Analysis of Sarah Palin Resignation Speech

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Analysis of Sarah Palin Resignation Speech

ladies and gentlemen all has sitewide wifey sheet take yourself out nobody took her
out she is cannot right before for the july
was like over that it’s my foot chat show so vital five and said i’m
resigning who’s one of those preserve things
they’ve ever seen and doyle was that it was our press
conference win that she knows that with plenty decent ducks and things going off in the background and quacking away and her making no sense whatsoever the
docs made more sense than she did now so why does she do it three possible
choices uh… one was for political reasons he’s
going to go uh… around the country raising money
for people giving speeches lay the foundation for a run for
president in twenty twelve now that theory is a little bit of a
problem she obviously realize when she was doing
was politically damaging otherwise she would have released that
right before fourth of july weekend in an effort to burry late on a friday this is how you very bad news so she
knew it was bad news so if you think this bad news why is she going and doing it now well you know you can’t say that it
might be position papers for term head but a long term she thinks it helps the
frontiers in twenty twelve if she thought that she was wrong this is being paid is saxton and it’s not gonna help room twenty two
while the role role coming out and say hey this that make
any sense how could they will be running the
affairs former county who’s a republican paola might run against a repeat in that
for the senate seat at some point so she comes out and saying she’s left uh… the people of alaska dickhead those things are expected but fred barnes for the weekly standard someone who is the supported her all
along coming out saying this was a really bad move it might white powder
chances in twenty twelve so obviously if he thought that’s what
she was doing badly misjudged now second possibility yes that there’s a upcoming scandal coming
up and she’s trying to get in front of it yeah i i i dare you to spend more
time with your family unified for alaska america you know it’s a it’s fairness
fairness there me okay it’s you know it could have been scandal
of people are talking about federal authorities are ready in alaska and
maybe favors for some i lead uh… we are not they’ve said governor bill is not
accurate uh… under active investigation that makes it a little less light through the third possible risk it’s about some money about sti there five hundred thousand dollars in
debt right now because the wall litigation they’re
going through fighting all the ethics charges and they think it’s time to catch it remember all the clothes she bought not hundreds of two thousand dollars
with the close of this error when she was running uh… for vice president your member all the different stories
that todd gitlin set up a lot of how much they love the parks and the money
and how she collected per diem for sitting in our house coming down the like sixty five bucks a
day that’s how much they cared about the money that she does a great issue remains the
government last ca well you know that you can’t go and do
speaking circuit around the country but if she’s no longer tied down the
alaska all of sudden she can go and get huge speaking
engagements throughout the country and cash now at our hike and of course is an upcoming book deal
and then of course is going to publicity for that book deal i don’t know if she’s
lookin for t_v_ options afterwards or if he thinks that you know what all
do this i’ll make a ton of money will be set for life which we care a lot
about and then you know what if i’ve done a good job of
making a speech is and i’m in a decent position with the republican base well for all run for office into a
twelve is and when i was made aware the primers and if i were the primary said a shot at that the president that ari go into the primaries and i
lose i get a little bit more physicist justin started it yet so my theory is and it’s backed up by the speech issue
here the resignation speech and then many interviews which were dennis
sherrie physicians who are for the month and if we can help grow in politics
later great isn’t that’s the key to live with but mainly it’s time to get paid so now let’s go to the resignation
speech and you’ll see what i have a czar was into and he’s mentioning money over and over again first clip is uh… clip number eleven here uh… if she’s she’s on a mission uh… for alaska in the country of us listen lab technician to contribute to america universities in the world antiaircraft
guns have a lot of anti-g_a_t_t_ cans fabled visionaries in this candidate in
the last time and be part of america’s grande estates and hard estimates of the least by
responsibly developing our natural resources flight and bus with clean air and water
and wildlife in general and oil and gas it’s energy dot venus
energy so certain states in such a humbling responsibilities because i know when i saw all of that
alaska is especially important for america’s security in such a volatile
world today and my nobody you know we might now i’d
promised four years ago that’s finally showing my independence and
there would be no more conventional politics as usual here’s my first s there was something like this is for the
first time uh… and since the elections a saucer
panel for the first time hope he was there handlers he’s really stupid but i saw every you know intermission david every
species they nearly every speech made during the campaign that was already painfully obvious that
stupid she was but you look at this single what are you
talking about lady cattle and off us directing the way that things
are going in alaska energy and you know god gave us energy for as well as god gives energy you know that the states as well the
contractor as other members of his even more combo things like the work too capitalize capitalize things in parentheses mostar’s around it was like a fourteen-year-old wrote it you know i really wanna say r_e_m_ of the state of alaska l l l okay goldman’s adult within the document usage has a lot of this thing that you can hardly hear is a good thing you can hear does not
have that made it look that’s that’s but i’ve never this she’s not politics as
usual she’s a show okay all right now with a good number two anchee min tells why she turned on the
stimulus money to try to understand this and we are doing well angrily receipt with your morning proved their more family in this case
good progress and how to tackle outside interests special interested in doing what’s
happening doesn’t listen to some of your state even those debt ridden stimulus dollars
don’t force a heavy-handed federal government is going to use within on
that issue i’ve taken the slings and arrows without
unpopular move because to veto that it was the right thing to
do because idle derives from his bergen popular however the pakistani
take some of those dollars would harm alaska link on america the dollar’s with harm alaska the dollars would harm alaska but he will decide that’s what i’m
amazed that misuses you know off the top and she can’t connect one sent this to
another he found who can you do have a but you are not she’s like all the
dollars will hurt alaska and it will hurt the country they don’t you wanna say taking the money would hurt us in the
long run although it might help us in the long run most of the dollars for alaska uh… if that’s how you think
they add up to a mountain as one nonsensical centers follows another and she has this way of speaking that i
i had a theory on before enacted it’s confirm every time i was in
there they taught her how to speak in public
when she was on t_v_ remembers his a sports anchor on t_v_ and i know the consultants on t_v_ tell
you this the net active inquiry directing alaska in this way and i want that doesn’t make sense it’s because you won’t be active with
the word directing insurance and if you don’t want complete
phrases if u listen to a local news station the wall street in complete sentences
wannabe want to get away with a one day after so she’s internalize that so she never
speaks in complete sentences are always fragments and the sound as if they’re accurate but in fact the sound of server any
adult would realize this but she apparently does or he keeps going now within the next
live here she starts to get to watch is doing this
in the first place suppose someone about skin and the political uncertainty pepper
politics of personal destruction haydn we’re looking at more than half a
million dollars in legal bills in order to set the record straight and what about the people who offer up
these silly accusations it doesn’t pass them by the time cell
wall in a way to stop during the public resources spending other people’s money
comiskey gold stocks different things well we’re going to be true well we have found that among those and
will let you and so on the staff is insist such here
past deal with this stuff in her mind you know how to some girl overly
ambitious people can do anything about anything they’re doing in just one of
her on the resume nevermind should go down a resume nato
governor of alaska about that cover but why waste my time here a severe decision made the decision not
to read rerun for governor she thought maybe fiery one that’ll help my
political career but now that if she decided she died on
a rerun someplace fellow here makes money man go ahead this these are not that i owe
five hundred thousand dollars on a nation of all in money an interest
in making money and second of all uh… these everything’s bothered the
hell out of me they filed an ethics complaint on her after he resigned and if you’re in the
private sector you ever worry about ethics addicts and they live is the private sector now if you thought so this was confusing wakefield equipment before tissue damage
to the best one out this horse race might raise this to take a stand and
affect change and not just cara had info on that’s now in most states had in mind
millions on your dollars go down the drain is new political environment rather we know
we can affect positive change outside governments at this moment in time
another scale actually make a difference for our
priorities and so we will for alaskans and for
americans let me go back quickly to a comfortable analogy for me tennis courts
basketball and i use it because you are naive if you don’t see how full court
press from the national level particularly right now ambient point
guard here’s what she does she drives to a full court press protecting them off
to keep your hands up because he’s a keeper on the basket and she was exactly
when the path of also the fifteen can win and that is what i’m doing keeping our
eye on the ball that represents sound priorities community including energy
independence and smaller government and national security and freedom and i know when it’s time get past the
mall for victory at that it is is that why you didn’t just dog
walkers he said the more appropriate analysis having as you know you’re playing basketball also you decide to stop by and i’ve always
had a brake pads everybody’s confused as to what you’re
doing and why he did that okay there passing the ball how do you helping to get things done in
alaska where you no longer going to be an office in alaska what was great was i thought right after
the speech right so i was watching c_n_n_ ice anderson cooper toward her press that person who was sleepin new york on vacation for so anything that made a great point if this was so well coordinated wiser may spokesperson on vacation and it’s worth it you know uh… in alaska we care about
family a family comes first the winner had already planned sagepub com
accompanied by attacks discussions that in the over the last
minute in the mother daughter spokesperson it’s crazy rate but then when response first is i
thought about this analogy anderson cooper was like i don’t know thing about that school please stop talking about that initiative going is that would have to reiterate i don’t
know a thing about sports so what’s making things that i’ve been words i
could understand said i was like braverman disagree pretended that honor amassing maybe i’m just saying birthday they weren’t so now this thirty
continues i love this making another shot at this filled with photographs for you expressed opposition put together here we go we go back to the money here and then within fifteen to fall or if you can’t put or fifty some alaskan fifteen states medial mind
we seem to have a balanced a time that i didn’t do and i cannot stand here is
another and allow millions of dollars and all
that time there waz just so that i can hold the title of governor him i’m with
my children allowed anyway and some of the question of timing it isn’t
let me just say that this decision has been in the works for a while in fact this decision comes after much
consideration prayer and consideration and finally i pulled the most important
people in my life my kids account was unanimous well in response to asking unique if you want to make a positive
difference in fight for our children’s future from outside the governor’s
office it was for yeltsin’s and landed belly-up and that really i feel that
again someday i’ll talk about the details of that gahlawat though much of it for the kids
have to do with recently seen there may be better trained mocking ridiculed by
some proves period adult recently and by the way i see which folks could
never understand calls that we can learn all of us from
someone like trade at how you know he’s ny but i know that i need him even more and what a child can offer to set
priorities right we’ve known that time is precious the world needs more trades not fewer likes to go back to see work this out the jei but if all those lessons that
this is okay but then let’s try to focus in on what i think she was there she quit for trade because people were making fun of trade she just in an article in some runners
magazine where q_ public radio if you know how people talking about
trade don’t put it in in pictures with yourself like that and let
me know and i a great mom or that you know might get out of the savannas via
cellular absent from my well what would be you like it by the way no one part of the new is
talking about trade you have wrestle handed me a couple inches for a and
she’s an adult who started against four-month-old fred flawed and it was he one of the asked for
haitians patriotic positive change outside the
governor’s office yelling at metric is by the end use it sunday in the investigator and always
act and then at kelly air so i’ll tell you later please see a lot of it is going to do it
letterman says the later victory causes impose life off the air how much stop bringing your kids into
this the social each defense shield issue puts up
anytime you criticized helping police still be she is she’s we’re talking
about i guess no under what are you cargo plane tragedy okay so now finally onerous mission
clipped the the speeches that number sixteen if you’re going around three we just got accomplished
inflorescence first things first has added five
landmine john and i’d love alaska and it hurts to make his choice that i’m
doing what’s best for alaska and i have explained why though i think in this
e-mail makers refrigerator in the magnet is that dot is there a different story that your
enemies normally anyway but i did my reasons please no more politics as usual and i’m
taking my fight for what’s right for alaska begin a new direction outside of alaska dobara sliding your enemies or age
anyway that’s why you just did at fifteen
minute speech explaining it and you’re right over your parents
magnet was right there now that all at fifty value given a coherent speech and
you explain real reason why you’re leavin okay then maybe what a healthier but i
love against another defense joshi puts up she puts a spews this load of crap
and so that there have been don’t you dare come against me and asking why i quit remember my
parents mag you’re one of my head and united said first things first twice i was looked at her stupid transferred if she had written it twice or jesus
tumble no she wrote to us first things first so first things first you re-send nieces if the republicans who said no no it’s the media’s fault and the if you look at her she action
makes a lot of sense and that is one smart and i wonder as my leader imagine how embarrassing it is wanting persual leader to represent you you wonder why the republic parties
become an embarrassed


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