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In the third section of Chapultepec Forest A particular tank of water has been abandoned for months or years with dolphins and sea lions in a water park. It is closed The dolphins are surviving in stagnant water. The green colour of the water can barely let us see the bodies of the dolphins moving From outside you can hear their screaming. Hey Yo! We’re in Bosque Chapultepec in the central area of Mexico City This park is actually one of the biggest
in Latin America. It is the Biggest actually. In this park there are many
many secrets we’ve seen the abandoned train station. and I was told about an
abandoned water park called Atlantis We’re here today, we have found it, we
just have to find a way to get in…. Hey… if you can get in, you can get in… Let’s do it! So we just walked in though the fence and immediately there’s this old busted
brick building covered in graffiti, and a lot of trash. I’m not a big fan of abandoned places with trash actually, people just dump their garbage here. This place got really famous a little
while ago because there was these images circulating of these seals and these
dolphins that were really unhealthy and they were supposed to be here in
Atlantis. There was a guy in the abandoned place trying to keep them alive,
but they were very very very sick so it resurged this place back into the media,
when those photos were released I think it was all a
disinformation campaign, I don’t think it was actually real what we’re really
hoping not to find dolphins and seals in here today. I really hope not. It literally looks like a bomb exploded in this place, and then someone took a bunch of paint, and then exploded that paint… and then we’re left with Atlantis Yeah… totally totally trashed A lot of subscribers told us to come
here. I’m happy we did this place is very very famous and was very very famous back in
the 80s and 90s. If you were a kid in Mexico City in the 80s and 90s you came here.
It gets super hot in Mexico City in the summer and having this water park downtown central is a great spot to cool off… Now it’s just memories Oh! I found the water slides. Oh he’s taking the easy way.
– He’s thinking smarter
– Smarter not harder – remember that kids Oh man these thorns! Like dog teeth. – Dude, what!?
– I know right they’re huge! So here’s the main building, where we just walked in. Here’s some stairs. I see Cody down here and I also see the wave pool. The wave pool was one of the most
famous things here in the park. It still has water in it. it looks disgusting. Yo! How are the waves Bro?! – Yo. The waves are gnarly! Cody says the waves are gnarly. They look
disgusting. What color is that water, baby poop brown? So this was the wave pool.
Now it’s just a mosquito breeding ground. I will give you 100 pesos if you take a cup of that water and drink it.
– 100 Pesos? That’s a bargain! Old bicycle tires…
this I’m guessing looks like it’s part of a water filter. This is part of the
slide that’s just broken off. A milk crate. It’s full trash. Alright! Exploring with Josh found one of the water slides So you’d whip and tear through these
things and then Whoosh… into the water Want to hear it again? Whoosh. You’d be dead. If we did it now we’d be dead. originally there was two meters of water
there. It would be nice. Okay! I was in football, aka Soccer for
many years my life. I’m gonna try to kick this ratty old soccer ball through that hole. What do you think? Vote below. Three, two, one. Oh Yeah still got it!
Ten years later, still got it. We discovered that there’s two sections
to the water park there’s the entertainment section let’s call it, with
the water slides in the wavr pool and this is the second section which
probably has the animal pools we didn’t see the animal pools over there. This
place has giant concrete walls with barbed wire. We don’t know how to make it happen. Mike, what did you just do? So I took one month of parkour classes
four years ago, and they taught us how to do the wall jump, and we just did
that because we can’t find a way in to the second section. I jumped up
and this is dude is they sitting in one of those plastic white lawn chairs, with a
hoodie on with his phone. Just chilling. He didn’t see me so we’re
probably going to… I mean if we go in, we’re gonna caught because he’s right
there in the middle. We’re gonna try to yell at him over the fence, and see what he says.
– Let’s see if he’ll let us in. This is my strategy. Jump up… and say… Amigo! Amigo… Que tal? He’s like… you’ll see in the footage but he’s a Santa Clausy he kind of
guy. An old sweet grandfather but he’s like… Listen, it’s not my decision, it’s private property. It’s actually really beautiful in there. It looks like a beautiful skate park. All these deep pools where the animals used to be. But he’s like there’s no way, and I can’t give you permission. It is private. The office is over there. I’m like is there any way we can negotiate a permit for 5 little minutes? He’s like there is absolutely no way. If you want to come back on Thursday there’s the offices. You can ask them. but there’s absolutely no way for any amount of money you can come in here. – No worries though, you tried you have drones. We have drone footage… He can’t say no
to a drone. Okay so we have terminated our day a
little bit earlier than we expected in Atlantis because we cannot get into the
second section with the animals. The weird part is there’s that really cool
dome in the middle. We talked the guard again a second time
we asked him four times what’s in the dome, with specific things that could be
in the dome. Is there a pool for seals? Is it storage? He would not answer the
question, he avoided the question three times, so we can’t answer if there is
still wild dolphins or seals in Chapultepec but we’ve explored it as much as we can So! Thanks guys for watching. If you know Exploring with Josh, or Exploring with Cody. They are awesome friends This is there second time here in Mexico City. We get up some
really cool stuff, and there’ll be some more coming. So! Without further ado.
Experiences over Possessions Kick the Grind Yeah man.


  • Ojalá q los animales no hayan terminado como la estructura. cuidemos los animales ellos dependen de nosotros. por favor!!!!!.

  • Esos animales fueron esclavos que le permitieron al dueño ser rico, es posible que ahora queden solo sus restos óseos o esten vivos en pésimas condiciones, con agua verde y mal alimentados. ¡Qué pasa con los ciudadanos de ese lugar que no se manifiestan!!!, qué pasa con los animalistas que no denuncian!!!, qué pasa con la prensa que no investiga ni informa!!!, tristes saludos desde Chile.

  • I have never heard of that water park, the fucking Dóriga gave the news, qué loco con animales acuáticos y todo el show, aprendí algo nuevo en este video cómo siempre.

  • Excelente chicos, amo sus videos m encanto este… yo nunca fui pero cuando era una niña pasabamos x ahi y a lo lejos se alcanzaba a ver LA OLA, q asi se llamaba el balniario 😉

  • Found this on Google Maps Satellite. It looks like there used to be more BEHIND the wave pool – possibly a lazy river???

  • mike ve a grabar a las ruinas san Juan parangaricutirimicuaro Michoacán es un pueblo que esta bajo lava de un volcán paricutin

  • me encanta tu canal ,, los delfines y lobos marinos fueron rescatados lo vi por ahí en otro canal saludos mike

  • It was real! The dolphins and seals were really living there. I was part of empty the tanks 2015 and until the that day we saw some seals, it was really sad. Nobody cares for those animals.

    BTW you're awesome!!!

  • I always wanted to get in there to explore ha, glad to see you guys did it! Great exploration amigos, abrazo

  • If you go to Veracruz you should see the surrounding areas of the downtown there are lots of abandoned houses and they're super creepy

  • You should submit your videos to the History/Discovery channel. Love seeing this from your prospective

  • los lobos marinos los transladaron hace 6 meses a Nayarit y ya están mucho mejor el gobierno de los quitó a la empresa y hai quieren reconstruir un parque pero sin animales, para haceer conciencia sobre la naturaleza pero la dueña del parque no quiere.

    lo bueno es que los lobos marinos ya están asalvo y se. los quitaron ya en Nayarit tienen a tención médica y todo

  • here from Exploring with Josh channel! you talk about things with so much passion. its cool to see your take on things! looking forward to more videos

  • there are abandoned mine towns near the CDMX, but specially in San Luis and Durango, also at the North of the CDMX in Edomex there are huge abandoned developments that people abandoned because the lack of services, and in the North of the country there are a lot if abdoned towns because of the narcos , look them up if its of your interest

  • Hello welcome to Mexico very good research I am glad to see your video because I can appreciate my graffiti the pig pass to visit my channel and you will find the video of when I was alive Mexico

  • The water park was called "La Ola" and it was a totally separate place than Atlantis. A lot of people think that Atlantis and La Ola were one big water park since its right next to each other but the "La Ola opened in 1971 and I believe Atlantis opened 10 years later. Where they kept the animals they are actually trying to remodel it to make it into some sort of nature park or something similar. The animals that where there have now been transferred to Nayarit and are in way better conditions. But besides that great video like always 👌🏻 incredible footage👏👏

  • Loved the video! I remember going to this place when I was 4 or 5 years old, the dome used to be some kind of aquarium if I'm not wrong, I still have a couple photos taken in Atlantis. This is video is nostalgic!

  • hola amigo exelente vídeo, todavía me tocó conocer este lugar y eso que nací en 1997, realmente atroz lo que le sucedió a este parque, saludos 😀

  • Que paso con los delfines? Nunca visite Atlántis, siempre visitaba Las Grutas de Tolantongo, y por lo que veo, el lugar estaba bien,… Saludos desde Cancún

  • Por si a alguien le preocupa saber qué pasó con los delfines y lobos marinos que sobrevivieron años en las aguas estancadas el parque abandonado, pues el informo lo siguiente;

    -Los delfines fueron rescatados y trasladados en junio de 2015 a Guadalajara y Silao:

    -Los lobos marinos permanecieron más tiempo que los delfines, y recién en abril fueron trasladados a Nuevo Vallarta, Nayarit:

    Al parecer todos están en buen estado de salud… afortunadamente!

  • I'm from Mexico and I actually visited the par when I was young.. what happened with the animals? Are they still there?

  • wow I went there often when I was little. I live in Colorado now and I had no idea it was closed, crazy to see what happened to it.

  • Hello Michael, There is a new rule today about dolphins chek this link is un spanish: http://www.sopitas.com/778089-quedan-prohibidos-los-delfinarios-en-la-cdmx-ya-no-se-usaran-animales-marinos-en-espactaculos/

  • Hey Mike, I'm glad that the guard didn't let you in. But I'm super bump about you trying to bribe him, corruption and bribery are a big problem here in México and seeing you encouraging it, is really disappointing, no matter your reasons.

  • very sad that a place for kids has turned into this nightmare.

    quisiera que carlos slim tome control de este sitio y lo arregle para la juventud…. los trenes tambien deverian ser arreglados para la juventud y las familias.

  • I went there, when a I was 7, I can't believe all in there is a mess and abandoned … it is really sad. But this is a GREAT VIDEO! Thanks for share!

  • Esos parques como atlantis y la ola deberían de ser demolidos y regresar esos predios al bosque de chapultepec y reforestarlos nuevamente

  • You entered to El rollo water park that's why there are slides and pools, Atlantis was an amusement park water themed but you couln't swim there it just offered dolphin and sea lions shows and the dome was a little museum about sea life the rest was like a common fair

  • It is said that they let you go to the animal area if you are carrying tuna, although nowadays it is not known what happened with the sea lions, years ago it was known that the Dolphins were rescued.
    It's kind of scary to know that the place is still taking care, maybe the animals are still there.

    Gracias por visitar México ^^ primer canal en inglés que hace este tipo de contenido en áreas abandonadas

  • Que alguien le explique!!!!!!!! Entro a la olaaa, NOOOOOO ENTRO A ATLANTIS 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂…. SE PONEN HACER EXPLORACIONES Y NI IDEA DE DONDE ESTAN 😧

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