Abandoned MILLIONAIRE’S Mansion – UK  (The Collector)

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Abandoned MILLIONAIRE’S Mansion – UK (The Collector)

(tense music) – We’re gonna make this happen, dude. – [Cameraman] How’s it look? – Yo, what is up you guys? Today we are inside an abandoned millionaires mansion, here in the UK. This place has actually been explored by a ton of people, so it’s kinda popular. But there’s a little bit of a twist, which you’re gonna see in a minute, to how we got to this exact room. Now this place was actually
owned by this woman, who was a doctor, and she
was quite the collector. Which you probably saw from the cars and all these pianos around, which you’ll be seeing in the future. But this woman she
basically had a ton of debt, she had to escape the country. So she left, and this place
is pretty much abandoned, just abandoned ever since. So we’re gonna go start this video off, and you’re gonna see exactly
how we got to this spot. (intense music) So by the looks of this,
this is probably one of, probably the guest room. There’s like 3 separate
beds in here, a couch. Seems like there’s
probably not a main room, but since it’s on the bottom floor, probably a guest room here. (intense music) – [Cody] Whoa. Yo look what I’m standing on. – [Josh] I’m surprised
you’re walking on that man. – [Cody] It’s because I
fasted this morning, I can. – Oh you’re right, I can’t
then I had a big breakfast. – [Cody] Ya, so this house
looks like it’s been, either destroyed by people
being here unfortunately, or it’s a combination
of that and what seems to be the weather and the wear and tear of where this house is located. You can see there’s like a
storm going on outside as well. After fully exploring the first floor we realized that it wasn’t a staircase up to the second floor. We soon found out that
had been plastered up so that you couldn’t go up there. We went out back to see
if there’s another way to get up to the second floor. Only to find that
everything was sealed up. But we couldn’t let this
end our exploration. Use that strength Josh. – [Man] Yo, he’s up. (laughing) – [Josh] Yeah boys, we’re filming still. I knew we were going to make this work. My boy! – What did we just do? – [Josh] The thing I’m
worried about is going down. Seriously though. – Me too, that’s actually a lot harder. I don’t know how this was possible, but we did it, we climbed
up the second floor. Josh had that great idea of building a– – I can’t believe it either guys. – [Cody] And here we are man, we’re not gonna walk into this room. Cause that, that’s where
we climbed through. But the rest of this
place, you can see look. Look at all these different pianos. There’s like, I’ve already
seen 4 pianos today. So you can tell, again this
person was a collector. This is what I wanna know,
where does this staircase go, that we couldn’t find before? So this staircase, goes
out to this metal plate. So looks like, what I’m guessing is that, there used to be something right here, because they didn’t have it so that you had to go outside to
get to, you know upstairs. This is pretty ridiculous. But definitely covered something up here. There’s definitely another way. Another piano, who would’ve thought? Hear this thing. (deep piano note) Oh it still works. (playing notes on piano) – [Man] Look how it works. – Piano works, it’s just out of tune. You can see, the ceiling
above us is even leaking, pretty hard, causing some
really nasty interiors in here. Everything’s kinda all
moldy and wet and nasty. Pretty nice looking old room though. This would’ve been a really nice place to hang out, with the family. They’re kinda like set decorators. – Ya, ya, pretty much, like you know. – [Cody] In the movies. – Dude people that urban explore and they take great
pictures, are like people who literally could be
like real estate agents and taking pictures for houses, for like a job, definitely, 100%. – [Cody] That’s actually
how I started, so. – Ya see it’s cool. – [Cody] So we’re on
the second floor here. The floor is collapsed in. I’m not going to go farther on this one, because you know that’s, that’s
the bottom floor down below. You can see right there, is
some really nice fine china, that is all stacked up and neat. But this does not look good. Someone took some paint,
and just went to town, like a you know this is a
Jackson Pollock or something. Jeez. So what do you think
about this place compared to other places Josh, like mansion wise? – Welp you already know I’ve
been to like about 100 mansion. – [Cody] Ya. – I’d say, because we’re in the UK, you can tell the difference
between going to France or Italy because the architecture
there is way more better. You don’t see any paintings
here, you don’t see like, usually like even on the
boards or frame or ceilings you see a lot more different architecture. Like you’ll see faces maybe
or different crowns or shapes. – [Cody] Different
crown molding basically. – Ya, so it’s a lot weaker here. But in the US, in the
US we got the cheapest, dullest modern you know it sucks. – [Cody] Ya, ya, so like it goes US, and then it steps up to UK, and then it’s like France and Italy. – Ya definitely, I say US is last. Like in the US you can get some
really cool untouched stuff, that you get like all the stuff
left there but it’s kinda–. – [Cody] In terms of architecture
it’s not always there. – Ya, it’s not always there. – [Cody] Gotcha. Oh my God. We’re in the attic. You can just hear like
a ton of crows outside, super creepy and ominous. I swear this house has more beds than anything I’ve ever seen. I really wanna know how many people lived in here at one time. There are more beds in
this place than even space. It doesn’t make sense. More TV’s and more TV’s. Lot of furniture, lot of
places to hang out it seems. So many just couches
and TV’s laying around. I think we’ve covered pretty
much the whole house now. So I went and got the
guys and they came up here in the attic and we’re gonna go up on this roof right now,
and see what’s it like. Wow, look at that over there. We gotta assassins creed
climb it, climb the wall. Look there’s like a little
post sticking out the side, that’s where you syncretize. Dude, this is cool. – [Josh] I know, I really like this place. – [Cody] Alright I’ll
go first I don’t care. I’ll be the first explorer. – [Josh] You’re fine,
you don’t need gloves. (laughing) – Thanks man, so I’ll
keep these when I go down? – [Josh] No, No! – [Man] You’re doing alright so far. – Now we turn. – [Man] Okay, okay. – Get you a close up picture. – [Josh] There you go, smile real quick. Yeah, thumbnail! – [Man] Thumbnail! – That was actually so much easier. – [Josh] Alright so we
made this contraption. The first floor is cool, we
pick up to the second floor. – [Cody] You going front? – I don’t even have health insurance! – [Man] Really? – [Other Man] It’s free in England. – It’s free here but not free
in the US, and I’m cheap so. – [Cody] Ya, you are cheap. Are you coming down front or back? I would do front until you
get halfway and then switch. – Alright fine, I’ll do Cody’s method. It’s gonna get hurt. How safe is this? – [Cody] I’ve been trained as a–. – Ah, it’s pretty sturdy boys. – [Cody] I’ve been trained as a spy. Easy there. – No health insurance boys, I can’t screw around like Cody does. – Alright guys that was the video. Thank you so much for watching, if you enjoyed this click
that subscribe button and leave a like if you did. Check out my last videos as
well, from the Norway trip, and until next time, explore the world.


  • Cody, really enjoyed your awesome video! Why couldn't y'all go down the stairs or, were they closed in? Just wondering.

  • Look for any partitions along walls to see if there are any secret doors, i am a woodworker and making hidden doors is what i doπŸ˜‚πŸ‘

  • Hi There, Cody and Josh. : ) It's nice to see you two exploring together and this is one place I have not seen explored yet. Thanks for All you do to bring us these vids. For those of us that don't do the other social medias such as twitter, snap chat or whatever, could you please do a series of still photos in a vid, with maybe a little narration, for clarification sake, of some of your favorite places you've explored? This question is for both of you. : )

  • Interesting find!
    All those multiple beds and TV s makes me wonder, since she fled the country, if she had used this house as a safe haven.. Like a hide out. That's the cool thing about abandoned. Thanks Cody.. Good to see you and Josh together..

  • Quickie but a goodie. Tell Josh God forbid he should need the simplest thing like tetanus shot or something he'll be wishing he coughed up the money for health insurance. ER visit alone could run about $3000. But then again y'all are young. All my jobs came with health insurance from 16 years old and up. Just don't tell insurance agents what you do for a living.LOL.

    Anyway, nice neat video. Imagine hauling those pianos up stairs . Heavy duty man.

  • Great video as always, Cody! Once you make it up to the second floor of the house using Josh's idea, I was waiting for you to use the line from the "A-Team" : "I Love it when a plan comes together!" Ha ha!!!

  • Cool video Cody and a good find really enjoyed it such a big place with couches and TV's plus Piano's thumbs up dude you and Josh

  • Thanks fellows for going the extra mile getting to the second floor. Really shows the determination of a true explorer. I have to say that the architecture is more interesting on the outside and a little less so on the inside for a mansion scale of things. With all the lounging places and beds, reminds me of a college dorm or something. lol You two guys always seem to have a great time and make a great team. The roof shot was a nice touch. Thanks for the video. Tom-WV

  • Goddam, this lady had too many couches and beds πŸ˜† And get Josh a health insurance! πŸ˜‚ Thanks for the amazing video, Cody! πŸ‘

  • I love Josh but sometimes he's kinda mean and salty, he's been doing abandoned places for a, long time though, that was such a cool house holy shitπŸ˜±πŸ’•πŸ˜‚

  • I can't wait to see more Videos of ur Romania Trip 😍 awesome Video but i still wondering why there were soo many TV's and beds πŸ€”

  • multiple beds and TV's? – one simple explaination would be, shortly after being abandoned, the house was taken over by squatters who have long since left.

  • Haven't even watched the video but I know that it will be a good one so shout out to you and the crew much love and many blessings on your adventures

  • Definitely a cool ol' place. How many hoarders must there be in the world though? I know it's an illness so I'm not judging or making fun of it, I'm just genuinely amazed by how many there have been. I don't think economics is a factor because I've actually seen more "millionaire" hoarders than poor ones. I'm not thinkin' it's a reverse kinda thing with it bein' a rich person's problem either because there are too many from every demographic…and those are just the ones I've seen. How many are active that we're not aware of? It's gotta be a lot because we've seen a lot; from those television shows to explorers's videos there have been many. I would love to poke around and explore a place like the one Cody has shown us today. Those who damage and steal from these places have issues of another kind in my opinion. It's not cool to do that. If the lady who owned this place was having debt issues and skipped town why have her creditors not seized the property and auctioned it off? This one was obviously a substantial property and there are a lot of valuable possessions left as well. I would think it could have been protected from the vandals and sold long before the elements started destroying it. I love looking around in these places and looking at the different things left behind as well. I've always been into vehicles so would really dig close up exploration of those too. This was an interesting place Cody and I enjoyed the video, in fact, I'd enjoy a longer in depth look at a place like this if it were possible. Some folks only wanna see a short peek like this video, but it was a terrific preview or teaser for me. That's not even critcism, just something to consider, there's gotta be some others who would enjoy both long and short versions like myself. Anyway, thanks for the adventure Cody! ……………………………………PEACE!!

  • If you want architecture in the UK, you need to go to a proper β€˜mansion’ not just an old house…good vid though

  • Great video…!!! Looks strange seeing this abandoned mansion…!!!
    So many tv's πŸ“Ί and beds πŸ›/πŸ›‹ πŸ˜‚

  • This house use to be apartments years ago. It is called Mountfield and is a historic marker for the town. If you look it up, this place 2 years ago had lots of stuff in it. Antiques, glassware, personal belonging of the tenants who lived there but someone came in and took everything. This place is basically picked clean compared to how it use to look.

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