Abandoned Railroad in Pennsylvania Forest

Updated : Oct 23, 2019 in Articles

Abandoned Railroad in Pennsylvania Forest

hello ladies and gentlemen, RailROL82 here. Your railroad archaeologist in uh Pennsylvania so here
I am in the middle town in and homo sound railroad which is exempt I’m gonna
include Google Maps thinks this location you guys just saw that ancient crossing
down there which is exempt telegraph poles and let’s see what this line if
anything has to offer here this came after clinking this is the main over
here although the rails on that looks older
than these wheels so there’s some sort of improvised
crossing here be like a private road one night it’s pretty good for an exempt
track okay if you would what’s up ahead
okay so around the curve it just goes into a more strobe trouble over there
see if I can zoom in or I’ll leave my car on the tundra and as you can see by
the rails guys there isn’t any activity all the way it’s pretty rusty so I’m gonna take you back to the old
school crossing so this is that little improvised crossing of the cross on the
way over here and this is where I began filming over here see I don’t see a future with Stanley oh yeah it’s on the right side okay so I’m
gonna pen over this way and I’m gonna take you guys to the antique almost
pre-historic crossing bear with me so this is what it would have looked like
it’s what it would have looked like it would be on the track we came up to this
old crossing over here look at that beauty alright ladies
gentleman subscriber like check out one of my other vids thank you sayonara


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