Author’s ‘Warning’ Raises Question Of Trump Staff Responsibility | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  • One of the intentions of the Electerol College as set up by the founders was to be the last ditch safety net against a person like Trump becoming POTUS.
    Electors were presumed to be educated people of some standing in their respective communities, that could deny the Presidency to a scoundrel like Trump.
    But over the years the process became ceremonial and Electors were either elderly party stalwarts with a rubber stamp, or aspiring young people from politically connected families that are not going to "rock the boat" and derail any future careers that they aspire to. That's the rot & decay that contributed to the mess we now have.

  • As to reading memos that show problems where people die, that supposes that Trump cares even a little bit about that. He does not, in any way that matters. They are merely the "crowd" in a movie, like the people running away from Godzilla in a horror movie, of no consequence whatsoever to the movie or to him. We have just had a MAJOR "kick between the legs" as to the problems with our government system in the age of nuclear weapons and climate change. We have got to find a way to stop this kind of thing from happening again or we will end up with an even worse situation when things begin to really fall apart and we have nobody who can counter it without eliminating our democracy completely.

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  • I would like to see a book inside, to what our Allies the Kurds, have gone through, the lives lost! Trump needs to be held accountable, for downright murder! He knew what it would bring! Thanks Rachel

  • Notice Anonymous, NOT ONCE, says traitor Trump should be impeached, convicted and removed! This could be a republican ploy to make people think traitor Trump is being restrained and controlled enough to remain in the White House, and, that they are taking care of the USA enough, so republican supporters will still vote for traitor Trump in 2020! The lying, traitor republicans are the, "Steady State", in the White House? REALLY? Like the, "stable genius"?

  • PLOT TWIST!::: trump wrote the book to keep everyones heads spinning, while making money on it for his re-election.. Its called "4D Chess" 1 step ahead, and making all the dems look stupid for falling for it. Vote trump 2020

  • Staying there and working their own agenda is not what they were hired to do. It doesn't make them people noble, it makes them a fraud. The should have gone through the whistleblower process in 2017 so we could have gotten rid of him before he'd done all this damage.

  • Trump proved that any "thing" can be a president. And THAT needs to be addressed. The rest of us have to have skills and qualifications for OUR jobs, but apparently not the president? Half the country is the boss that hired him. Needs to be a standard set in Congress for who can even apply. Because the bosses are as sick as the employee here.

  • Trump doesn't CARE about Kurdish lives. He cares only about himself. So had he known pulling out of Syria would cost Kurdish lives, it wouldn't have mattered to him in the least.

  • The Syphilis Diseased Brain of Trump has torn America apart and has the rest of the World laughing.. Republicans will never recover from standing behind this President and all the idiotic things he has and will do until he is gone from the White House.. I can't wait for the time when Melania writes her book "Married To A Moron"

  • the real warning was from cohen : trump will never leave office peacefully. it's been know that he's a moron but the more you wait to remove him the harder it will be, impeachment ? it's a coup. losing the elections ? voter fraud. people in the streets rioting ? left wing terrorist. people who disagree with him in the republican party ? deep state never trumper. after 4 more years? he deserve 2 more since the dems stole him 2 years. after 10 years ? he's doing such a good job why leave. he die ? donald trump junior is there to take over.

    do a little research on anything i said here and you can find video of trump saying this exact same thing.

  • I never asked why didn't they leave, I asked why didn't they go to Congress! They failed America. They failed the Kurds, they failed the world.

  • Exactly! It's not funny any more we ara talking nuclear weapons here. And it is a responsibility in each of us US voting citizens. All thos who voted for him have to open their eyes!

  • Traitor evil Hitler trump should have been stopped in the beginning let alone give him this job. America has been ruined to the core since 2 and a half year nearly 3 years. Shame on the Coward GOP's for not telling Traitor trump to RESIGN now.

  • The real reprobates are those in power around Trump that see their positions as opportunities for personal advancement rather than obligations to do something to correct it.

  • Anonymous: "Hey Donald, do you know what a flipping the bird middle finger looks like??????"

    Donald: "No birds can't flip their middle finger, does bird have fingers???"

    Anonymous: "Ahhhhhh, forget it."

  • If people knew the danger of traitor-trump presidency, why didn't they push for impeachment earlier. There were so much opportunities.
    1) Asking Ukrane to stop assisting Mueller in Manafort's investigation.
    2) Forcing high clearance to people that didn't qualify like family members.
    3) getting rid of documents instead of saving them for posterity.
    4) Breaking the Hatch Act and pushing his daughters brand.
    5) Personally attacking and abusing his power to damage Amazon.
    6) Accusing the 1st Amendment as 'enemy of the people' instead of defending it.
    Small illegalities that are cause for impeachment.

  • I really doubt (and I mean this sincerely) I doubt Trump would have changed his behavior or cared had he been told how many Kurds would die as a result of his abrupt, uninformed decision. He doubled down. He made light of their pain and suffering. He has NO compassion, no empathy and no clue.

  • cool book.
    dear diary… i'm sitting idly by as my boss breaks law after law and subverts american interests for personal gain again today. but i'm making this entry so that future generations will understand that i sat idly by and did nothing as my boss broke law after law and subverted american interests for personal gain again. i dont want anybody to think i didnt know what was going on… i want you all to realize that i know whats going on, but if i stop it, i'll get fired, so i have to let it continue. thats what american heroes do, right? youre right diary… i am a hero and i should sell you.

  • Have no idea who "anonymous" is but if they meaning him/her and others stayed to try to put the brakes on him I'm glad they did. Yes they had a duty to report this behavior and yes they should have but whose to say what it would have been like (and I'm aware of what's going on now) but what would it have been like if they weren't there to slow this train down and keep some kind of respect? Trump knows he's not qualified for the job of President but he's so into himself that he would never admit his fault or wrongdoing of anything. All I can say is God be with us in 2020 because America needs you desperately.

  • I’m 59. No spouse, kids, parents, or siblings. I had a good run. My suicide is nigh. I see no point in waiting for climate change or the drumpf caused WW3. Good luck to y’all.

  • Unlike his more bald-faced minions, author simply sounds like someone who had the foresight to write a novel-sized alibi for why they stayed & enjoyed the corruption olympics.
    It pays to have an excuse pre-written for the jury when you're getting busted in a gang that just wanted to pass around the keys to the US Treasury. God's own money pile.

  • So because of this buffoon North Korea has not only increased but expedited it's nuclear capabilities, as has Iran, and this is what frumps uneducated followers see as "winning"? White supremacy is killing this country and has to be stopped for all our sakes.

  • Narcs generally surround themselves with those they can control; all others are dismissed as incompetent or in some way problematic.

  • I applaud what they're doing but it is still, effectively, a low-level Coup d'état. They are governing in direct defiance of the wishes of the President, no matter how loathsome he may be.

  • Trump was blackmailed by Turkey to get out of Syria.  They had the recording of call made by Jared Kushner and MBS telling him it is ok to go get Jamal Khashoggi, a US National.  Jared could now be facing conspiracy to violate civil rights, and aiding and abetting the commission of a felony murder.

  • We've known for quite some time that Chump is utterly incompetent and dangerous to the nation.
    It's a pity "the adults in the room" stayed silent.

  • When I decide which candidates to support, whether they hate Jews, Blacks, Mexicans, or babies is not important to me. I only have one criteria I use to choose who gets my vote and that is whoever will work the hardest to eliminate the Republican party and their agendas. Nothing more, nothing less. All those other things will eventually work out once the scourge of the Republicans has been extinguished. Moscow Mitch and his party will be the end of our democracy if they are not stopped soon.

  • former public servants are in unison of their expert observation of this present wh, the hard working media try the best to tell people the truth of what is going on, the conscientious voters do their part…what else is there to do to prevent trump and his cronies from extending the havoc ?

  • It’s funny how a lying lib will write a bitter clinging diatribe while pretending to be inside the Trump administration. And to buttress this fiction, fake news propagandist, Rachael Madcow, brings on former Obama Security Advisor, Ben Rhodes, a man who literally bragged having lied to media during the Iran nuke deal negotiations, in an effort to shape public opinion. And it’s precious of Rhodes to criticize the ‘loss of Kurdish lives’ when his former boss refused to arm the Kurds, whereas Trump has. He says Trump is ‘demonstrably unfit’ yet he shilled for a president who drew an thin red line’ in Syria threatening military retaliation if Syria gasses its people. When Syria gassed its people, Obama gave crickets. Clowns ….

  • His statement of if you don't READ the memo thing may happen ? We all know trump will not read/Can't read a memo are anything else just go back to the story of letter to the president of Turkey . A third grad school letter

  • I’m autistic, I have aspergers, but I not qualified to diagnose anyone, but Donald strikes me as clearly as one on the spectrum. He always says he is a genius, he is a “ visual Thinker”, he lacks any cognition of what’s social appropriate, has trouble pronouncing words, and just communication problems in general. Hate to claim him as one of us, but the recognition is there.

  • Nobody speaks out for fear of retribution. Trump is a well connected thug.
    Fear is justified, he is a vindictive monster who gains pleasure by ruining people's lives.

    PS – Due to Trump's false allegations, Joe Biden's political career is toast.

  • He wouldn't have become President without the Electoral College. We have to make that change and make it immediately.

  • THANK YOU BEN, it is so true…"A person like this SHOULD NOT have been a president!" It's about time Republicans get off Trump coattails and restore the White House and our democracy!

  • Sorry, but without knowing who the author is, this cannot be verified. The White House has dismissed it, and in this case, I would have to agree with them. As provocative and juicy as this is, it's hearsay.

  • I agree with this wholeheartedly! "Anonymous" isn't some kind of a hero and neither are the rest of trump's enablers! They shouldn't have resigned en masse! They should have reported this en masse!

  • All of these people have had the power to stop all of this, and they haven't. Instead, they're writing books to make some more cash for themselves. These people are not heroes, and "anonymous" is no patriot. I don't care how many of them crawl out from under their rocks in the next decade to claim they were doing this or doing that, not one of them has any credibility, not one of them deserves the benefit of doubt, not one of them should be considered anything less than anti-American, for allowing this all to continue when they had the power to stop it.

  • BS, Anonymous. None of you a$$es are better than he. IF you're still there, it's only because you haven't been fired … yet. You're helping yourselves. No one else and none of you are heroes! Will you be getting a receipt to show who benefitted from your "donatied" profits of this book? Would like to see that almost as much as Trump's tax returns. Smfh seething

  • Sorry, I think all this is VERY self-serving, and Anonymous can accept my "thanks for nothing" as someone who has/is being materially harmed by the Trump administration while they and their colleagues continue to enable Trump.

  • What good is trump as a president if he is clueless to everything around him? He needs to be removed now, not after he takes things so far that we all suffer for it. This guy is a mess alright and is creating a mess for the rest of us. Stop him now. Remove him.

  • The delays in addressing climate change and the mishandling of the problem of nuclear weapons my result in the unnecessary deaths of tens of millions of people in the coming decades. Those are my fears.

  • The way they try to handle him, you'd think no one in this "administration" has ever been in an abusive relationship before. Which simply can't be true

  • You should have to serve no less than 8 years in the House or Senate to even be able to run for president. Need to weed out people with absolutely no skill as president so they cannot run.

  • Isn’t the point of The Electoral College to be a final check to keep “unqualified and disreputable” candidates from ascending to the Office of the Presidency. What happened?

  • the demented waste-of-skin that currently
    occupies the WH is hardly
    "responsible for the security, the safety, the prosperity of the american people"
    he is only performing those things for one person…

  • If this whistle blower is harmed trump and company will no doubt see the FULL FORCE of the intellegence agencies of the US. DONT DO IT.😎

  • History will not be kind to Trump and his enablers. I've had a feeling of great dread since this damaged individual took office. He is a classic possessor of Adult Attention Deficit Disorder. There are some other problems with this person and I wish so much he didn't have the nuclear codes. I can see him using that power to punish America if he is about to be impeached or removed from office.

  • We didn't elect a President of Iran. Americans are not dying.The Iranian people can deal with their Government that is causing sanction to be put on them and killing them. If Iranians are dying then the Government stop stop making nuclear weapons and the sanctions will be lifted. We did not elect a President who will bribe Iran to not make nuclear weapons. That's extorsion. Pay us or we will make nuclear weapons. Well Trump is not going to pay them and he is going to impose sanctions. Let them try to make nuclear bombs and they will suffer. What Obama did was treason.

  • Trump did the right thing. Iran told Obnamma if you pay us we will stop making a nuclear weapon. Obama paid the extorion money. You know what I would tell the Iranian Mulah if they tried to extort the US? Stick this up your you know what. Punish Iran and let the Iranian people deal with thier stupid terrorist govenment.

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