Anti-Gay Resignation Announced On CNN

Updated : Oct 11, 2019 in Articles

Anti-Gay Resignation Announced On CNN

anderson cooper actually had in a deal with
Clinton can if you don’t remember the way it’s the is out that are stop school board member who meet terrible homophobic %uh remarks on facebook %uh and he received a lot of criticism for
it and a lot of people are asking him to resign now during his interview with anderson cooper
he did announce his resignation however the interview in and of itself was great and we
have that bit of it for you guys really terrible things you called the kids who kill themselves
to the bullying bags inquiries and what did you like to see gay people died do you want me to really keep the people that
much do you like to see them die and to nominate him very ignorant comments that did not realize just aren’t they were %um %um you went back and looked over at the i’ll never supports this time many kenyans
I don’t support bowling and he is how close did that on their own further that
in him out but I hated you know for those for those kids
that they feel so hopeless mister marshall I’m I don’t you know I may I’ve got two children myself middle of the
year %um I’ve got a lot I love dearly and you know
I I don’t agree with morning in the shape form or fashion I don’t agree with it for any children and you know the words are used for were unfortunate and
and and there you know I I should have big difference but
few can be taken back to Indiana all I can do now is the the stairwell colonies for months look for more forcefully I think the idea is the wrong language completely but I thought it was tractors something which
I don’t wish it on anyone the knesset wasn’t asked do you want the people
to die that no no %uh education officials in your state at all
levels as have condemned what you said is that it does reflect their value and what
they’re trying to do in the schools is that they can fire you but you can resolve are are you going to resign
from school for them I am going to resign from school board it is true that to help black community to help my school I don’t want them to received that pressure have a distraction
because of some in her comments that have been done if they suddenly later a you know year five years can you actually had a momentary influence
constituents want that in our opinion because you have anything specifically you
want to say to parents of kids and friends that kids who have committed
suicide after being believed yes I you know I I wouldn’t but like the stand an apology is specially who knows to those families they’ve lost children and not just be a heterosexual all well come to a screeching halt but I think you
get the idea %uh would you think it is about I think but I’ve watched the entire interview and I know that he tried really partisan year but he would constantly say things that would
make evidence that he was a really sincere he says he added the fact that he got caught the criticism he was getting so he’s trying
to back pedal like for instance when he says things like I apologize for the language I use here there
was great yeah he apologized to the language you use now we don’t care about the language
we cannot the content we care about what you said and what you meant the need to apologize for that they want me to wear purple with the five
queers committed suicide so it would be okay there were probably five days committed suicide
attack like that would be okay %uh like it is the off though that we make special
for over Baghdad for them at disney up with a special verbal per day
that I like the I like that %uh %uh the case can’t
procreate I also enjoy the to give each other but terrible disease and that don’t fit I would use all my own kids that they were
dead well it’s probably okay with it not but I I thought I don’t believe that I think because he you know he did he never said that moment
of if by cancer it’s cute he got it he was wrong and he didn’t seem sincere he also seems you talk about the context in addition to being sincere he also believes these facts and he’s gay
kids he hates get people yeah so liquid a change in that for you at least recognized I wasn’t there %uh in you know in the senate even later like
he gets into these were terrible these were wrong they were notoriously many people you know
so I think he feels terrible I think he feels
like a it I think he feels terrible for being so candid
about how he really feels at a public forum get that I didn’t get that I think he actually
feels terrible a you quickly about this but I think he thinks about it I think his wife
said budget bill for kids commit suicide and I think it rich again he has no business on the school board he hates gay people and so I’m done with the I had no interest in it but I don’t think he is still barbaric that he can’t be touched by decree if you but his he keep quiet the did it I got that he’s not but he’s he if it I feel like you pick it up I feel like he feels sorry and he feels back
because of all the pressure that he’s experience ever since he meet those
polls that they spoke all right for now I just in and that sincerity for have
really been fact that we got from thirty but what does not mean that we to identify someone
like that guy does he that day that he feels bad about right now but he still the most important thing is clear is that because it was interesting is that they could
fire him the teenagers elected official exactly said he needed to resign and at it what look his here’s what I don’t believe
it when this first happened right he was right it hasn’t blown out of proportion ballot as
for its worst us and of course after that happened all the criticism started piling on even more okay I’m sure he got crazy death threats in we know what that’s like I’m not sure he got a bunch of people telling
him terrible things that he’s like well I’m scared now I better go on anderson cooper sell a little
politics I mean you don’t work for him over battling forward Israel rhetoric and possibly
the estrogen we don’t know what’s in his head oregon’s or it %uh well that’s right %uh we know that but a so we don’t know what his reaction was
but of course people get through it realize at some point and maybe initially
of much and it’s possible people pointed out to them and
I thought what it’s like I love my kids I love my wife like that to mean that they got mad for my family came down the and it looked
like a guy was like I can’t say queers think it’s a get aids and I I can’t object or a
purple but the food the by the way without that yeah wear purple I may make it like purple
month pro gay yeah I think that a lot of purple city where
to literally as a storyteller now it’s like this


  • @vyshious You're not sure what else he could have said? How about "there's nothing wrong with being gay". The fact that we all have prejudices doesn't make it okay. As far as I'm concerned the man should be kept away from children–including his own.

  • @lakeb0dom

    you and that bigot can go die alone somewhere as the country moves on

  • I think he was more sincere than most people who have to apologize on a public forum. However, you can't totally change someones mindset like that. Even if he doesn't want gay people to die, he still doesn't like them. But like I said, I think he was a tad bit more sincere than others. The fact that he resigned was really good.

  • @llamahamfat

    i'm annoyed by your bigot comments, stiraghts always fell like they have to 1-up anyone that is different, and you fit within that catergory

  • @Tstr0ng420 What do you mean 'he got caught'? Was he hiding and was he keeping his believes private? No! His statements were public.

    What he does hate is that he seems to be on the stupid side of this argument and the media guy called him out on it

    Here is what I saw from his apology: if the news anchor who interviewed him actually supported him instead of asking the questions he asked, the guy wouldn't have apologized

    The guys IS sorry that he has so little support, that's why he apologized

  • @zippy476

    I don't understand why we can't play dodge ball anymore I used to love that game. I caught the ball with my knees once and got called out. I was mad as hell that day lol

  • When Anderson asked him, "do you want gay people to die", he seemed a little unsure about his answer.

    This is way bigger than 1 man's views. Thoughs of you that say, "why should it matter what someone believes", should think about how affective one can be as an educator if they hold certain views about the individuals they're teaching…race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, etc.

    We also need to make a distinction between professions. He's a "teacher", not a a strip club manager.

  • I'm glad that this guy is out of this position. He doesn't need to be making decisions that affect ANY children, and now he's just trying to do damage control so that he can come back to the board in the future.

  • And he goes on about how he loves his children dearly…except the fact that he openly stated that if any of them turned out to be gay, he wouldn't love them at all.

  • @dEdGrimley
    Why are you being an apologist for this son of a bitch? Did you not read his comments? They were horrible, and the mere fact he had trouble answering whether or not he wanted gays to die just show show BS his statements are. I can smell it through my computer.

  • @dEdGrimley He's certainly allowed to dislike gay people. Everyone in this country is free to have their own set of beliefs no matter how pointless and ridiculous they may be. But the rest of us are also allowed to think & feel however we choose, and some of us choose to condemn bigotry. This man has made a choice to voice his baseless & bigoted opinions. Now he has to face the consequences of his actions.

  • @Chrismonchan "I wouldn't mind if it was just a supporting gay orientations, but with parades come (not only tons of traffic around my house) many"
    Actually if you were in the podunk little conservative city full of Christians who push their views on me, you wouldn't say gay pride parades, spiritualist shops or religious institutions that aren't Christian, Jewish or Muslim affiliated. You would be right at home in the city I live in.

    By the way, I'm not th stereotypical gay or lesbian either.

  • @PriscillaRelentless

    … He wasn't talking about fleeting instances of abuse. He was talking about constant, real, disability and discrimination with all that it entails 24/7. This whole thing with a couple of gay kids killing themselves has been blown out of proportion, with one case possibly having no relation to his orientation at all.

    IE… it's bull shit.

  • @medit84truth "think about how affective one can be as an educator if they hold certain views"

    Not at all? Maybe if they educated the teeny tiny kids? I had teachers that were religious and it was a major theme in their life but I honestly didn't care. Just someone there to do a job.

  • @icemachine79 No, idiot, he is using the permanently disabled who have real obstacles and are often visibly disabled as a watermark. They have a much harder time all across the board compared to gays, but there isn't a suicide phenomenon in the disabled community.

  • @PriscillaRelentless There is a difference between putting up with abuse and committing suicide. For the record, most adults and children do in fact have to deal with abuse or some other wrong for extended periods of time without killing themselves. MY argument is that some of the handful of suicides the media has focused on may not even have a damn thing to do with them being gay. Nor do I believe that the gay-related suicides are of any particularly worrying number.

  • @PriscillaRelentless Oh and one more thing, I was one of the kids at my school who, for one year I'd say, was being bullied and called gay. It hardly phased me and eventually they gave up.

  • @PriscillaRelentless "it's an environment of harassment and abuse that's been considered acceptable for children for so long "

    And what did I just say? That's right, I said it wasn't acceptable but it happens to EVERYONE. Yet a very, very few ever commit suicide for ANY reason. Just what the hell are you going on about "rather revealing"? Where are you trying to take this now?

  • @Starry2000 Idiot? I was simply taking your assertions to their logical conclusion. BTW, you still doing it. No real obstacles? Perhaps if they didn't have to interact with any other people it wouldn't be an obstacle, but that isn't usually the case. You don't seem to understand that being hated for something that isn't actually a defect or disability is actually a worse situation. Oh, and suicide WAS just as large a problem in the disabled community until society became more accepting of them.

  • @PriscillaRelentless "he first year wasn't so bad for me. "

    The year I refer to was the one year they pulled the gay card on me. I have been bullied for more than 1 year at school. I have actually been through a lot personally. But I didn't kill myself. There are a lot of women out there that are at the emotional and financial mercy of abusive spouses, they don't kill themselves.

    The entire point here is that killing yourself due to completely irrelevant people, with the future ahead is awful

  • Wait a minute…
    She wants him to apologize for what he meant?
    I thought people had the right to mean whatever they want to in the US.
    No matter ho appalling it is?

  • @MrFishus i dont remember her saying he should be banned from saying anything.
    or do you not understand what freedom of speech is?

  • This man is fucking lying. He didn't think his FB comments would go public so he opened up about his own personal opinions. He's on national TV now so he's lying.

  • What a guy can't talk about how he feels? Don't schools usually support expression? Now they only support expression as long as it's politically correct.

  • @TouchMulaGANG "innocent children" Oh wow, you think straight kids are innocent? Obviously, you weren't around the straight teens that I was around. They were talking about sex in some very explicit terms and about their violent games and about their drug filled music videos.

    I was a worthless, disgusting thing as a lesbian, but I talked a lot more properly and I had more values than a lot of those innocent, value filled, Christian teens. If you're a Christian parent, there's a wake up call.

  • I disagree completely with the hateful sentiments that were behind this teacher's posts. However, I think he brings up an interesting point about making the day of remembrance SOLELY about the homosexual victims of bullying that committed suicide. I honestly don't know if this guy was smart enough to make this point, but bullying is an issue that extends beyond sexuality. Since purple is a color identified with the gay community, I think the school should've picked another color to represent all

  • @breemystic im talking about young children who are brought up thinking being gay is right.. you turn on the TV all you see is gays now a days, its sick and there is nothing wrong with explicit sex and violence, weed is okay too… im just saying we need to stop promoting gays and start promoting education and 2 girls fooling around is sexy, but having a serious/commited relationship is wrong too..

  • @TouchMulaGANG Are you serious, there is a lot wrong with children seeing explicit straight sex. If I had children I wouldn't allow them to see explicit sex of any kind. There's a lot wrong with children seeing violent video games, shows and movies too. There's also a lot wrong with children being exposed to drugs also.

    Nobody is asking you or your children to think that being gay is right. I'm certainly not asking that. Most gay people just want respect and to be recognized as human beings.

  • @FatJoe214 Yes he is more than welcome to disapprove of gay people. That wasn't the problem here.

    The problem is that he's supposed to be an educated school official and write mature, educated, respectable content. His post was filled with derogatory terms in the first place and he was saying that he would be happy for the day when all gay people commit suicide and that he wanted gay people to get aids and die. Is that really okay? seriously?

    That's way more than just disagreeing.

  • @TouchMulaGANG And by the way, when I say we're just asking for respect, here's an example of what I mean.

    The first example is the fact that rape, sexual assault and things of that nature are wrong and I don't approve of those things. However, at one point I worked in a teen behavioral home in a unit with patients who had committed those types of crimes. Even though, I thought that they did something wrong, I treated them like friends, not worthless deviant pariahs some people see them as.

  • I don't buy it. His apology is as sincere as BP's apology for the Gulf disaster. This may be over for the majority of us, but its far from over for him yet. Lets just hope his children learn something proper from this.

  • He wasn't sincere at all! There are constant pauses when you can clearly tell hes like a child about to be slapped on the wrist by his mom if he doesn't say anything. Even when he says that he doesn't want kids to die, there is that pause like he's thinking in his mind 'wow, I can't believe I actually have to say this crap'

  • @mrjamesb562

    Bigot: a person obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group with hatred and intolerance

    That is the definition I use. When you say that others are intolerant of your views, that is comparing apples and oranges, as you like to repeat ad nauseum,

    I would not support tolerance of Nazism, and I sure as fuck will not support your backwards ignorant scientific-illiterate opinion.

  • I see Ben's point, but the delay on whether he wished they were dead or not was a bit much. I lean towards Ana's interpretation a bit more.

  • @ViciousGX At about 3:40

    I never said anything about banning anything.

    It just seems to me that she wants him to apologize for being a bigotted asshole, not his statement.
    While the statement could be seen as harmful, he has the right to be a dick and say dick-ish things in private, as long as he doesn't hurt anyone.

    It seems that TYT is more about condemning people and taking a high moral stands, rather than discussing the subject matter.
    Its a bad trend.

  • @bluefootedpig, I don't want my tax money going to a voucher system that would allow people to send their kids to schools that would have a certain religious slant or even political slant. I believe the public school system is the only option.

  • @AnotherAgnostic So you are worried some of your tax money, which is a very small amount of the overall taxes, would be going to a school that still teaches and benchmarks the same, but might have a religious slant, yet we have proven that students in school come out very liberal and more and more without any religious to them. Sounds more like public school, has its own agenda and you are just more supporting that agenda. Kind of hypocritical if you ask me.

  • @MaryJesusJoseph Even if he did say that there's nothing wrong with being gay, it wouldn't have actually changed his mind. While he disgusts me (and yes, he is an ill-fit father IMO), you can't control his thoughts.

  • I think I agree with Ben on this one. He did seem sincere, BUT he did hold those views and so much so that he was flippant about it. I think the guy did listen to the criticisms and actually thought about his beliefs.

    This is usually what happens to people who are challenged about their belief structures, and the person is open/honest about it. They will tend expand their view, OR be more certain of their view.


  • it is amazing how adults can act so juvenile. this fool was involved in "educating". he's probably sorry because he expected support, and laughs, and got outrage instead. he's like the people who post that they hate their job on facebook, and then suddenly get fired. oops. he learned that words have consequences, but he hates gays still. he implied that those weren't his true feelings, not sure how ben thinks that is a sincere apology. is it because he learned not to say how he feels? *shrugs*

  • @vyshious I don't believe I ever said I wanted to control his thoughts. You asked "what else could he say"–I said what he could have said. You said the criticism was harsh–I say it was deserved. The fact that he actually believes the vile shit he says doesn't make it any less repellent.

  • @TouchMulaGANG

    you stiraghts sicken me to death, always puting on the "if your not like us then you need to die"

    go join that idoit school borad leader

  • @dEdGrimley

    you can go and join this idoit also, to which we will call both of you out. Act like an adult, not someone who thinks anyone whose not stiraght should die

  • @llamahamfat

    i can't take you seriously when you can't even put together a proper sentence. Come back when you re-take english/gramar class, then i'll unleash a bunch of breeder comments to you.

  • I must answer to someone who had replied on a previous comment of mine, and by this I say to everyone: being gay is as natural as being an alcoholic. It is just capitulation in front of the vice of lust, nothing to be proud about. The purpose of sexual intercourse is not lust, that is just an accessory.

  • @Lair1990 Free speech is not an unqualified right. E.g., it's a crime to yell "Fire!" in a theater, if there's no fire. And it's universally recognized that there's such a thing as hate speech, just as there are hate crimes. People in positions such as a Board of Education member simply cannot publicly say blatantly ignorant, bigoted, embarrassing things against minorities & expect to keep their jobs. Goes with the territory. Besides being bigoted, hateful & ignorant, he lacked common sense.

  • @TouchMulaGANG I wish people would stay informed about real science. Most people are born either straight or gay and eventually discover which they are. Same as being left- or right-handed. Coincidentally, the percentage of gays in the population is about the same as the percentage of lefties. Perhaps we shouldn't let those lefties mix with the innocent, right-handed children?

  • @vortigauntfan
    From that video, it's clear at how sick minded people can be….even when they tried their hardest to hide it.

  • Certainly seemed more contrite than most people that would write such horrific things. Ben is likely right: someone made him think of his own children. Even if he were to condemn them (if one of them just happened to be gay) it takes a particularly despicable person not to be devastated when their own child commits suicide, for whatever reason. The man shows a degree of empathy that most Republican Congressman couldn't even fathom.

  • @RonShimokaji2011 Well if he had done it the day afterward, that would imply that he was drunk and was too shitfaced to comprehend the impact his decision would have when he was sober again. No, I think he knew what he was saying, and he regretted it for failing to remember that those children that committed suicide happened to have parents, likely not too different from him. Are you completely incapable of imaging a right-wing person having the ability to empathize? Bad timing, but he did it.

  • @Starry2000 Well good for you, but last time I checked, a sample size of one doesn't count for a national statistic on this issue. Teenagers can't always see the future ahead of them, they're so caught up in the day-to-day bullshit of middle school and high school. And not everyone is strong enough to stand up to daily harassment: they stop seeing a way out, and their self-worth reaches such a low point they no longer see any reason to continue what they consider to be a pointless existence.

  • @llamahamfat You CAN express your opinions freely…as long as you're willing to face up to the consequences. Fortunately for you, it's nearly impossible to do that when you hide behind a really stupid handle and make anachronistic remarks. Don't you feel special, being a bigot on the internet, so novel.

  • @tehKap0w Makes sense until you realize that he resigned: if he was really committed to his viewpoint, he would have held firm and remained at this post. So either he is being sincere, or he's a bit of a pussy.

  • If this man is sincere, then why did he, in the first 20secs. of the interview, say that he make ignorant comments. His apology is actually self-serving and dishonest in the mien. His choice of words in this interview is nothing more than a self-justification of his ignorant and homo-phobic statements. Please condemn this kind of homophobia with the loudest voices you can.

  • "we're battling over something to which we can't possibly know the answer, we can't know what's in his head". <3

    That's so fucking good to hear someone say, and so rare. Think of all of the arguments had here on just youtube comments, let alone in the news that are founded in some major degree on the flawed assumption that we know what someone is thinking, and that other peope claiming the same are incorrect, all without any evidence.

    "that's what you xyz's all want, you abc and think EFG!" NO

  • Dear homophobic, ignorant bastards. Blame straight parents for spawning gay children. Go fuck yourselves, the world is changing :/

  • @glockguy9mm I can handle the "truth" , in order for something to be the truth you should have some evidence to support it… which I assume you do not, and yo are still a giant cuntnugget

  • I hate these bigots. They are the fags. I don't care if he apologised. What you write down on the internet is on the record forever, and for someone who is noteable in some sense or another, writing that crap is just the worst thing you can do to your image. He showed his true colours and now he is attempting to make himself look good.

    Keep up with the times.

  • @DogsneedpIeasuretoo I currently can't come up with a logical arguement against yours. But it's a complicated issue, and for something so unnatural, (unlike homosexuallity) there may be reasons against it neither of us can currently think of. Like it perhaps being bad for the animal's psyche. But as a skeptic, I'll seriously consider your point as to why it's okay. I only ask that you seriously consider any arguement(s) (if any) I later present as to why it's not.

  • What bugs me is that this relative pee-on in the political landscape gets all this pressure to resign but state house members and even federal gov members say similar things and there is a moment of outrage but it passes and they get reelected and even run for president. Really I would rather see this guy keep his job rather than see Rick Santorum or Michelle Bachman run for president or hold seats in the federal gov.

  • It was very clear what was in his head when he wrote the comments. If you are that evil against gays, it doesn't change. He's as bad as a skinhead or KKK.

  • • Breaking news! Utube /watch?v=ofrA1BUyMyQ&feature=fvst
    • Gene Robinson is an openly gay Episcopal bishop in NH USA
    • Jesus never condemned homosexuality
    • Leviticus is largely NOT applicable to Christians-it is the old law
    • Ex U.S. President Jimmy Carter is Pro-Gay Marriage & is a devout Christian
    • Approximately 38% of adult straight men have had anal sex with a female. Ref: CDC
    • Many animal species exhibit gay behavior-PROVEN
    • Utube /watch?v=nMCi6428YBk
    • Utube /watch?v=LJu6MA_wF7o

  • Please watch this important youtube video about Obama helping gays at the federal level

  • Same-sex marriage is legally recognized nationwide in Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Iceland, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Sweden and in many parts of Brazil.

  • nice^^ at least america has a couple states were gays can marry sadly no were in australia . soon the world has to grow the fuck up. though i can only hope.

  • We've made a lot of progress in a very short time. The gay equal rights movement has been characterized as the fastest progressing civil rights movement in history. Keep a chin up! 🙂

  • Yes, but Anderson Cooper and CNN are Both Anti Christian.
    This guy is an idiot that is true.
    People have a right to live any way they want to in life.
    Whether that be Gay, Straight or other wise.
    But the truth is Anderson Cooper is Anti Christian.

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  • He didn't rape anyone's sister. He didn't do anything. This isn't minority report over here. We don't commit people for crimes they haven't done.

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