Bank Fund Retirement Plan  融資強大倍數增值=免稅退休終身收入

Updated : Sep 10, 2019 in Articles

Bank Fund Retirement Plan 融資強大倍數增值=免稅退休終身收入

Dearest viewers, welcome to our show Tonight, our special guest Mr. Simon Chew. He’s our famous Bay Area Financial Consultant, with 4 branches in SF, Oakland,Fremont, San Jose Hello everyone & Happy New Year ! Let me introduce Simon Simon has been an advisor for 28 yrs, with tremendous amount of experience Very energetic & dedicated in his profession He qualified MDRT – Top of the Table member and has qualified as a Lifetime member continuously for 11 yrs This is truly an honor for the Asian Community as an industry expert Please share with viewers your area of expertise Our specialty: insurance services – health, life, long term care. Retirement planning – lifetime income annuity, tax free retirement planning You mentioned about retirement and long life planning, many retirees are afraid to spend their money. Afraid of outliving their savings Now, retirees live longer So today and future Simon’s segments will be focus on retirement planning Bank Fund Retirement Plan=Personal Pension You are absolultely correct. According to research, the greatest American Fear is=Outliving their retirement money Living Longer, estimated cost higher #2 Greatest American Fear: Increasing TAX Our retirement planning strategy really focus on these 2 fears #1 We make sure our client have enough savings to retire #2 We make sure their retirement income is TAX FREE Today, we will introduce this Bank Fund strategy We’d introduce this concept few years ago & many clients have already taken advantage of it These clients have enjoyed this plan We also have track records on annual returns We can share our prospects these track records We now share our recent’s success story how we designed the Bank Fund plan for a Int’l Corp CEO What is Bank Fund Retirement Plan ? It is similar to buying a home with mortgage If you have $500k, would you buy 1 house or downpay $100k each to buy 5 houses I would down 5 houses That’s RIGHT! most of our clients would choose the same… You would not put all the eggs in 1 basket, instead split them to 5 baskets Because you only down paid, you must finance the rest of the home purchase price Because you leverage the bank financing, you then can own total of 5 homes at same time So, we use the same concept to finance your retirement plan 1:3 Ratio, you put $100k, bank match $300k 3X result How do wealthy people get richer ? = LEVERAGE OPM=using Other People’s Money to make more $$ Interest rate be a factor? If interest rate increase, how will this plan be affected? Historically, when interest rate rise, so will the ROI return credit to the plan Interest rate & plan return move in same direction historically Reason: This plan has special financing=1yr LIBOR This CEO client age 45 He’s already MAX out his retirement plans Sounds like he should be very secured Actually NOT, his plan lacks this Bank Fund strategy I asked him: #1 does his plan offer flexibility to access $$ anytime ? Most plans can NOT, until age 59 #2: When you take income, do you have to pay tax ? Age 45 funds $33k/yr x 5 yrs=$165k Bank matching 3X=$489k When he retires age 65, Income=$77k/yr If he lives from age 65-85, total income=$1.54M If he delays to age 70 to start income His annual income=$120k $120k/yr x 20yrs=$2.4M Total TAX FREE INCOME Based on this CEO, annual $33k is not a big budget Is death benefit included? Yes, this plan also included: Long Term Care, Critical Illness, Critical Injury, & Life Ins of $1.5M~$2M Life Ins also TAX FREE ? YES, TAX FREE Tax Free insurance, Tax Free income This strategy is known as: Bank Fund Tax Free Retirement Plan Any disadvantages ? There’s no disadvantages This CEO wants & needs this plan Because its TAX FREE Bank Fund concept is not a new concept That’s right. This is targeted to Lawyers, CPA, Doctors, Dentist, Realtors, Busn Owners, Engineers, Realtors, Mortgage Bankers, Professionals, High Net Worth clients Cash Accumulation for TAX FREE Retirement Income

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