Abandoned Dog Misses His Grandmother With Dementia Who Went Missing | Animal in Crisis EP70

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Abandoned Dog Misses His Grandmother With Dementia Who Went Missing | Animal in Crisis EP70

Whenever crossing the secluded alley Always bumps into this dog Local/ Boksil, did you eat? Why are you out again? Boksil sits in the alley 24/7 Local 1/ Never leaves. Always in the same spot Local 2/ It’s been 2-3 years Local/ He never goes anywhere but stays in the same spot He’s been staying in the same spot for 3 years Since he never leaves the spot Showed up in the road view pic Perhaps he’s waiting for someone..? Stares at the empty alley all day long Then, he suddenly goes somewhere else? Is that his house? PD/ Excuse me~ No one response Only the old and abandoned households are seen Follow Boksil to go inside PD/ Oh my god.. What are these? Seems like people stopped coming to this place for a long time Couldn’t feel warmth in anywhere What’s weird is.. Someone has been taking care of him PD/ There are dog’s clothes Clearly, it’s his house But why is he left alone in the empty house? Boksil seems to be used to the silence.. Boksil~ He goes outside upon hearing someone calling him Hi~ Boksil, come here PD/ Are you his owner? / Nope, I’m not Looks like they’re close to each other Local/ I’ve always seen him whenever I run through the alley I’ve been feeding him because he’s such a poor dog It’s been 2 years already Boksil’s been alone at least for 2 years Local/ A grandma used to live in that house, but no one lives in there The grandmother used to live with Boksil in this house Local/ When the night falls, it becomes totally dark and cold since there’s no electricity Boksil has been living in an empty house for 2 years Is he still waiting for the grandma who left her? If not, why does he stay in this house? Local/ He went into the grandmother’s house, and that’s how they lived together The grandmother didn’t raise him from the beginning PD/ Did she raise him even though she wasn’t the owner? Local/ Yeah, she raised him The grandmother Took Boksil who used to be a stray dog And became his family Local/ She used to carry him in her arms Local/ Followed the grandma as if he’s her children The grandmother and Boksil were always together Suddenly, however, the grandmother disappeared Boksil was left alone.. Perhaps someone knows about the grandmother? Local 1/ She had dementia and sent to the hospital Local 2/ She couldn’t afford to take Boksil with her.. 3 years ago, as the grandmother’s health got worse She had to leave the house.. And couldn’t afford to take Boksil with her.. Finally managed to contact the grandmother’s family PD/ Hello Grandmother’s family/ She had paralysis after receiving surgery for a cerebral hemorrhage As a result, she couldn’t move on her own and suffered from dementia She wasn’t able to live on her own.. The grandmother had to leave Boksil for the treatment That’s why Boksil was left alone.. Boksil who has no clue of what’s happened to his grandmother Has been waiting for his grandmother in the alley for over 3 years, Believing that the grandmother would come back one day Will this long end come to the end..? Local 1/ I feel bad for him Local 2/ Just like a son waits for his mother.. The only person who gave warm affection To this stray dog.. Boksil misses his grandmother so much, and waits for her in the same place.. Local/ Boksil~ Many neighbors visit him after hearing his story Local/ Aww, were you waiting for me? Local/ You likey? Are you happy today Because he’s with many people right now.. But.. Local/ There were 3 dogs. His daughter and wife He wasn’t alone in this house? Local/ They relied on each other even when the electricity was cut off Then the two went missing PD/ Where did the two go? Local/ As far as I know, they were sent to the shelter After the grandmother left, the three relied to each other and lived in the empty house But when Boksil left the house for a moment, his daughter and wife were sent to the shelter.. Boksil had to deal with the heartbreaking breakup twice.. Still waits for the missing family to come back Where are they leaving you behind? Why don’t they come.. Local/ He’s been waiting for them.. But they don’t come.. A day has passed The dog couldn’t fall asleep late at night.. Is this how he’s endured such lonely days? PD/ Let’s go inside Perhaps he couldn’t leave the house when everyone went missing Because he has such precious memories of happy days in this house Where he could feel the family’s true love.. Local/ Boksil~ Locals rescue Boksil Local/ Aww, are you happy? Likey Let’s go to eat! Did you sleep well? Perhaps he knows that it’s his last meal in this house He barely eats differently than the usual And looks around the people.. For 3 years They’ve been a great support to him during his long wait for his family Local/ Boksil, we all went through a hard time, right? Wish you meet a good guardian I’ll come to see you Local/ Stay well okay. I’ll come to see you. Bye… Rescue him is the best for him But it’s always hard to say goodbye.. Loca/ There was a hard time for sure Because I had a responsibility to take care of him When I couldn’t visit him because of my work, I felt really bad It feels like I’ve done with my homework. I feed sad and happy at the same time Farewell always breaks your heart.. Boksil is sent to the hospital Check his health condition Vet/ He must be at least 8 years old He doesn’t have health issues compared to his age But he tested positive for heartworms as he’s lived on the streets for long But it’s in the low stages, so it can be completely cured Boksil, your family must be missing you so much You’re deserved to be loved by good people Hope you meet a good family again!


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