Abandoned Bloody House – Everything Left Behind (Urbex)

Updated : Oct 13, 2019 in Articles

Abandoned Bloody House – Everything Left Behind (Urbex)

On the outside of this home is some bullet holes Urbex Dane Films 3:15 am Abandoned House Snow Plow Living room Hallway Gucci shoes Trophy of some sorts bedroom Another bedroom broken steps Texas Hold’em table bedroom crazy steps again Living room I didn’t notice this until I got the video into the editor but this is blood & there’s more upstairs Alright I’m about to explore another abandoned house in a bad neighborhood This is the living room Here’s on old fire place Black Beauty paperback book The Mess in the Messenger Funk & Wagnalls Dictionary Ann tyler Wow! this place is destroyed This bathroom is a mess Looks like an old gerbil There’s Blair’s Cleaners hanger A mattress in the hallway??? Porn I don’t know if you guys can hear this? But there is something scratching in the walls over there I don’t know what it is I hope it doesn’t come out Man this person loved some big butts Best Dad Hands Down Ciroc Some Gucci shoes Kinda out of place More porn There is something definitely in that corner Please don’t come out I’m going to leave this room Blood stain??? closer look Old television, clippers & some shoes Big bottle of liquor I wonder what that is in there? I’m afraid to go into this attic Nothing much in here I think I’m going to head to the basement You can see there is some missing steps Gotta be careful Why did I do that? You can see all of the maggots Very old computer over there Just an old bar Nothing really in here I guess that a good thing Thank you for watching, subscribe for more abandoned videos


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