Abraham Hicks New 2016 – Resigning From The Struggle – Now WHAT?? (Law of Attraction)

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Abraham Hicks New 2016 – Resigning From The Struggle – Now WHAT?? (Law of Attraction)

Abraham Hicks New 2016 resigned my job but if you get my
purpose in life and I know you’re so my question is now what the law of attraction word resigned is an interesting word
and we want to call your attention to it because of the benefit of what it means can be to you I resigned sort of
resignation meaning I sort of gave up to the pounding forward in the unhappiness
that I was living so I just sort of gave and I decided to stop the struggle yes
yes well then the now what is really bright if you really have stopped the
struggle because as you’re living in afternoon living than asking them living
an Afghan the living in asking all kinds of things have been lined up for you and
all of those things have been available to you lots of good ideas and lots of
wonderful good feeling path productive abraham hicks new 2016 profitable good feeling path where you
would feel productive and you’re working you would feel happy and it and you
would feel and heard where you would know that your contribution was a value
all of those things that you’ve been asking for are all lined up for you but
in your railing against the unpleasantness and the injustice from
your point of view of what you were living you are not relaxed or given in
and so you have a sort of schilder barricade up that keeps you from getting
in the receptive mode where the good ideas about what next we’ll come so the
important thing for you to do now don’t let yourself get into a law of attraction position
where you are defending and justifying your reason for leaving don’t stay in
the railing against pushing against mode that you were in resigned from that
resigned from all of it in the way that you walked away do you know your
opportunity your probability of being in a vibration that will allow your
refeeding of the next good idea and the next if much more powerful now than it was when
you were tangled up in the math of all of that unfairness that you were living so
what’s next is to just enjoy the feeling of resigning enjoy the feeling of giving
up the battle enjoy the feeling of Fame alright inner being alright for synergy
alright universe viewers have given it up Abraham hicks new 2016 show me the past and it is our promise
to you ideas are gonna start flowing and gonna be a lot of law of attraction fun okay thank you

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  • I’m am choosing between leaving and pursuing my path or staying and wait for the path unfolding first before leaving. In other video Abe emphasize on don’t leave because of unhappinesses. But here abe says after leaving there’s a higher chance of being in the receptive mode. Not sure how those things connected.

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