Alessandra Ambrosio Reveals Why She’s Retiring From The Victoria’s Secret Runway | Access Hollywood

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Alessandra Ambrosio Reveals Why She’s Retiring From The Victoria’s Secret Runway | Access Hollywood

Alessandra Ambrosio owning the runway in
her last Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show which took place last week in Shanghai
China well Alessandra is retiring her wings
after 17 years we are not happy about this
Nathalie now just saying why why are we hanging up the wings Wow you know I just
have like so many projects that I’ve been working on and it was time for me
17 years I love victoria’s secret family you know
they’re always being my heart and I would be always cheering for them but it
was time to let it go what are you gonna miss most though well I think I have all
the girls you know the Angels they’re amazing like when we spend time together
shooting and the show the show is always fun that’s a good time that we have like
to be all together you know and share everything that we have happening in
life did you get to keep the wings please tell me you stole a pair of wings
oh I should Raya should ask Edie tonight for one of those wings one of
the iconic wings that we had was it emotional for you taking that last walk
down the runway it was you know it was very emotional and even before I’m
backstage add to the speech and it was really beautiful and then I wanted to
say something to the girls and but it was so much fun you know wish we did the
show in Shanghai which was new and it was like the biggest venue we ever done
it and it was like it’s incredible like I can’t wait for tonight to be on the
like on tv your daughter was there with you what did she think about the whole
experience well I took her backstage with me for a little bit they weren’t
lit like letting her in but I was like I sneaked her and she took a picture with
all the girls she was like a sensation in there and that she it was good for
her to see you know a little bit of what I do like behind the scenes a little bit
which is crazy back there what goes on behind it is everything you know it’s
just like if there’s so much going on there like so many meteors and we’re
getting hair and makeup and know like the beautiful wings everything we have
you know it it’s kind of crazy backstage but we have so much fun there’s always
music you know like from the performance we can hear in the back and we’re always
like dancing and having a good time now you even gave the girls a little bit
of a speech and emotional pep talk before
what did you say well you know I just I don’t I don’t even remember I was so
nervous when I said it and you know I just wanted to say that there I don’t I
don’t remember actually you know I would have to watch the video but I just
wanted to thank everyone and you know and say that I’d like just how everyone
to have a good time I don’t remember I was like you know I I’m not used to
doing a speech and and everybody was fine it was yeah but an emotional yeah
well you do have so much stuff going on daddy’s home we love you in these movies
tell us something funny about Mark Wahlberg John Cena and Will Ferrell like
waiting one word about each or something mark he’s very professional you know
he’s just like a really really good actor and very nice person to everyone
we’ll probably the funniest guy I’ve ever hang out with so I couldn’t stop
laughing the whole time you know he is funny like you know and everything he
comes up everything he adds to it it just makes everyone to crack up once
that you know everyone is like laughing and John he is you know he’s like that
kind of tough guy but super sweet he’s intense though – yeah well he can be
intense when you acting but otherwise he’s like nice and you know a sweet guy
yeah I love it all right let’s look let’s go back here
net let’s start put up here mm your very first Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show
what do you remember about your first time down memory lane right that wasn’t
kin in friends my first show and I was I got to be on the runway with one of my
idols you know like a lot of my idols like Stephanie Samer Carrie Mulder Wow
yeah there was a lot of you know the girls that I used to look up to they
were doing the same right away and I was I couldn’t believe I was there you know
I was like just pinch me like I can’t believe it and look at 2005 your
lingerie entirely made out of candy oh and all I can say it’s yummy it smells
so good and it tastes good I got to eat a few beads there you know 2008 now you
walked in this show is this right I don’t know if mine this says my notes
say three months after giving I look very tan actually that picture
but yeah that was three months after I had my daughter on job and yes I was
working out a lot before you know like the two months that I had because the
first month I didn’t work out and then the last two months that I had before
the show and it was a goal that I set it to do and I’m like I want to do the show
I don’t want to miss it and I was able to you know and oh yeah in America
Stassi you know like that Brazilian war like very yummy
now let’s is this one the one also another little secret going on here
there’s your you were pregnant exactly I was pregnant of my son and I think it’s
like 2011 yes so under the my – – my – – yeah there’s like a little tiny belly I
was like three months and a half pregnant of my son so you know it’s like
a half a little more with your second right it pop earlier yeah so I was glad
that I had 2012 you wore the Fantasy Bra for the first time in this like this
gazillion dollar bra that’s like the big the big honour to wear the bra it was
such an honor and I will never forget it was so beautiful that the Fantasy Bra
and it was my dream coming true you know all I wanted to do it’s like to wear the
Fantasy Bra and they gave me this beautiful one right after I had my son
gorgeous now look at the dream Fantasy Bra in London and you wore this along
with Adriana Lima your friend super especial and like we got to be on the
run away together it was the first time Victoria Secret put two models on the
runway and she’s like my angel sister I started she was there already when I
started and she helped me so much from the beginning so it was a great time to
share you know spent together and it was very emotional – you’ve got a lot of
shows we go out the last picture of this is your last show in China right here
that I do and you’re gonna get to see that tonight because the Victoria’s
Secret Fashion Show airs tonight on CBS at 10 p.m. thank you so much I want it
takes with those boots on Oh out forever yeah they take like at least many of you
20 minutes gorgeous yeah congratulations good luck with everything else coming
your way you


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