Abandoned Historic Elementary School Exploration

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Abandoned Historic Elementary School Exploration

Today we are exploring a historic elementary school with Adam and Kelly This school was built in the late 1800’s and closed due to declining enrollments in 1980 Over the years many plans were proposed to use the building for a community center or housing but it all fell through When we visited there was major construction going on in order to revitalize the community so maybe the building will have a future “Oh wow there’s actually stuff left in here” “Got a nice staircase here” Adam: “Yea” “Let’s check out those pianos” (piano works) “I will not write… Radeo?” “This place actually looks a lot cooler than I thought it would I was expecting it to be mostly empty inside Kelly: “Yeah” Adam: “Interesting…” “A caddy bag” Kelly: “Find any golf clubs?” *chuckles* “Yeah…” “Well that’s not that… old…” Kelly: “That’s not creepy at all!”
“Well that’s not that… old…” *laughs* “Guess what that is” Adam: “Frozen chair chillin?” “It’s a chair chillin” *chuckles* “Is this you guy’s first time exploring?” Kelly: “Yea, we haven’t done this before Adam: “Yea like this” Adam: “I’ve done some places before but-” Kelly: “You’ve done some mine shafts near your house” Adam: “Yea that wasn’t a smart idea but “Yeah” “Nice symmetrical stair case” “This place is pretty big” “Whoa this one is still setup like a classroom” “Blank envelopes on the table” Adam: “I’ve never seen… steam pipes… under the floor like this” “I guess instead of making a tunnel they just” “buried them a little bit” “This is like, more maintenance stuff back here” “Some sort of uhh…” “Something to do with the heater in here” Adam: “Oh that’s a…” “American Warming and Ventilation Co.” Adam: “Uh that’s a huge uh…” Adam: “Huge plumber” “Just basically to circulate it around?” Adam: “Yeah” It would’ve connected to-uh…this thing” “That’s the motor right?….yeah”
Adam: “That… is a massive motor” “Here’s an electrical room” “Yeah this one was one too” “This one’s breakers” “They still have transformers left in here “Oh yea…” “It’s weird that this stuff would be inside the school” “ya know?” “Instead of like…”
Adam: “This might’ve been the basement or-” “That is the floor…” “from up there” “You don’t see marble bathroom stalls everyday” Kelly: “No” *chuckles* “I’m sure you won’t even get wood” “you get like, particle board” *chuckles* “Cabinetry in here” “ᵂʰᵃᵗ’ˢ ᶦᶰ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ” “Oh this is cool” Adam: “Oh hey look at this” “What do you think that was?” Adam: “Uhh that was, I saw this somewhere…” Adam: “For a fire alarm. It would actually print out like the fire code of what the alarm is” “Ohh” Adam: “Like where it is it will print it out on like, on paper tape” “Hmm” Adam: “Where did I hear that? Somewhere…” Adam: “But that’s-that’s what this is” Adam: “Instead of having just a panel of lights to show you what alarm went off” Adam: “this will say like room 15 or…”
“This is really old” “That’s old school” “Chilly in here…” “Yeah…” “It’s really cool how they have all the desks still set up” “They’re not thrown around…” “It’s nice” Adam: “Least the windows are frosted” Adam: “No one can see in here” “Yeah…” Kelly: “Uh, paint it behind here then did this” “Kelly: “Release on the front side to it looks 3D” “Ohh…”
“Kelly: “Release on the front side to it looks 3D” “Kelly: “Release on the front side to it looks 3D” “Oh that’s cool, I see” Kelly: “Yeah” “Like two layers” Kelly: “I-I thought it looked like stained glass from behind” Kelly: “because of the colors behind” “That’s some student art” Kelly: “Yep” Kelly: “Looks like a a patch work” “Aw a spider” “It’s frozen” “OOh!” “These doors are REALLY boarded up” “It’s like an administration desk or something” Adam: “Library desk?” “Library desk? –yeah” “Two of em’ stacked up” Adam: “That’s a very new TV block over there” *chuckles* Kelly: “Yea I think so…”
*chuckles* Kelly: “It’s all around the pillar “Y-you just don’t see details like this in modern buildings” Kelly: “No”
“Y-you just don’t see details like this in modern buildings” “Y-you just don’t see details like this in modern buildings” “Have we looked out in the hallway yet?” “No”
“Have we looked out in the hallway yet?” “This is really nice” “for an elecmentary school” [I just] like how high the ceilings are and how wide… “the hallways are” “It’s… “really spacious” “Look it’s the principal’s office” “Yeah” [These are] probably like detentions “YUP” “Says…” “Discipline Problem” “There’s knife switches in there” “What’s a knife switch?” “Where like goes in between the two…?” “Yeah”
Adam: “Yea the little black tab sticking out Adam: “Yea the little black tab sticking out” “Yeah”
Adam: “Yea the little black tab sticking out “There’s the timer” “Wow there is a lot of art in here” “A lot of what?” “Art” “Oh” “Huh…” “And we have like classes represented” “Each student probably made… one of these” “Yeah” This section is a little sketchy” “This is where the floor collapsed” “Goes off in each direction too” “That another entire building… through this walkway” “Yeah” “Not much left in these rooms” “Nah” “Got some lockers up here” “This place has really oversized features which makes it really cool” “It’s like a school for giants” “These rooms are more empty *loud bang* “Wooo…” “Careful…” “Oh wow look at the ceiling in here” Adam: “Oh, it’s the ah tin ceiling?” “Yea…” “Alright back downstairs” “This was probably like an add-on building” “And they just build this connector between them” “This one is probably going to be a lot newer” “Maybe not though…” “Pretty dark and spooky in here” “Oh stage doors! Is this a theatre?” “Oh” “That would be cool…” “Oh that’s all, cleared out-” “Oh no, dude they’re on stage here” “This is cool” Adam: “Oh look at this” Kelly: “It’s nice huh…” “It’s falling apart though…” “Mhmm… “But the chairs are still here” That’s a cool way to sign” “Yeah” “This is a weird little… thing with a door on it” “Oh it’s the room divider, you’re right” “This building is a lot more decrepit… than the last one” “They probably closed it before” “Yeah”
“Maybe” “Yeah… It must’ve gotten colder” “I want it to blow in again. That looked really cool” “It wasn’t even in the forecast for today” Adam: “We were supposed to get like rain or something today” Adam: “Well… It’s supposed to start tonight I think-” “I bet there is some on the ground, just sitting there” “At least two; three” “I kinda want to” *coughs* “Those are cool” “Their faces…”


  • Hey Proper people, I know a great place you could explore. Come to Shreveport, Louisiana, and on the southern side of the city, on Ellerbe road, there is an old abandoned school. It was established in 1957 and it was abandoned in 1973. You can find it on google maps. It is labeled "George Washington Carver Primary school" or something like that. It's alleged to be haunted. It goes by its infamous name "the old elderberry road school".

  • I realize you aren't trying to please everyone but cutting scenes like 4:40 would really expand your audience.

  • i have to say i didn't like this vid too many people thus too much talking still i love your vids and still give it a like 🙂

  • Whenever I watch your videos, I imagine what the place was like when it was alive and active. What did it look like when people were there? It's fascinating.

  • And that one guy who is walking with u DOES look like a principal lol. The guy with the glasses. Looks like an older fella 🙂😏

  • hey guys i tried something similar to what the proper people do since i like theire content so check it out:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3IPmBSuaf1g&feature=youtu.be

  • You know, i recently learned theres a German word that describes the enjoyment you egt from exploring ruins, abandoned or detroyed places.

    Ruinenlust (Ruin-lust)

  • I wonder if like workers or students ever see these videos of the buildings they used to work at/attend. Like this really wasnt too long ago, most of the students that went there are probably in their late 20s/early 30s and Im sure a lot of the faculty is still around. I bet its pretty depressing to see the state that its in after spending potentially years of your life there.

  • I'll never understand how you guys don't have more subs and views than "Exploring with josh" Your videos are so much better. I found out about you via dan bell. Great stuff guys.

  • Can you do it everyday pls because im a super very big fan of the proper people pls do it i will be here everyday if you do

  • Hey! Your Youtube channel is very cool! We discovered an abandoned skatepark in the Malaysian jungle with Daniel Dhers, BMX World Champion.
    So, if you wanna check out our last edit and give us a follow that would be great 😉
    Enjoy! https://youtu.be/E2A4Bk3h_zY

  • I've been here many times! woah this is right by my house! I have a ton of information and pics I'd like to share if there's any way to do so.

  • ok so for one.. i know where this is, and i've seen pictures of it.. i need to go explore this place when i get a chance, so close to us XD also.. your intro scares the crap out of me each time i click on a video :l

  • I absolutely love your Videos, I've now watched them all and only started a few weeks ago….love the intro music….your awesome keep up the great work best wishes from the UK

  • Can anyone tell me if they ever went to Wichita, Phoenix, or Tucson? Even if not, does anyone know where there are abandoned places in those cities?

  • I just realized I think you discovered the TARDIS in disguise. That place was so much bigger on the inside than it looked on the outside.

  • if this building gets renovated and repurposed, I hope that the architectural details will be preserved and restored. Drywalling over it and messing with the innate beauty would be so wrong. I can see this becoming wonderfully eccentric condos. –archiphile

  • Mold and dust … you should have protective coveralls on and face masks on. There is a great tiny little school from 1800's in Canelo Arizona. The bell was removed and used at the new school built in Elgin AZ. The school house is red and in pretty great condition. Wood plank floors. Your videos are interesting .

  • Nice video, watching this i have the end scene from Titanic in mind except instead of a ship the camera pans though the abandoned building and as it goes all the decay etc disappears and the building appears as it once was in a immaculate state. I know that sounds kinda soppy but just think of everything that once went on in that building, the classes, the student banter etc.

  • Brings back memories, of my old kid days.
    I even had a high school in my town, that was pretty old as That building in the video I believe!
    I like the beauty and splendor of the stair case, the auditorium, is speechless.
    The people and memories of that place. If the building could talk.

  • this was sooooo goood! You guys are awesome! Cant wait to see more and wath pc specs do you guys have? 4k video looks even better 😀

  • Seeing everything gone or left to rot is amazing for some reason. I can't really explain why but I love seeing it. Just thinking that all of this was in use in the past but now it sits abandoned fascinates me lol (Obviously most of the grafitti were probably added post abandonment so I don't really care for them)

  • Ole "KLOPS" gets around doesn't he? I've seen that tag in other videos. Maybe if KLOPS put as much effort in doing something constructive with his loser life as he does about defacing property and annoying other people, he could actually be somebody.

  • I would spends hours looking through the papers and books, I find it so fascinating, all of that history frozen in time. This channel is awesome. No clickbait, no yelling around or vandalizing. And you guys tell the story of the places you go to, it's so cool and professional.

  • Many historians say that farmers of the time this school was built would win ten rounds with today professional wrestlers. That being said, though still might have over built the school, not all that surprising the size of the hallways. The wide distances was probably meant to allow maximum children to pass each other freely.

  • I live really close to this place. After many years of good times and crazy adventures, they fenced up the location, barred in the windows, have motion sensors that do trip and notify the police and they have undercover cops surveying the area. I'd hate to see someone get into trouble for innocently exploring the place like I had been for years. I'll post an update with the security status in the next few weeks.

  • There's an underlying current of rage within human beings. Whenever buildings are left unattended the first instinct of people who encounter them is to destroy as much as possible.

  • Im blown away by the spaciousness of the rooms
    and hallways. Wonder how many students were enrolled
    at the initial opening. im guessing not as cramped as they are now. glad it's gonna be renovated!

  • this building should have been saved!!! the architecture is so unique and amazing ! you can see that it is near a lot of other buildings that were torn down ! Great video guys!

  • I will not vape in class
    I will not vape in class
    I will not vape in class
    I will not vape in class
    I will not vape in class

  • What if someone who actually attended this school, or any of the other abandoned schools or other buildings in this series came on here and saw these? It'd be fascinating to get their insights or comments.

  • I wanna do an exploration with y'all so much. Your professionalism is really second to none on YT….like seriously, you both have the best urbex channel, period. I wish Discovery Channel or History Channel would sign y'all up for a TV show deal…..you deserve it!

  • Someone brought up why don't you get more likes.  I like your style of filming but I'd love it if you showed a pic of what it used to be like so long as it doesn't give away the location or even tell a little more about it.  Also I'd love to see you do some historic houses which IMO would help you grow.  Great work!

  • 8:03 gave me flashbacks of CoD Modern Warfare 2 when you're Private Allen clearing insurgents out of an elementary school and each of the archways has a machine gun emplacement with sandbags.

  • I remember the elementary school I went to was really old and we were always finding hidden staircases and stuff that had been walled off when they added the additions to it and I remember there was this hidden room behind the stage of the gym that you went up a narrow staircase and through a door and there was an entire classroom hidden back there up a level from the rest of the building…why behind the stage and above the gym? It was weird….

  • We had an elementary school with two buildings, one dating back to the early 1900's and the other 1920's. That was in the early 80's, didn't have video cams yet

  • wow that could make an amazing condo building. Michigan Grand Traverse hospital (traverse city) did that. and that building wasnt in much better shape than this one is. it can be done. https://www.thevillagetc.com/

  • I went to a haunted elementary school in Alton Illinois. Milton was built in 1904. I have been interested in historical buildings ever since. I really enjoy your videos.

  • Seeing abandoned places like this makes me wonder if these walls could talk what could they tell me of the teachers and students that once walked these halls?

  • Do you guys ever keep anything from the old abandon places? I always spy such cool things in the background that I would snag……. it's either going to rot or get scraped anyways

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