Banks Warn That Trump’s Tweets Are DESTROYING Your Retirement Funds

Updated : Sep 05, 2019 in Articles

Banks Warn That Trump’s Tweets Are DESTROYING Your Retirement Funds

Donald Trump is quite literally tweeting us
into a recession. Now we have said that before. Other people have said that before. I think there’s been articles titled that
in major publications. But yes, the truth is that Donald Trump is
tweeting us into a recession. And guess what folks, it’s not just his random
tweets occasionally that will send the market spiraling downward for that one day. No, according to a major Wall Street bank,
Bank of America Merrill Lynch, they actually did the research. They looked at the, you know, long term effects
of Donald Trump’s Twitter habits. And what they found is that on days when Trump
tweets more, the stock market in general loses money. It doesn’t have to be a complete tanking. You know, we’re not talking four, five, 600
points in a single day following a tweet. But they did identify a trend. Here’s what it is. Um, there is a nine basis point drag on days
where Trump is pounding out tweets fast and furious versus a five basis point tailwind
on days where he basically stays off Twitter. And the days when he tweets a lot. That’s days they counted as 35 tweets or more
per day. And the days where he doesn’t tweet very much
at all or days when he tweets five or fewer. So if Donald Trump is ever out there and you
see he’s on like his 33rd or 34th tweet, you better go ahead and sell off the stocks that
you own in your 401k according to Bank of America. And that’s actually why they put out this
report because they want people in this country to understand that your 401k, your retirement
fund is taking a massive hit because the moron in chief can’t stay off of Twitter saying
stupid things. That’s what this boils down to folks. And Yeah, I know Bank of America actually
did it to warn their wealthy investors that hey, when he’s on tweet number 34 selloff,
get out, get out. But they’re disguising it as, oh you, you
poor poor people out here working, but you’ve got a 401k. Maybe you have a retirement yet you’re losing
everything because the president won’t put his phone down for five minutes. I mean, that’s literally what they’re telling
us. We are losing our retirement funds because
Donald Trump is tweeting us into a recession and he’s tweeting the market into a black
hole. That’s how toxic this man is. The man who always tells us how great the
economy is doing, how great the stock market’s doing, when he, according to the research,
is the one who is single handedly making it tank, and by extension, forcing all of us
with a 401k to lose all our money so that we can never have any hope whatsoever of retiring,
just basically working until we dropped dead at our desk. That is the Republican way for Americans.


  • I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s the republican way of doing things but it’s definitely the trumpian way of doing things. I consider myself a right leaning centrist, but this derp in the WH needs to be stopped.

  • You guys just have to have your fix of hate all things Trump don't you?
    I was joking before but having seen this site and not wanting to,,,
    You folks are desperate.
    You're panicking.
    You are projecting.
    It's ok.
    You are special.
    The short bus will be around to gather you all up.
    We'll take you to a safe space with coloring books and that big box of crayons.
    They'll be stuffed toys and games,snakpaks and applesauce.
    Just don't get upset with your neighbor and you can stay in the cave,under the rock,beneath the bridge as long as you like.

  • Karma punishes the bad and rewards the good simultaneously: case in point– Trump plays golf in Florida on the 13 th game and bogeys the 13th time so he tries to cheat by fetching the ball near two fallen logs , suddenly one of logs was a gator , so it bites his both hands, simultaneously the stock market went up , because no twitt.


  • HOW is this going to be explained in the history books? Oh wait, do they even make history books anymore? Aren't we post-history or some bullshit? End times. More like SPEND TIMES!

  • That's a real shame that Plutocrats are losing money on Wall Street……….ha, ha, ha, ha. Too bad, so sad. What the Plutocrats did not count on was that they would not be able to control FrankenTrump Monster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  They wanted him, live with Trump's Legacy of destruction. Maybe next time, some voters will actually think twice before voting for a "Village Idiot"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • It’s a No Win situation: Trump tweets, stock market lose money. Trump doesn’t tweet (playing golf), tax payers lose money. Vote out the common denominator.

  • News flash…….. The banks are just as bad if not worse than TRUMP……….. Sounds like the pot calling the kettle black to me…….. Btw you lost your retirements when the big money printing started

  • So who's complaining about this the banks leads me to believe that they are the ones actually losing money . Not hurting my 401k

  • They're just trying to usher in the new currency. People stock up because it's coming. After the smoke clear you'll have the gold standard courtesy of them burning the Amazon rainforest. Whomever can say conspiracy theories or whatever this shit is real. They do everything by the numbers Gematria and the numbers don't lie. Now a DemoRat and a RepubliCon are two wings on the same dirty filthy ass bird. As far as I know for me I have no leaders. I'm my own leader period and if any of you are adults and still need a fucking hero then what's your purpose for living?

  • And this is the same bank that foreclosed on people's homes didn't have mortgages or didn't even have mortgages with them yeah I tend not to believe liars and thieves. And no that's not the Republican way that's the government's way and if I remember correctly it was the Democrats that tried to raise retirement to 75. She probably tried doing a little research before getting on social media and spotting a bunch of nonsense

  • unfortunately people with 401k plans are working 10 to 12 hours a day.not including drive time , to work and from work..oh let's not forget our children in sports,homework, have to eat, bathe, and so who has time to check their 401….the rich just to see how much more they can make.

  • Don’t be fooled by B of A or any other bank that says you should sell when Trump tweets, I put my money into B of A but I’m still cautious about their sell,sell, sell advise .. always remember that, that is how the Rothschild’s got rich, by lying to stockholders and when they sold their stocks , then those parasites bought up stock pennies on the dollar 💵 and made a mint. Never listen to companies that print money from thin air and profits while doing so. They make us work hard for our money, then our money works hard for them.
    The poor work hard for their money, the rich makes their money work hard for them.. B of A is on the other side of this spectrum and it’s not the needy side.

  • Bank of America called me! I don't know how they got my number. They were selling some kind of derivatives or something. So I heard voices other than the woman who I was speaking with. I asked her to hold on while I got a pencil. And I listened and the voices were chanting a single one syllable word which I had never heard! I told her don't ever call me back!

  • Why is this fake president not stopped , he has done enough crimes to start impeachment . This one old narcissist can be stopped

  • What we have now is similar to pre-Revolution France. The rich pounded the poor so far into he ground that they had no choice but to fight.

  • Isn't that the truth we have a lier and thief in the house and everytime he opens his mouth our country looks dumber to the rest of the world and no matter what you think we will never be looked at the same because of this and the whole Republican party is to blame for standing by their prop up but it's the Republican donors that wanted this

  • It may just be me but, do you think the thumbnail of Trump looks like a flat fish?

  • Really??? I am a lifelong investor who is getting ready to retire. I made more money through my investments in the past two years than I made under eight years of Obama, and I made really good investment returns under Obama. Bullshit!

  • drumpf crashing the economy is just matter of time, take your 401k money out as soon as you can, we took ours out in April and rolled it over into an IRA account to avoid the penalty, we have always known he will fuck the economy up and drive the country into recession, it will happen, just give him time, don't lose your shirt in the process, drumpf supporters can go fuck themselves, I hope they lose everything and end up homeless with no healthcare, if it was up to me I'd let the motherfuckers die, they did this to our country.

  • never forget why DT is pushing the Fed to lower interst rates? His debt worldwide is in USD, thats his interest on that. Truly criminal 🙂

  • Bullshyt, Federal Reserve's monetary policies have destroyed central banking by corruption and 5 eyes Fraudulent crimes of everytype and at every level. Trump is a helpful Idiot. Thats being a lil bit nice about the level of inept intelligence capabilities.

  • Although I think that Trump is a colostomy bag, in this case the markets and banks may be using the stupidity of Trump to push a recession forward and have a scapegoat in place. If they can point to Trump's tweets as a cause for a collapse and have average Americans except it as a fact, it will pull all attention away from the fact that the banks and wall street are seriously under regulated and able to crash the economy to pillage the real assets and lower wages by creating a workforce that is larger than the amount of jobs available. This allows large corporations the ability to offer jobs at a lower payscale especially to people that are qualified for leadership positions, or have advanced skills and training.
    Had the economy had a stronger recovery, and if the purchasing power would have increased, they would have crashed the economy sooner. The fact that it has been 10 years since the last recession shows that there were not enough real assets to plunder.
    People's retirements will be destroyed, and real property will be lost. The benefactors will be the rich that will be able to buy all the loss assets. It's a pyramid scheme. Cheap labor, low and no taxes, and no regulations no health care, higher educational costs, higher rental costs, low or no ability to borrow for a house, it's a carefully laid out plan for the elites to steal from average Americans.

  • My bank didnt say anything. What banks exactly said this? Bank of America? Is that the only one? Any others? Names please. Crickets.

  • He's making the markets tank on purpose. He knows exactly what he is doing. It's called illegal market manipulation.

  • I don't understand why he keeps breaking all these laws why why why why Is he still able to stay out of jail. Where is the Congress!!!!! Wtf is the problem

  • This idiot doesn't listen to any of his advisors ,intelligence Environmental, economical his Trainwreck of a track record proves he is unqualified for any leadership capacity he destroyed his inheritance with his stupid decisions now he's destroying our economy

  • Do you really think this will make a difference ! This lump of orange pudding is totally incapable of self control The notion that he is even potty trained is beyond me. θθθ

  • don't worry, the dems are running the weakest candidate, Joe Biden who will certainly be crushed by Trump. Just wait until Trump makes a joke about how stupid he is.

  • Not the toxic tweets! That lead to death on the job. I love it. Excellent. Your cracking me up. The President will the power tweets, there should be a law against a President tweeting!!! Hahaha

  • I thought that was the point? Am I missing something. Steal from the poor give to the rich, not Robinhood but robbing hoods. If you voted for him, congrats.

  • Destroying the country isn't enough for Trump! Now he wants to make people lose their retirement money! This is sooo wrong! Someone needs to stop this psycho by getting rid of him! Enough is enough!!!

  • Lmao this guy is a joke and this is propaganda and very fake news. Bank of America has an agenda because they let illegals open accounts in their banks without proper identification. No surprise from Bank of America. What a joke

  • Seeing how most of the people who are retiring are also conservatives or trumpers or religious fundamentalists
    or racists or selfish to the point of psychopathic I do hope The orange Nazi destroys their retirement.
    So many of them have turned their backs on their fellow humans and blame anyone who is younger than themselves (gen X, millennials ECT) people of color and anyone who is progressive for there troubles. They refuse the fact check there point of views.
    Many of them have sold the rest of us out to a borderline autocratic government so that they could have a cushy few years before they die never suspecting there own “savior” would sell them out to corporate interests and big banks.

    Go crypto before the dollar collapses.

  • How can Donald Tweet that much when all he does is play golf. Oh wait last week you stated his secretary said he only works 1 hour a day. Hmm pure hate gives him.over 24 hour days

  • The 1% are laughing in their bio forms, and waiting for the recession hit majority of Americans. 🤡 will have Putin to help ! Please help get the vote out!🙏🏾🙏🏼🙏🏿

  • why are the American people not taking to the streets to protest the moron in chief? In most western democrasies this guy would have been long gone. America ewache!

  • most smart people have already stopped funding their 401Ks last year.  Just hold it and start up again after the glass bottom fall out

  • If people are stupid then people are stupid. That's that. I sure didnt make life decisions based in any president's rhetoric. Think about it… Come one now people.

  • You're an idiot if you invest based on an unpredictable "leader". Duh who would trust anyone in any position of perceived power? Can't you all think for yourselves? I am imagining a bunch of dumb tares flipping their stock decisions all around from minute to minute based on the words of this fool.

  • Trump doesn't care if everybody's 401 K is emptied! He'll just blame the immigrants crossing the border! "Those illegal immigrants are taking your 401 K's"! And, his supporters will believe him because they're dumb asses!

  • Wow this dude is unbearable. We knew our retirement fund would never be ther for us. Hahaha he says trump single handedly caused…something.. as if the President has Real power; as if the same show would cease under a different US President 😂😂😂

  • Really??? So shouldn't the question not be about Trump but of how can a country of 320 million and a global economy be completely controlled by on man. And one man's tweets at that. Come on are you stupid or just capitalizing on the Trump band wagon. What a waste of show and time. The question is how can one man controll our whole country??? What kind of broken system is that. And a man who lost the popular vote by over 3 million.

  • Buy Bitcoin if you are dissatisfied with your current government.  Buy Bitcoin if you don't trust your financial system. Buy Bitcoin if you believe in Freedom.

  • Who doubted his deal making skill? Russian Oligarchs are his consigner on his loans. He's a fraud always has been

  • My first reaction to fat ass donnie winning the 2016 election was that he suffers from a reverse Midas Touch in reverse.. Whatever his hands touch, it turns to shit. Even his book was incorrectly titled, it should have been, The Art of the Steal."

  • How many of you on here commenting are from the U.S? Like get the fuck up and do something about this!! Your once great nation is the fucking LAUGHING STALK OF THE WORLD!! And no one does anything about it! The U. S. A IS A FUCKING JOKE RIGHT NOW. Sincerely, Canada and literally everyone else.

  • He is completing a plan from his daddy Putin to destroy America's place in the world, to weaken it militarily and to wreck its economy and the Republicans and his base are cheering and clapping.

  • LOL. If you sell off a 401k, which is a long term investment, due to a short term problem like Trump you deserve to lose your retirement savings. Jesus fucking Christ. Can we stop with saying Trump is the cause of all problems for 1 fucking day? The retirement crisis has been building for the past 30 years and somehow Trump trolling the country for 3 years is the real problem?

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