Abandoned Ghost Town In Perfect Condition & Clock STILL TICKING!

Updated : Oct 09, 2019 in Articles

Abandoned Ghost Town In Perfect Condition & Clock STILL TICKING!

Alright guys today we are gonna head out and check out these three houses or it looks like there will be two houses and possibly one travel trailer so lets go check these out as you can see from google earth the roads look very over grown that is where we are headed so lets go check out what these buildings are they look fairly well maintained yeah lets go see! alright guys we stopped off somewhere up in these hills around here maybe over that way is where we are headed but so i wanted to stop and show you this train thats way out here in the middle of know where were gonna go ahead and head up to it see if we cant find anymore cars looks like it heads on that way but uh not sure if this is an abandoned one or not but we are gonna go see if we can find the front see how many cars there are see if there is an engine so lets go. [epic music] ok guys we think where we wanna go is up in that valley were not sure yet this is taking us alot longer then we anticipated cause our roads are alot like this the entire way as you can see how desolate this area is so we are trying to get through this little spot right here and we keep kinda getting hung up almost getting a little stuck right here were gonna try it again back it up and give it another shot lets go! so guys I thought it was over there where i showed you a little while ago oh look it there is some wild horses over there let me zoom in for you and let you see yeah there is some wild horses over there but anyways it turns out i was wrong hopefully that doesnt happen to us out here [epic music] alright guys check it out we made it here here is what it is that is where we are goin in [eerie music] this is a nice little cabin up here [eerie music continues] look at that there is a vacuum which means somehow there is power in here not sure if there is a generator they run look at all this stuff right here this little painting on the wall look at the old cassette player sunglasses check out the ammo box lets see if there is any ammo in it im gonna grab it guys here is whats inside this lets check out all of these all these books more books and its got a date on them like this one is from 1984 1967 desert magazine whole bunch of magazines from 1990’s and 80’s lets look at this 1982 some cool old sunglasses theres the old picture of the cabin so its this cabin here thats on public land and it looks like someone left someone maybe even staying here cause look at that old radio over there wonder if it works im going to try to turn it on I tested the water and the water doesnt work but look at this this place is really clean besides a few rodent droppings right there but this is one of the best places we have found so far got more newspaper over here like more recent newspaper huh should we check the date 2009 not too recent this fridge lets see whats in it oh look at that theres some food in there see if there is anything in the freezer oh nothing in the freezer lets go check out here, here is a bathroom pooping on the floor there aint bad but the bathtub looks pretty nasty lets see whats in these cabinets oh yeah look at that its full of stuff light bulbs must be a power source lets see if this old radio cranks on here not to sure how it turns on wheres the.. yeah it does [static sound] look at this guys someones really been keeping this place up, makes me wonder if there was a squatter who stayed here illegally since this is on public land we havent looked at any of these drawers yet hopefully we dont get any surprises old cups and stuff not old but you know its always easy to say there old more cups and stuff drink mix as you can see alot of the stuff is still pretty new stuff but so people have been here recently no doubt even seasoned up the pans oil they got food and stuff down here check it out more food some old peanut butter old peanut butter down there some ketchup looks really old looks like we have a mixture of old and new here old stuff and some new stuff theres some some more pots and pans got some bug stuff some hydrogen peroxide if you wanted to hide out somewhere boy this would be the place so a towel hanging up its kinda cool spider webs are all over everything in here its even been tiled an old bed and mattresses we should look in between these mattresses everyone said we should yup nothing in there for you guys see this time oh well we looked that old table right there check it out some kinda old bottle right there bottle of wine firewood couple cigars here from cuba you can see someone has been here as early as 2015 not sure if its squatters or what but this place is really definitely kept up pretty amazing place i want to take you guys up in the drone now were going to look at the drone as you can see through the drone there is absolutely nothing out here for as far as you can see going ahead and just pan around now for you let you check it out and let you see how far in the middle of nowhere let you know where and let you see where this secret hidden cabin is [epic music] check out these old retro chairs you guys now those are pretty cool some more tools up here and here we have some writing on the ground go slow here going to zoom yeah guys got some kind of containers right now we are going to head up over here and check out this tailing pile see if there is a mine tunnel here is a camp right here we think there maybe a tunnel or maybe there was a tunnel right in this area this must be how they pumped the water in this little stream right here must be a well right here they pumped the water straight into the cabin here is the old trailer that you can see its been sitting here looks like since 2004 going to check it out and see if there is anything inside this old dog house nothing in there now want to try and see if it is locked yuck eh looks like urine some kinda animal drifting around in there that has been completely thrashed by some kinda animals my god that smells so bad sorry guys look at all that nastiness guys look at all that disgusting stuff in there some kind of animal just clawed this thing to bits that is just completely been taken over by creatures I can’t believe we are all the way in the middle of nowhere this is like an old bedframe what do you guys think that is right there it says rex on it right here we got this other building whats that looks like animals have been in here though alot of rodent droppings in here so we have to be really careful and deliberate nothing really in here old gas can and stuff see got these saw blades right here its an old cabin I believe this is what that photo shows in that other theres some bees theres an old lets see what inside this old chest hopefully not a bees nest nope just not much all these floors are really, really soft this doors has been left open would you mind holding this for me [eerie music] somebody has been trying to fix it up lots of wasps on the floor here and there is a whole bunch of rat poison spread over here no live wasps in here right now look at the size of that bullet right there holy smokes thats crazy for some reason this was taped up which makes me wonder if it was like sealed up and poisoned which means its probably not a good idea to be walking around in here no its ok take one for the team this floor is really soft over there we had a bathroom they have been trying to fix it up but there is alot of dead bugs in here think they bombed it it makes that big one look like a little one


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