Abandoned High School Exploration – Found LIFE Magazines from the 1940s


  • Looks like the last update this school did was the wood panel walls in the principles office in 1964!!! My grandmas house had those!!! i wonder if they even make those still today???

  • Its an absolute travesty that those Life magazines are rotting in that place. I would kill to have them in my social studies classroom

  • I need to know where this one is so I can call the school district and get them to sell me the 2 ironworkers and tire machine that was in that storage room.

  • It amazes me how much is left behind in these buildings. All those desks and tables could easily go to other schools in need. All the documents could be shredded and recycled. There's just so much that can be repurposed or re-homed .

  • Finding a magazine from the 40s doesn't mean much. I used to look at magazines in highschool from the 70s and I graduated in the late 2000s.

  • Unfortunately this place burned down soon after you guys visited it 🙁

  • It appears that sometime after you visited this building, it was burned. It looks like they've done some restoration since then, though. I really hope someone got in there and rescued those Life magazines! Especially the ones you were looking at and the one with President Kennedy on the cover, it was on a shelf and I noticed it as you turned to leave the room.

    If you find historical stuff like that in these buildings, don't just leave it to rot. If you can't bring yourself to rescue it, talk to the local library, tell them you know where to find some old Life Magazines, or whatever it is you found, that you'd be happy to show them if they promise not to get you in trouble for having found them in the first place. It's likely that those magazines are lost now. 🙁

    Edited to add: It burned Tuesday, July 17, 2018, which isn't long after you published this video. 🙁

  • ill effects of smoking weren't realy known at that time. At least not to the public. And the lobby was powerfull.
    You could deny it and many would believe it. just like they do with global warming now

  • 21:41 by the drivers training simulator. Modern world history txt book. that was the exact same book i used when in high school many decades ago.

  • ok. i know its wrong (theft), but i would have taken as many of the time life magazines as i could carry. preserve them. either donate them to a museum if i could fine a home for them or to a local library.

  • Near the end, that Newcomb or Califone? phonograph would have come home with me. Those are getting expensive to buy and they sound great.

  • Why dont they make the buildings clean ?all pics and papers always there ,is there no protocol for this

  • I do not understand anything here in the Netherlands everything is recycled when a building is no longer used to stand or sold or auctioned find this so strange it really surprises me i love your video's greetings from Holland

  • You guys are dope. So much more legitimate than most other channels that freak out over sounds only they can hear

  • So at 14:16 it's explaining basically a hypothetical version of the intercontinental ballistic missile. I actually went to the run down test sites where they tested the first ICBMs. Located in San Diego 32.908281, -117.018665. (To anyone reading this, I'm putting longitude and latitude there simply for historical reference. Don't go here. I almost got arrested. You will probably get arrested if you go. It is government property. Do not mess with it. I had no idea how active it still was when I went, because while the test site may be unused and rotting, they still do practice in the area, firing ranges, helicopter patrols, etc.)

  • You can see the change in demographics by those photos, cant help but wonder if it was a symptom or cause………

  • This school unfortunately burned down a little over a month after this video was posted.
    You can read more about the school here: https://abandonedsoutheast.com/2017/08/14/chemical-city-school/

  • If I were UrbExing with these guys, every computer I would come across, I would back up all the data and explore that later too.

  • Looks just like my middle school from the outside and the front entrance with the two staircases on either side.

  • Those 1940's Life magazines are worth good money. A shame to let them decay, or be thrown in a dumpster by a contracting company. I would have taken them, so people that are collectors may enjoy them.

  • All these people thinking the Life magazines in this Library are like a historical treasure that needs to be saved LOL. Ya they're cool but go into anyone's grandparents house and they probably have the same collection……they're not by any means extremely rare and valuable. Cool AF though, Yes.

  • It is depressing to think how many schools and (educations) are suffering for lack of supplies and here is a treasure trove of them just rotting away. So wasteful. 😢🤬

  • im sorry i wouldnt be able to leave that apple there to rot. its worth some money to a collector and it probably still works.

  • Did a little research and figured out what school this was. Looks like it was gutted by fire about a month after your video was posted. What a shame. It's like a time capsule.

  • you guys should wear at least paper dust masks. asbestos is in all the wallpaper, flooring, ceiling tile, and insulation and just walking o it puts it in the air. asbestosis is no joke. anything before the 70's has it for sure.

  • Don't expect you to say the specific school but is it in Alabama? I didn't expect to see a Alabama ID card. I live in Alabama so it was a surprise lol

  • Oh i know where and what school it is. Charley Boswell graduated from that school. He was a blind golfer. I have no idea who he is but when I read the notable graduates from EHS that stood out. It was mentioned in the comments already but yeah on July 17th 2018 the old Ensley High School burned completely and totally. Too bad you guys didn't take everything out you could!

  • How do you guys find pianos in every single location? XD
    Pianos, old computers and Christmas decorations. XD

  • You guys are good. Really enjoy your vids., but please oh please were masks. These buildings & homes are filled with asbestos. Particles so fine you won't see them with your eyes but every breath you take your inhaling them. Lead paint also. Just a little precaution would help you alot! It can take years but as you age if you explore enough over time it will embed in your lungs. No shit boys. You guys are the best U.S. explorers. I compare you to the Bros. of. decay. in Europe. Very respectful & also a little history mixed in! Much respect to you!

  • The keyboards are "audible" because the have actual switches in them, not because they're "shitty old." I like your videos, but you're so young you just kill me sometimes. lol

  • You guys are absolutely fearless. I'm in my 40s and I would have been too scared to even walk in there let alone stay around after hearing people. You guys should consider joining the Army or Marines while you're both still young and so freaking fearless. I was a scaredy-cat so I joined the Navy after high school.

  • It's amazing and lucky you guys got to visit and document the state of this school before the fire broke out about a month later after uploading this video.

  • Just seeing those Dell optiplex computers made me sad cause I used to have one from 05-06 and I lost so much of my pictures and videos and documents it was a 450 MHz processor and had 512 MB of ram in it

  • I'd be too tempted to take certain things that I feel would be archival materials. I wouldn't clean them I'd leave them as is. Every town or city has a historical society or museum that I'd take them to just to rescue the items from destruction. Somber note it was 1993 when a hit n run drunk driver hit my car, I'm still in a wheelchair to this day. Guys go back & get those framed class photos, annuals, LIFE Mag's or any Nat Geo Mag's that's all historical stuff that needs to be turned over to some agency of the city. you have the right to preserve it.

  • Put video on PAUSE then go to the timeline and carefully CLICK between 23.02 & 23.06 the comparison is uncanny the holder for the flag & the white trim boarder is still intact.

  • Kinda odd how the entire yearbook was black people, not being racist just seemed kinda weird, dont see that too often.

  • 23:02…my family owned a computer like the one in the photo just to play old games on, back around 1999-2000. It wouldn't have connected to the internet even if we'd had the money for the service, lol!

  • How can you americans leave things like that? Books, furniture! In France, it's unthinkable. Much of it is still acceptable. The rest could be sold at auction. Or recycled! No respect.

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