Acosta, Trump address press after labor secretary submits resignation


  • And just like Acosta… Conald will be sent to jail when he's indicted after he is voted out in 2020.. he is the swamp

  • a p.o.s is a p.o.s. regardless if the dipshit dumpsterfire thinks its not….nobody except the idiots gives two shits what you think dumbass

  • Didn’t he get confirmed by the Senate. Why didn’t they bring this stuff up. As long as he didn’t talk to any Russians then it was OK.

  • Can we serve some Mussolini justice on the White House lawn to the entire Trump Crime Family?
    Why waste time and money on the endless criminal trials to come? MAGA!

  • Ugh! Terrific guy ? Such lunacy. Maybe both should have resigned and skipped town! Done everyone a big favor. There are plenty of decent, more qualified men and women out there to do their jobs.

  • Another unforced Trump error, Trump could have quickly released Alex from his position and made a statement of support for the victims of his friend Epstein. Insead Trump has to watch TV and see what the news cycle distates what he needs to do next. Trump is secretly worried that the raid at Epstein's will turn up images and records of dirty dodger Donald in action. Hope they investigate Trump for this relationship too!

  • I love Trump but did anyone think maybe this guy would be a problem having been directly involved in cutting deals that let a monster loose. They should have that island occupied and secured with federal agents. Probably horrors beyond imagination or evidence of it. I heard there was a massive fire the other night on his island. How convenient

  • These are the elite pedophiles we have been griping about. We have to face the fact that trump is a part of it.

  • "They were happy with the deal, 12 years ago, now they're not."
    Who is THEY? (certainly not the victims…)

  • Trump is known to walk in on junior beauty contestants dressing. Pedophiles stick together. I hope there are tapes. These people and trump are sick.


  • Trump's cabinet that have resigned…13
    Obama's cabinet that resigned…0
    Trump: "I'll only hire the best".

  • He resigned to take the heat off himself. I think he should be subpoenaed to testify in Congress or somewhere about his sweetheart deal for Epstein. Don't let this ratface MF slink away.

  • Thank you for your service.. It’s a pity thing what’s happening on this country, with a bunch of donkeys at its best, who can’t wait to all the info to come out and are condemning people without having all the information.

  • Great! Now it’s time to lock up the predators starting with Trump, Epstein, and Kavanaugh! These serial rapists have assaulted girls and women for too long and got away with it because of their wealth and power!!!

  • You know what trump you & acosta standing side by side i wonder which one is FRICK & which one is FRACK. 👁

  • Child abuser and rapist donny tRump is a poor person's idea of a rich man, a stupid person's idea of a smart man and a weak person's idea of a strong man.

  • Just another of the plethora of mistakes the psychotic moron makes as our president in our country even though he continues to commit crimes while fostering anger and mistrust by creating a societal collapse in my United States while just being a TOTAL DUMB AZZ

  • The Sexual Predator in our White House needed to get rid of Acosta. Of course the cable-news-watcher in chief didn’t want Alexander Acosta hanging around. The longer he stayed, the more the story would turn to Trump himself.

  • The Democratic communist socialists party members handbook clearly states in chapter 76 paragraph 215 page 1004 to smear your opponent as often as you can.

  • Hey Trumpistan followers, is the light bulb starting to go off yet? 2 years in office – most cabinet officials fired, resigned in scandal. Most administration turnover in history! Trump is incompetent. Period, end of story. So much for the "I will only hire the Best People" BS you fell for. Aren't you starting to get a little pissed at being played?

  • Two scumbags. You'll never see trump resign. The minute trump's out of office he gets arrested and sent to jail.

  • Trump continues to "drain the swamp"

  • Another one bites the dust. Another one bites the dust.
    And another one gone, and another one gone
    Another one bites the dust …
    The "best" people!

  • Yup he did a great job… The best job… at protecting a christian, pro life child molesting rapist! Murrica!! Usa usa usa! Maga!! Merricans love them pedophiles!! Yeah baby yeah!! Oh Oh but but dont forget hillarys emails!!!

  • So how many senior people have left the Trump administration………..Dumb Donald said he was going to get the best people……it works out cronies and billionaire friends of Dumb Donald aren’t the best people after all.

  • Sounds like a pervert President…shafting his pervert lawyer of labor because …he felt like it…
    Wow…will he do that to all his supporters, zombies and addicts to Trump…get ready for shafting guys and girls…haha…

  • This is nothing but a,sad spectacle. Trump fires the dude, praises him as being Mexican and has the man tout trumps SUPPOSED a. Accomplishments, then THAT dude say he resigns. What a joke

  • So basically Trump still making excuses for a corrupted maggot who gave a rich pedophile a sweetheart deal, important to also note Trump did NOT fire him he resigned of his own volition.

  • We do need to keep talking about this case. It is atrocious what Epstein has done. The tangled web is going to be far and wide.

  • You maga guys support trump sticking up for a guy that let a child rapist and trafficker off the hook? His powerful clients too were covered up by that plea deal. We agree Epstein was trafficking children but we have no idea who the clients are thx to acosta and trump defends this scum PATHETIC HYPOCRITES

  • Another member of the swamp is out. Our president is doing a great job fulfilling his campaign promise! He just forgot to tell us he would be filling the swamp before he drained it.

  • The way the President is gushing over this guy and the fact that we all now know this guy Acosta is not above fudging some words and moving some numbers around. It would be nice to have someone audit the Labor Dept. and it's numbers it's been kicking out.

  • Acosta keeps a pedophile out of jail, and Trump still praises him. No surprise there. Trump obviously has a thing for rapists and pedophiles.

  • What a shock!!!! Another crooked high level cabinet member resigns in disgrace from this administration. When you have by far the most crooked president in modern American history why would anyone be surprised by the number of high ranking officials in his office that would be forced to leave. Funny I have to admit that the Liar-in-Chief who promised to drain the swamp has BY FAR appointed the swampiest cast of characters in my lifetime to work for him (and one by one in unprecedented numbers they have resigned.) It is truly disgusting to watch.

  • Came here for all the “what about” comments. What about Obama, what about Clinton, what about the immigrants? Please don’t say anything about my president and master Donald Trump. You gonna hurt my wittle feelings!

  • Trump Incompetent Cabinet, seems like everyone is a criminal or an Imbecile….because the President is a Mentally Retardation Incompetent person ….That's why he filed bankruptcy 16 times

  • I believe that I am one of the few if not the only one in this comment section that thought President Trump did a great job answering the press… He pointing out fake media and New York Times fake artical about the conditions at the boarder and letting us Patriots know the truths! He made me laugh when he said that the Democrats are not even working! Right!
    I believe in Jesus Christ I believe in Q and Our President! I believe in freedom of speech!

  • GOD is Persecuting USA 4 there leader & MEXICO aint accepting U this time pilgrims only the women…Who do you blame 4 the natural disasters ,,its summer in the rest of the world racist are flying in storms & drowning in floods

  • What in the hell does the condition of the economy or him being Hispanic have to do with him not notifying those many victims that were sexually abused of their abuser being dismissed with a sweetheart deal. I didn’t put a question mark because the answer is absolutely nothing.

  • Announcing another acting replacement for another White House appointee. By election time there should not be a single person left that was approved to serve the country. Trump has surrounded himself with second choices that will follow his lead or be replaced.

  • Why is Donald so proud of his members leaving his administration?.. I mean I get that they've done their fair share of duties but leaving an important position at the white house..?? This feels like reverse socialogy..

  • Trump: "I've known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy… He's a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side."

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