Abandoned Tales From the Crypt: Gruesome Discovery (A Vault of Horror)

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Abandoned Tales From the Crypt: Gruesome Discovery (A Vault of Horror)

Sometimes you find what you’re looking
for and other times you get far more than you ever bargained for. As we headed
north in Scotland we stopped on a lonely dirt road to turn at an old and barely
visible overgrown gate, and then down a path just visibly leading to a wood. As
we turn from the idyllic hills in the distance, the path before us led onwards
in the search for an ornate, lost, final resting place of a forgotten and
enigmatic lady who once owned the lands all around us. The rarely told story of
her life and how she came to be here in the middle of nowhere is a fascinating
tale of a woman living out of step with her time, misunderstood and mysterious to
this day. The lady of this wood was a reclusive and very religious woman who
loved animals. She lived with many birds, dogs, some tame foxes and a pet deer
named George who followed her around and ate bread and milk from her hand. In her
day she was seen as strange and is remembered for her quirks more than her
deeds. She never married and was a recluse, though she was considered very
attractive, even until an old age. No painting was ever made of her but she
likely looked much like her mother, pictured here or her sister. She was to
live all alone in a massive Gothic mansion she had built on top of her
family’s 1750s villa that was built by her father. Her brother, the Earl had then
expanded it in stages in 1808 using famous architect David Hamilton and then
James Gillespie Graham. When he died without a male heir she inherited the
vast estates and continued constantly adding to it with a reverence for feudal
buildings creating a wild Gothic Victorian church-like mansion with a
chapel, a tower, the second largest stained-glass window in a British house,
many suits of armor, chandeliers and oriental drawing-room, a huge 50 by
30-foot hall crenelated towers and a bedroom with a Cupid and Psyche theme.
The lands all around had coal mines farms and other operations that she
managed while personally overseeing the construction.
Due to her strong will, complete freedom, lack of a husband and her reclusiveness,
many rumors in high society spoke of her imagined scandals. However, she was known
to be generous especially with her estates families, giving them free coal
for heating. Her animals like George were treated much like people and when they
died they were buried in their own plots. In time, as she retreated into solitude
she was to claim the new house was raised under bad and awful auspices and
that her dog would howl in the most dreadful manner in the next room and yet
in spite of its cries would not leave the dining room. Though her family had
ruled these lands for 500 years, when she died in her 70’s she was the last of her
line. In her will she gave much to the poor, the staff and servants, her friends
and her animals. Her large funerary procession of locals carried her into
the woods where she was interred in a Grecian 1700’s family tomb, where lay her
father and brother, surrounded by nature and far from any buildings. Today her
house is said to be haunted by her ghost that wanders looking fruitlessly for her
long dead pets, her tomb in time faded into obscurity with few ever visiting,
becoming one with the forest, until one day it became almost forgotten and here
our mystery begins. Abandoned Tales From The Crypt: The Lost Lady Of The Forest’s
Vault of Horror. As we travel down this faint trace of a path in search of her
resting place, a Kipling poem comes to mind. They shut the road through the
woods 70 years ago. Weather and rain have undone it again, and now you would never
know there was once a path through the woods. Before they planted the trees, it
is underneath the coppice and heath and the thin anemones. Only the keeper sees,
that we’re the ring dove broods and the badgers roll,
there was once a road through the woods. Where the otter whistles his mate,
they fear not men in the woods because they see so few,. You will hear the beat
of a horse’s feet and the swish of a skirt in the dew, steadily cantering
through the misty solitudes, as though they perfectly knew the old lost road
through the woods…But there is no road through the woods. Beginning to despair of finding the end
of the lost road, or that we had truly lost it along the way,
I finally spied a color and shape in the trees, and slowing an old and crumbling
wall came into sight. It was square and certainly fit the profile of a cemetery. A gateway led inside the enclosure. Was
this the lost tomb?’ A mound of falling stones and grass, overgrown, heaves into
sight. Looking in all directions, it’s clear this place is reclaimed by nature
with not a sign of man. Walking to its ornate front this is clearly the lady of
the forest’s tomb. A dark hole beckons inwards and a stone block lies nearby.
It’s clear somebody has tried to get in. Our curiosity gets the better of us, and
we decide to enter the darkness. Please be aware that what you are about to see
may be shocking, but it’s real and I’ve always promised to show you everything.
The good and the bad. Rusted gates greet us, twisted and bent
downwards. On the floor some refuse and a broken human pelvis. Through the gate a
room of casket shelving. Empty. In the front area lies a casket, the wood
broken from around it. The lead interior has been cut into and torn back. In the
rear a leg bone, a pelvis and other smaller bones. The skull is missing… Higher above it another casket lies
smashed apart, the lead lining also ripped open. On the floor,
a third casket similarly defiled. A skullcap, leg and arm bones, ribs and
other parts are still inside. The fine metalwork on the casket can
still be seen. The slab sealing the receptacle entrances have also been
defaced. But here on the floor, I believe we have
found the lost lady of the forest. Caring and thoughtful in life, forgotten in
death by visitors, now defiled by strangers. The position of the casket in
a side shelf suggests the first two coffins in the front were the earliest
burials. From research we know both her father the Earl and her brother, also
Earl, preceded her and were buried here first. A look above at the top shelf
shows the skull is gone here too, but the jaw was dropped by the robbers. This body
is most likely our lady’s father, who built the tomb in the 1700s. His bones
lie in a jumble in the broken coffin. It’s a sad truth that a black market
exists for human body parts. In most nations one can only legally purchase
them if they are grandfathered scientific specimens.
I suspect the motive here was simple greed, an affront upon a woman who gave
so much in life and left with so little. We glance around the interior. Despite
the outward decay there are no holes, no signs of water. The ceiling perfectly
arches above, untouched. Every other funerary shelf lies empty. We
look around to see if there’s a sign of what the robbers left, or plaques that
have not been taken. Then we notice it. In the lady of the
forest’s coffin. We remember what we first saw earlier and turn back. We do the only
thing we can. We pick up her broken pelvis, left carelessly discarded by the
thieves and we gently return one small part of her back to her resting place. Perhaps in time, again she will find the
peace she sought in life in her vast Gothic mansion filled with her beloved
animals who now surround her in this silent forest. Leaving this place we are
humbled by what we have found. It seems like there are life lessons to be
learned. Be it the transience of wealth, or even
our deeds. Sometimes it’s an adventure that brings us to these places, and for
some urban explorers it’s a sort of meditation, a reverence for the past or
the ability to leave this world for just a moment. It feels like today we have
done so, and found the next and the lady of the forest has allowed us to share
her life story in life with you. But who is left to speak for her or say goodbye,
but these words slowly fading on a grave in front of our eyes. When I am dead my
dearest, sing no sad songs for me. Plant thou no roses at my head, nor shady
cypress tree. Be the green grass above me, with showers and dewdrops wet and if
thou wilt, remember, and if thou wilt, forget. I shall not see
the shadows. I shall not feel the rain. I shall not hear the nightingale sing on
as if in pain, and dreaming through the twilight that doth not rise nor set,
happily I may remember, and haply may forget. Don’t forget to subscribe and join us in
our next exploration, as we take you into the remnants of the Asylum of Seven
Teeth and explore the infamous story of a horrific murder that haunts it to this
very day.


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  • Truly,enjoyed your story..of this lost soul of a recluse woman….summoning it up by…She was once loving and caring,now devilled by strangers! At least the townsfolk gave her the proper funeral presession. You remind me of many Steven King books I've read…but in a more somber and respectful way…Thank you once again for retelling her story( awesome images and editing!!), ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ’š

  • Thank you for sharing her story! Breaks my heart that people feel the need to violate our departedโ€™s remains. Makes me sick.

  • Wow new here. That was a amazing and sad video. But she now will live on. Thanks to you guys. Grate job. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘โ˜บ

  • This make me sick ppl do that thanks for sharing this story her story and hope they are resting in peice much love to you all god bless you all going out do this ๐Ÿ‘โค๏ธ๐Ÿ‘โค๏ธ๐Ÿ‘โค๏ธ๐Ÿ‘โค๏ธ

  • I just donโ€™t understand why anyone would treat the dead like that…..an entire family defiled…..
    Thank you for sharing her story, and extending her memory.

  • Your videos are so awesome and even this tragedy was tastefully done out of respect. Itโ€™s a sad truth/reflection about humanity that there are those who have no respect for the living or the dead. Clearly those bodies would still be interred but for thieves searching the crypts for jewelry etc. it was common for hundreds of years that rings, bracelets, etc were left on the corpses. Thank you for a properly done vid of the deceasedโ€™s remains.
    I also enjoyed your reading what was on a tombstone. May this lady RIP.

  • Did you tell any authorities about the desecration?
    Maybe at first theives were looking for jewels and valuables.
    But someone was on a destructive rampage…
    People are sick.
    Thank you.๐ŸŒน๐Ÿ€

  • At first I was puzzled by so many places for coffins but then remembered it was built by her father. He probably expected that there would be more descendants who would be placed there. He planned for a future that never came.

  • One heck of a nice poem you read at the end! I confess to not being so well read as to know its provenance. Was that on the crypt? Who wrote it?

  • Could some of the โ€œ burstโ€ coffins be a result of a โ€œcoffin burpโ€ and then some dumbass people either looked for jewelry, bones for ritual use, or heard a story of a woman who was a recluse that thru the years of embellishment got turned into a witch, and some man had to prove he wasnโ€™t a wuss, got inside and saw the coffins burst and โ€œkilledโ€ the witch

  • Thankyou for showing this for me! …… The dead, and their final resting places, have been a feature during my young life many years ago…………. I was brought up in a West Highland glen in Scotland, beside an old ruined church and graveyard, and have always respected all who have lived before me!…..I have often wondered what the stories were, in the lives of those departed?…..You have gone to great lengths to find out the history of this poor lady, and have detailed her life in a way that she will never be forgotten, by your excellent video and wonderful sensitive narration!…..Thinkmaker and yourself keep improving in this type of work, and your themes are constantly evolving, ensuring your audiences are never bored!….It is tragic that graverobbers have desectated her and her families final place of rest, and Thankyou for your sensitivity in placing her remains together!……………………old Tich.

  • ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ I'm speechless ! No words needed cuz I agree with everyone else …thank you

  • Hi, that is just so sad, sad that her body has been defiled and sad that the people who did this disgusting act will never be brought to justive. That was a brave and very lovely thing you did by returning that small part of her now incomplete body. Thank you for sharing. x

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