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  • Chinese checkers and Mensch erger dich nicht…… Sundays with Omi…. still play til this day. Excellent video and narration again! The hubris of man to think it can win against nature. She reclaims what is hers every time.

  • Hey guys. Your presentation is intelligent, historical and beautifully filmed. You have a great speaking voice and background music was calming. Good luck in thefuuture 🙂

  • Vielen Dank für dieses wunderschöne Video und die wunderschönen Locations.Vor allem die zweite hat mich sehr berührt,das haben bisher nicht viele geschafft 🙂 Macht weiter so 🙂

  • Judging by the telephone directory on CD-ROM (at 16:44) my guess is that it was abandoned after 2000. Shows how fast a building decays once water gets in.
    Also, what is it with abandoned places and doll heads? Creepy like crazy. 🙂
    Great video.

  • We don't hear much about how former GDR has gradually de-populated since reunification. Unless one has an interest in Europe, that is. I used to live in Holland many years, and it's hard to believe there are many abandoned places there, since it is so densely populated. If I were going to pick one of these three places to renovate/restore, the old historic hunting lodge, to me is the obvious choice. Once done, the second then makes sense for r&r. But if the demographics of east Germany wouldn't support that economically, then I guess ya just have to let 'em all go. Which seems why they now waste away. Too bad. Interesting.

  • I love all your videos! It's just sad that all those places are left to decay. Good Job guys and thanks for uploading nice and detailed vids! 🙂

  • Guys you keep serving us up great explorations. Your work is excellent. Thank you so much. Keep safe.

  • Thank you you guys so much for bringing us such wonderful content I don't know why I cry when I see this it's not tears of pain or joy maybe nostalgia please continue your work it is important to document these places

  • Nice place, nice movie 👍 👌 🏆 👀 I invite you to us, I leave my finger 🎥 👍

  • This was an amazing video! Your narration is fantastic. Professional quality! I am definitely a new subscriber! 👍👍

  • I enjoy the history you share with these abandon places and your accent makes it even more speacial!😊

  • Love the vids man. Excellent documentary style work. I also appreciate that u don't use typical overdone creepy music.

  • It looks like someone had sunk a lot of money into the restoration of the beautiful Inn just recently, but the realization was there was no one left to show up. Unless of course, it is only open for business in the Summertime. I think it is charming.

  • Greetings Marco, Till & Cornelius! I am a new viewer and subscriber. I just happened to stumble upon this video while watching the "Bros of Decay." I am friends with Lesley and Jordy. I am VERY impressed with the quality, knowledge and research in your video. I very much look forward to viewing more. Thank you so much for your hard yet rewarding work. Sending lots of love from Southern USA, Lily XO

  • You are the very best at this! You are a great story teller and I love how you breath life back into the places you go and give a place back its dignity. You are an international treasure! You have a definite passion for what you do. Anybody can film an abandoned place, but without it's history, its meaningless. That hunting lodge was beautiful.

  • Any plans to come to America and do your thing? You know we have 50 states you can choose from to explore abandoned places. There are so many here. BTW- Is it Til or Till?

  • Thank u for sharing these beautiful places of heritage.its so sad such awesome beautiful places r rotting n decaying away .so much beautiful stuff in them .look n forward to upcoming videos .please stay safe .and so glad to see u wearing ur safety mask.they r super important for ur health safety.😄👌👍💚💙💜😇

  • What a beautiful explore! So many stages of deteriation. Thank you for sharing your explore. Great job.

  • I'm new at this exploring. You kept me fascinated from start to finish. Your narration was detailed and sure kept my attention. Thank you so much. I'll be watching for more.

  • Just came across your channel. WOW WOW WOW. Such amazing content. From the thoughtful camera angles to the choice of music, I am so happy that I stumbled across you guys. I am officially a new subscriber! You deserve more than 48k, that's for sure!

  • Germans always take pride in whatever they (we) do! My last name is Americanized Kuhl is correct. Your videos are also well done!!!! Your so nice to lisen to. Thankyou!

  • Very well done. This is my first video from you all. It simply came up on my feed. I am hooked.

  • Woooow! I don't know who you are, and this is the first video of yours that I watch, but you've DEFINITELY got a new sub. I've been watching a LOT of "abandoned" and "urbex" videos over the past week for some weird reason, like literally 100+ videos, when before that I haven't watched something like this in years… But anyways, enough of my rambling. I just wanted to let you know that, of the 15+ channels that I've watched recently that are urbex, this one was, by far, my favorite. Your videography, editing, voice-overs and music selection are all BANG ON. Also, the before/after? That was the icing on the cake. I appreciate the research you put into your videos as well. You freakin' rock, man. Never stop hustling, brother. You'll be at 100K subs in no time at this rate. After this video, despite having 12 tabs open for other urbex videos from other people, I will be skipping those tabs, clicking on subscribe (I already hit like on this video), and will be going to your profile and checking out what else you've been releasing lately. In conclusion, I want to THANK YOU for all the hard work you put into your explorations… I am abso-freakin-lutely blown away by this video. The end!! 😎 Please like this if you agree! Please pin this comment if you'd like! 😁

  • Your videos have a very interesting content and very professional. Image, audio, edition and composition are all really well done. Congrats!!

  • This is a stunning video! The photography and drone shots are just amazing! It was so nice to see some of the history of your country in this way. Liked and subscribed. Keep up the great work, from Scotland UK.

  • Love watching your explores. I always wanted to do that. I wouldn't go by myself and no one else was interested or had the guts. Much appreciated. Btw the amount of mold in that house looked deadly. You needed biohazard suits besides respirators. Those mold spores cling to everything. Hazardous to your health. Seriously. Take better care please.🙏🏻

  • The Biosphere is impressive, but I’m so glad you wore gloves and respirators. That place looks cool but also very disgusting with the rot and decay. Awesome job guys!

  • 7:59 someone left their hair on that curtain. It's cool to think about who it might have been and what they might have been doing.

  • We are such a wasteful species. When our businesses fail, we should sell and redistribute the furniture, tools and machinery. It feels so pointless for those stoves, lamps, etc. To be soon destroyed by fungus. I understand we cannot save the buildings, and they are so cool to explore after they've been abandoned. The supplies inside kill me though. If you don't want them, someone else needs them.

  • The first location was the most interesting to me. I LOVED those arched doorways and the history of the hunting lodge.

  • Tolle Bilder aber ihr labert zu viel über die Videos. Einfach mal mehr die Bilder wirken lassen und nur ne kurze Einführung reicht für meinen Geschmack.

  • Great details in both the camerawork and narration, and good choice on music. So many urban explorers move the camera too fast they can be frustrating to watch. your very professional. Others need to watch your work and learn. PS i'm a professional film maker of 30 years experience. I found your work very easy to watch.

  • If this place was in England, mindless vandals and graffiti sprayers ( I will not call them artists) would have wrecked the whole place .
    Great video , thank you .

  • Beautiful scenes of decay and nature reclaiming property!

    The inn was especially eerie, with the abandoned board game, wilted flowers and fungi growing through the floor.

    The hostel was great, although I find it distressing when people vandalize old buildings, instead of treating them with respect.

  • Thanks for the great video. I like the first location best. It was almost like the people just stopped doing what they were doing and left. I like your notice at the beginning of your videos about the legal and dangerous aspects of your exploration. Great job!

  • Fascinating video. I do hope you have decontaminated your clothing and equipment, that mold spores and mildew will penetrate your camera gear and clothing. Your videos are awesome to watch.

  • I would suggest you wear protective eye wear when exploring abandoned places like these, especially with mildew & mold, as well as, particulates that may be floating in the air, such as, lead & asbestos.

  • Kinda seemed like some of the place of rooms were being kept up..that's beautiful to see .you guys find some beautiful places to explore and it's just like time has stopped still

    Keep up the great work 🥰

  • What a wonderful video 👌👌 history, fantastic Photography, and of course excellent narration. All of you deserved a big thank you ♥Until next time, stay beautiful ♥

  • This part of the country is so beautiful and those emty buildings are heart-breaking. The silence in them has to be deafening! Once alive and bustling with people having fun to a silent rave, so to speak. Your video and information was excellent. Hope to view more.

  • what a pleasure to watch and listen,no shouting and saying oh my god or sick every minute of the clip,i refer to the annoying american explorer clips,which make them unwatchable.very well presented and interesting.well done lads.

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