Abandoned Hunter’s Mansion | Krysí zámek w/ Story

Updated : Sep 10, 2019 in Articles

Abandoned Hunter’s Mansion | Krysí zámek w/ Story

Look. Time’s up. And everything beautiful has faded away. Life is a journey..as you can see. It’s filled with unexpected things. Saddness. Joy. Miracles. Life is a journey that must be traveled..no matter how bad the roads are. I believe in beauty. It takes courage. And it also hurts.. ..to face your demons. Free yourself. Cut the poison out of your life. Then it will be a journey full of
adventures, full of opportunities. Don’t be afraid to look back at your life. Every experience you had shaped you to be the person you are now. To taste the sweetness of life you must
have the power to forget the bitterness of past. Someday you’ll look back and you’ll know exactly why it had to happen.


  • Such a beautiful film, with words so true in life. Always look forward to your vids, thank you. Fabulous as always 🙂

  • Opuštěný dům, chata.. hotel… Dobrý… Ale opuštěná chata i s autem v garáží..?! To je prostě pecka!

  • Veľmi pekné video. Musel si pri ňom stráviť celkom dosť času. Patrí ti môj veľký obdiv. Len tak ďalej. Si na instagrame?

  • You my friend are the most extraordinary story teller I mean you show us these incredible locations which most sadly like me to would just film an abandoned place and get excited about every there.
    But you have an extraordinary gift to take us beyond the obvious and bring us to our breathless state where we actually stop and think,
    Not every one can create such beauty and magical moments as this with such truths behind it.
    Im so honoured to be apart of this journey Much love and light from New Zealand 🙂🥇🏆🔥

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