leader. To understand the real values we in America have always fought for requires understanding our history and how far we have come. Progressive ideas have made America great and President Obama is a great leader who well respected by other world leaders. All you haters are nothing more than small brains regurgitating extreme right wing garbage fed to you by Fox Noose. No matter as you will never comprehend true greatness and no one cares.

  • The New World Order will dominate the earth. It will be new era of global prosperity. The people who oppose this, will be on the loosing side of history. Resistance is futile, so cease your conspiracy nonsense and realize the true ambitions of the One World Government..

  • Either Obama is real idiot, has no idea of how US foreign policy in the world works or he is a cold blooded psychopath murderous corrupt liar (he is like a serial killer at night while preach out at church in the morning, he like to do evilest thing while in the dark while put up a calm wise smiley face while in the spotlight) I think he is the later. USA funded and trained terrorist group around the world to overthrow governments, destabilize the region and its economy.

  • CNN, thanks for not deleting comments from Lokhs, trolls and neadekvates – it's interesting to see and know reaction from them to President's speech. 🙂 (y)

  • The more I think about it – HOW THE HELL will Donald Trump talk like this when elected. I just can't imagine him doing this!

  • Everyone can contribute and participate. But what about domestic terrorism. Mass shootings in the U.S.? We have to walk cautiously these days.

  • Obama has ignored entrance of Christian refugees to the United States and is totally selective of those immigrants who will follow his own self-interests. Split tongue. Selfishness and corporate greed supercede any climate change problems.

  • What a junior college professor speech. Americans are humiliated by this man. Putin made him a basic bitch.

  • Does anyone watch CNN anymore? What kind of morons elect a Narcissistic Manchurian Butt Pansy and his transexual wife TWICE?

  • I respect the American people, there are many good and kind people. But your President and your government I hate. They have their hands in the blood.

  • but believe anything that Lying Blockhead Fool Jerk Obams has to say all that comes out of his mouth is nothing but lies and only more lies to us the American people this Jerk must be on drugs he must smoke them a lot and that because of this i think he lives in some kind of a Dream World where he thinks that there is nothing wrong but i got a news flash for you there is but this Fool just won,t believe it he has cause many problems around the World as well as here in this country for which i blame him for everything that has happen ever since this Blockhead took office in 2009 i feel he is a Coward and has a yellow line running down his back side in my view he should resign or be put in Prison behind Bars where he belongs,

  • AL CAPONE gone wild
    "As much troops the United Nations will need in order to KEEP THE PEACE"
    Because planting seeds is out of the question.

    I talk to my children about Obama, and teach them about how to listen to this guy. The master of double talk. After listening to his Nobel Peace speech I was mindboggled, but now I'm afraid

  • So lets ask this who the fuck do you think you are to have a say so in our behalf. Bitch shut up and go fuck your self we the pepole dont want to live in your fairy tale world aint nothing you got to offer us but lies and enslavement. So againg FUCK YOU!!!!

  • I watched this again just to compare the speech the people’s President Donald Trump with this lying satanic demon no comparison!!! Father God Almighty take this Obama demon down and his Clinton goons with him In Jesus name Amen !!! GOD BLESS OUR TRUMP !!

  • I just came here to see if anyone laughed at my last President and look no laughs. Hope you Dotard followers are proud of the POS you and Russia put in the WH.

  • More lies from.CNN the speech was 2 hours long fake fucks at CNN .how can yoy be such hypicrites ,well actually its easy when the cock suckers at yputube make sure you cant fibd tge whole real speach by this communust forked tougned faget

  • we saw this to asshole to bad CNN hidrs it from there brsin dead snowflakes . 2 genders mother fuckers man and woman yoy got more ? lets see sone facts to back it up .

  • Oh tea bitch tell us abput Iran and this prick is such a hypicrite that this was afyer he got caught red hamded giving them money and went as far as exchaging US dollars for other countries curranct to try to hide it , mother fucjer your problem is yoy actually think everyone is as dumb asx the idiots that one day we will find out what you did to there poor dumb asses .

  • Help lLibya my ass you and that cunt clinton stoled alll his gold and where filtering the all his weapon stash through Bengazi , and giving them to Isis . thats why they got no help you wanted all the evidence gone, you evil mother fucker .

  • What you do with all the Russian weapons thay Kadafy had in Lybia faget ? Trained isis or should i say isel , this prick is a hypocrite be got caugth delivering billions to Iran radical muslin clericks and listen to this cock sucker spew shit . Your not going to last for much longer with out bars around you. Lets hear some more pc about illegals that at the same tine you had brainless dumbfucks swallowing your lies ,you deported more people than any other President in our history , fuck you for 50 years The asshole you callled a hunanitarian destoyed and murdered the people of CUBA you communist prick . Thats why this 2 faced cock sucker talks so well ,lije the rest of the evil communust dictators always have . You. will pay for all you did you 2 faced evil bitch . And i cant wait to see it .keep taking credit for what Trumps doing , stupid fuck do you really think everyone is as stupid as the snowflakes you created by fucking up our school system ? Common sence destrooying common core .we saw the results of what you did to kids when Trump beat your evil twat comrade Clinton ,kids crying saying they where goung to get killed , you where behind that , had the kids doing that , never in the history of any election have we seen any of that happen ,a good moral man whould of gone on tv and asked the public to stop protesting ,and you said nothing about the adds offeting 15 bucks an hour to protest Trump , ans what was that about the intervkew the day before the election telling illegals it was ok to vote bevase they live hear ,what bitch you tnink mo one saw that , fuck you fuck your tranny wife and fyck those skamks you call your kids , you tried real hard to fool everyone but thank God allot of us have common sence still . Pack alot of lube faget your going to fahets disneylamd soon bitch . Prison you ignorant hypicrite

  • Fugures CNN putt this shit hear and like always lied about it being the whole speach
    , the whole thing lasted way longer than this . Where all the parts that he insults everyone that in the USA , you idiots allow CNN to show you edited videos , smh

  • The trump UN speech was simplistic and basic. This was deep, thoughtful, and unifying. And yet y’all say “doublespeak” and act as though you didn’t pass English 101. Maybe Americans are too basic these days to be affected by moral and universal justice and peace.

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