Abandoned Quaker Oat Mansion’s Unwholesome Secret


  • Thank you all for watching. I hope you enjoy our first video as we head back to the Emerald Isle! The fisheye correction we have done should have cut the field of view but also removed most of the "curviness" at the edge of the video. We hope you enjoy the change. **DISCLAIMER*** It has been sometimes coming up in the comments that "this isn't the Quaker Oats mansion/family." I'm deleting these comments as the video states it isn't. This video is not about the brand, but is about a REAL family of Quakers who were famous and successful in Ireland for their oatmeal, oats and cereal grain milling. The Goodbody's story is one that is rarely told, and they deserve the attention. They spent much of their fortunes on the poor, and fed starving Irish people during the Famine, including Black '47.

  • Stepped off your channel for a few minutes this morning…. I forgot how many dumb idiots are out there!! Absolute idiots. I put your channel back on ..I felt I needed to cleanse myself… Lol

  • Can you please post the same video without the music? I would like to hear the natural sounds in the old houses.

  • We liked your video but I got to tell you the background noise really was quite irritating, like fingernails on a chalkboard I had to turn off the volume to maintain sanity.


  • boy they dont build them like that today. what a beautiful place. what a terrible loss.. such a shame.

  • I just don't understand why these houses are left to rot. Many companies would buy the tiles and woodwork and such to be put into or restore older homes (and new). Such a waste of workmanship almost unheard of today. On the other side, why don't they sell them? Even on the cheap just so they don't rot!

  • Look at the workmanship of those walls. Small strips of wood equally spaced and nailed to the frame, then plaster and paint. A lot of man-hours.

  • This house drips of irony…
    Built by Quakers who were trying to escape from the Catholics.
    Catholics abused Quakers.
    Then the house built by Quakers was bought by Catholics so they could abuse others… WOW… love the video! I wish they could save that home….

  • Thank you for such a well made video! This is such an interesting place that is in surprisingly good condition considering how long it has been empty for. The stair balustrades and hand rails seem to have been removed and not rotted. The missing floorboards look purposely removed for access…pipes, wiring, even to remove chandeliers? The floorboards look to be mainly OK.

    Certainly the place was very well built. How wretchedly sad the schoolchildren were so apallingly badly treated. The Quakers would have been most disturbed at the building being put to such use.

  • What a fantastic house it must have been at its conception! Loved the historic review and all the commentary. Well done!

  • Thoroughly enjoyable tour. Best film technique I've seen. I could not keep up with the room count!

  • Please dropped the music in the background. It is distracting I'm an otherwise very interesting video

  • Your voice and the music in the background would make an actual dump interesting to watch. Love these videos you post. Thank you for your amazing exploration and historical videos❤️

  • It’s such a shame that an awesome place like this was left to just ruin. There’s so many more too. Makes me sad.

  • All the gardens still look so lovely, so sad that this home was not preserved , this isn't the type of home you see everyday it was worth caring for.

  • Great channel and well setup. The research and stories behind it give your channel depth. Keep up the good work and thanks for the effort in making your vids!

  • I just found your channel. I appreciate the way this video is done! So much background history and professional feeling narration. Thank you!

  • William Penn was good friends with my ancestors Heinrich and Salome Zimmerman who were from Switzerland. Mr Penn and Heinrich went to Pennsylvania and settled what was then Germantown and is now Lancaster. At the advice of William Penn their names were changed to Henry and Maria Carpenter and I am a direct descendent of theirs. The next generation converted to Mormonism and traveled west with Brigham Young and settled in Monroe, Ohio.
    Just thought I would share as I always love to hear about people’s ancestors and how they came to America.
    We always knew we came from Germantown and thought we were German but after doing my own researching found we weren’t German at all but actually Swiss. Being Mormon helped me to trace my roots all the way back and I even found stories from that time and how they had to escape to get on a boat in the middle of the night and come to America with their two young boys. Love that kind history!

  • I knew one of the Goodbody's when I lived in NYC. I won't mention his first name here but he would be 73-75 now. He was a lazy, guitar-playing slacker who never worked and had no ambition so it was a good thing that his family had money from Wall Street. I suspect that he knows nothing of his family's history or this house; if he did, he never shared, although we were not good friends. Beautiful house in it's day, I'm sure.

  • Really enjoyed this video. So glad you do some research. Love hearing about the history. Your narration and photography are really professional. The music is eery though. Your videos are at the top of my watch list. Thank you

  • Wow, this place goes on forever. Beautiful in its day. Such a shame the horror and suffering that took place here. He only got 5 years for the loss of life and destruction he caused? Atrocious. Any and all that were a part of the abuse should have never seen the light of day. Poor children… Wherever the survivors are today I'm sorry justice wasn't served on earth but I'm sure the quilty are burning in hell for eternity…..

  • what a shame no one has brought it to actually live in the mansion,do it up one by one room clean up the outside then do something with the out buildings,flats /aptmnts could help homeless people – another out building could be a workshop etc,yes a big shame to see these lovely buildings rot ,some times heritage rules ruin chances of these buildings being saved.

  • I'm GLAD you corrected and explained regarding the error that this 'Estate' was owned by the "QUAKER OAT FAMILY"!!!! Now you need to correct the "TITLE"!!!! Personally, after hearing the EXTREMELY SAD STORY of the Monks, (And I'm Catholic) I feel the place should be BURNED TO THE GROUND and be made into a 'Potters Field!" Oh, and I knew Quaker's were, for the most part, very GIVING and LOVING people!!!!

  • Reminds me of the fallen splendor of Pompeii or Herculean. We seem as destined as the radiance of a just lit match to quickly sputter and die.

  • At around 20 min. in would that rectangle on the floor been a skylight? Such a beautiful house with a sad past

  • Looking at the home, it looks like the main part of the house has a whole lot more decay then the basement does. I wonder if they quit using that part of the mansion once they remodeled the basement.

  • Thanks for the insight into the origins of the Quakers. I never learned that in any of my history books. Especially about their belief we can connect directly to Source/All There Is without an intermediary. This is also taught in many other faiths. Also interesting to see how in just a few generations as the descendants grow less and less industrious and more indulgent the family fortunes dawdle away. Happens everywhere. Also beautiful footage! Wish we had videos like these when I was in school in the 70s and 80s!

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