Abandoned House found Obituaries | Abandoned City

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Abandoned House found Obituaries | Abandoned City

Look across the way Even more destruction This is what it would look like if there were no more people left and the earth just took over this is crazy Abandoned House found little girl’s obituary left behind Elderwood Should I be surprised this is here They sold this Man that motha fucka was jumping off the hook What’s that? Hey That fishy That motha fucka right there Aww man that was the bosses spot in the neighborhood All this wasn’t like this This abandoned place right here? This whole avenue Man this shit was pumpn It was plush? I heard it was plush man Man you look familiar to me (laughing) old photo of Euclid Ave Cleveland, Ohio Urbex Dane American flag amongst decay Someone died here May 20, 2013 Rene and Angela album Street called Desire (abandoned record collection) N.W.A. album “Straight outta Compton” Gold rims on abandoned car people yelling in the background Here they left an abandoned Jaguar also it’s an old one we can’t see inside this car There’s stuff in the garage also flies buzzing around There’s a lot of flies in here and even more records WOW this person collected records look at all these records here and some more records over here old Patti Labelle babyface album ca$h flow Dazz Band “Keep it Live” album well a lot of old stuff tons of it it’s just sitting here rotten it’s crazy N.W.A. “Straight outta Compton” alright what else is in here? nothing else really looks like a piece of a car here’s the outside of the home it’s a fairly big home this is the side porch of the house flies buzzing again you can see tons of belongings still here some vhs tapes some more records and we didn’t go inside the house yet um lets see Luther Vandross still in the packaging The families obituaries are located underneath the albums back to basics this area is pretty bad I gotta hurry up I’m surprised to see the sink isn’t missing Oh my God!! (breathing heavy) Now I’m scared for my life at this point oh my gosh what the heck it’s like these people packed up and never took their things boxes of vhs tapes strange stories Ed Sullivan’s Classics baby pictures, leather jackets, furniture pretty much everything some more records and stuff L.L. Cool J 12 inch Sugar Hill Club Nouveau and Full Force gets busy give you guys a good look at this layout of this abandoned house a faint noise Is there dogs in here? breathing heavy scared omg there’s dog feces everywhere um room filled with hay and feces I don’t know what’s going on here door opening I don’t know what’s going on here I’m gonna um This one is going to be really short stairs is covered in something um cars outside this is a shame because this was a really nice house this is like nuts All of this is dog feces Every last bit of it I’m not feeling this one at all aw yeah I don’t like this one at all another strange sound Elderwood creepy music paying 45 bullet casing on the ground Elderwood


  • Damn! I want those records!!

    And this shit is depressing sometimes. Parts of Cleveland look like they could film The Walking Dead there. I wish the city would take an interest in doing something to save this stuff. 😔

  • You did an excellent job on trying to get this one done. Looks like it was a beautiful home once. Loved the fireplace. Kitchen was an odd place for the lawnmower. Stay safe.

  • That was one creepy scary house. And I don’t mean ghost scary. I mean drugs, dog fighting and who or what is in the closet scary. Sad about the records. Serious 80s. And played a lot with those worn covers. Great video. Not sure that place is worth the risk but the documentation carries a worthy message. Glad you made it out ok.

  • Crazy coincidence💩a dog food ad shown after seeing a house with dog feces everywhere.Glad you had a respirator and spent little time there UD.That house is a serious health hazard.🆑🚫

  • I love your videos, but please NO MUSIC went people are talking. I have trouble enough trying to understand some of what is said, without music blaring over the top.

    People talking = NO MUSIC … thank you 🙂

  • Dane when you go into places like this one do you use any spray to keep insects off your clothes and skin?
    Stay safe going into places.

  • Wow, that was a beautiful home at one time🙁. I HATE anyone that mistreats animals, and CLEARLY something was up here. Thanks for braving through these places to give us a glimpse!!

  • Dude! Those are probably first pressings of those Cool J, Sugar Hill and NWA albums. Probably a small fortune, I honestly can't believe those are there.

  • What is it you don't want us to see when you pixelate parts of video? At least inform us. Please pan slower. I DO like your videos but please put things back as you found them rather than a bit of rummaging and leaving items not where they originally were. Thank you SO much for sharing your finds!!

  • Would you ever travel to go explore? If so come down here to New Orleans east. We have a lot of abandoned and closed buildings and houses that I myself am too scared to explore lol. If you do, bring a friend.

  • There’s so much dog fighting in Cleveland (which is the least of Cleveland’s problems) but I just hate that. I feel so sorry for them 🐶 💔

  • New Subscriber! What a bad place to be exploring! Its a shame what these cities have become;Skid row in downtown LA is another…..Be safe while exploring!

  • I hope you were clothed in your Hazmet suit! Usual porn I [don’t] see. Odd that the house isn’t full of graffiti. Please don’t find any decapitated or dead dogs. Once was once too often. You are right, this house is really nice. Get rid of the garbage and feces, of course. As soon as I win the lottery, we’re going to fix up a lot of these fixable abandoned homes! Thanks for the tour!

  • Thank you for being so respectful in the homes.
    I recently saw 2 young men attempted a video.. I can't say 100% but I believe one of them took something from the hour. With a comment such as it's just going to sickened me. Also realize that may have been his way to say goodbye to someone He loveds
    People look nut don't take

  • Your always discreet n respectful in your videos. Thanks for that. Once was a nice home. Always worry about you in places like this. Hate for you to fall through floor or get attacked. Stay safe Dane n God bless.

  • I just don’t get.
    It seems as if people simply one day decide they leave everything behind and leave their homes?
    What’s the story about this location Elderwood?

  • Great look at a sad neighborhood. My friends live on Plymouth . I wish they would move it ain't safe. Do you live here? Stay safe and love your videos.

  • Looks like someone was stashing dogs in there. Maybe for fighting? I collect vinyl and just leaving those classic albums there is a killer. ugh.

  • Always great kinds of places to wander around with expensive video and photography equipment! A very creepy neighborhood.

  • All that good music, on vinyl just left behind. Damn. Missed the obituary part. Damn it, one thing I hate about abandoned buildings is when dog fighters get in there. Assholes. Great vid hun and as always, please be careful.

  • That was creepy as shit, All that straw and crap. Maybe someone's been using that house as a breeding area for animals … Totally weird. Why is that entire area so deserted and bad, what happened in the past for everyone to just up and leave? – As always, Stay safe out there dude, and keep making the awesome videos!

  • Whoa, I wonder if that old house after it was abandoned was used as a kind of puppy farm :'( glad you got outta there okay. x

  • Man your videos are always a cut above the rest. It’s sad to see cities just going to waste…… stay safe out there

  • Shame how businesses vacate an entire city and leave nothing behind. Forcing people to abandon their homes and move elsewhere.

  • I guess a few dogs pitbulls or a kind like that were hidden there, guess they has a bunch of puppies. Did you ever see a place were they did a crime scene cleanup?

  • You go to the crappest places That I would never want to but thank you for going to them I always find your videos interesting.

  • That street is really bad.. I looked it up on Google maps.. It a shame how it is just ignored by the city and seems like the blight in that city will never get cleaned up.

  • This makes me so sad. I feel for the people living there. I live nearby, but my city isn't quite this bad yet. Its kind of creepy to watch this, because these buildings and houses were built by the same architects as the ones in my neighborhood. Even the street signs are the same kind. It's like watching a post apocalyptic movie set in my backyard.

  • This location was creepier than the one that you posted back during Halloween week Dane! Looks like a lot of shady stuff has been going on in and around that place… recently too! Thanks for a great episode! Take care and be safe bro.👍🏼🤘🏼😎

  • Ok I have nooooo idea what the guy at the beginning was on about because I could not understand what he was saying and I have never seen or even heard of any of the LP records you looked at but thank you for the Video anyway. 👍

  • I want to thank you for adding closed captioning to your videos. I’m hearing impaired and it allows me to enjoy your video even more 🙂

  • Hi Dane!! It's good to see you! Do you think the house was used for dog fighting? Great video, thank you for sharing. (Was that a big pile of porn?)

  • holy shit, my guy, did you see the news that a body was just found today behind the town house motel just a few blocks away? PLEASE be safe!

  • Hey UD, another great explore. Odd floor plan to this home and more so looks like someone might have been attempting to mow the kitchen? Upstairs was a bit disturbing, obvious someone was keeping dogs confined to several bedrooms. Not sure what goes through people's heads, too bad they can't be subject to the same cruelty. Take care and be safe.

  • NWA on vinyl made my day. Then the dog fighting evidence ruined it. Not complaining about your video… complaining about assholes who abuse animals.

  • You make me so nervous in these areas. Great explore that house would have been so nice if it was fixed up. Thanks for sharing

  • Gr Grandfather worked at the old Windemere Trolley Barn when the horses pulled the trolleys. They lived on Amherst. I was lucky enough to get photos of the home before they tore it down for the new Windemere Rapid Station. At the time I took the pics it was a scary place. Keep safe while you are exploring because your work is great.

  • Dog fighting ring. One of the crimes I detest the most! I hope you carry protection going in these types of places. You really go above and beyond with your explores! Thanks for all you do. I hope those creeps are in jail where they belong!

  • new fan here thanks to RNK All day. This house gave me the shivers. At the beginning, the road just empty reminded me of the movie "dont breathe" where the 3 people break into the blind mans house". What happened to that town to be so scary? Loved the video

  • Those homes are being torn down due to ASBESTOS…..u should never go in there without being covered and masked…I live in the city…my old home was torn down and three others on my street that looked fine but where cancer causing abominations

  • There’s defintely dog fighting going on, in another video of yours you could hear a dog whimpering downstairs when people were in the same building, you previously found a dead dog around there, and now this video. It seems pretty obvious to me, something awful is going on

  • That jaguar was prob sweet before it was parked. Like those spokes😀 and that vinyl, I'd sit there for hours listening to them

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