ABANDONED BEACH MANSION | Exploring El Partenon de NEGRO DURAZO Mexico 2018

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ABANDONED BEACH MANSION | Exploring El Partenon de NEGRO DURAZO Mexico 2018

Man it’s beautiful! We made it…
I can’t believe if we finally made it. Alright a little crash course in the
history of this place as we walk on the outside. It was owned by a guy named
Negro Durazo. Negro means black, and it was his nickname because he was
extremely corrupt. He was working together with one of the
presidents who was also known to be corrupt, and when the president switched
he got thrown in jail for almost a decade He used taxpayers money to pay for things like this… which is generally
pretty illegal, and so he spent ten years in jail for that. This property went to
ruin. It was built in 1979, then it was abandoned in 1984, so it was only really
active as a his party house basically on the coast for about 5 years. So it’s been abandoned for over 30, and Cody and I are pretty excited to finally be here. – It’s been a long time coming
– Yeah man, and it was worth the wait.
This place is amazing. – These statues are amazing right?
– I think it’s my favorite part of this place One two three four five some missing heads but they’re actually real carved stone… because remember when he
went to the Acropolis in Mexico City? – Ah yeah it was all like styrofoam? and it was all styrofoam statues… This… This is not Rock This is styrofoam… or asbestos I
don’t know which one yet… – Styrofoam it’s not rock…
So we’re stepping on these styrofoam pillars… Great… It’s probably hard to show on
camera, but the size of these gates is enormous. I don’t know why you would need gates this size other than to prove a point… or
to actually keep out a horde of enemies. Hold the camera? Actually here… take
a run back so I can show… This is me. I am 2 and a half blocks… Look how tall this is! So the location itself was inspired by the architecture you see in
Greece. It’s called the Partenon because there’s also Parthenon in Athens, in the
Acropolis there. So when he built this place he decided to build it
inspired by the actual Parthenon hence the name of the location. Wow, as we walk through the main entrance
it’s all pretty much open-air it looks directly out into the Pacific Ocean. This
is old Zihuatanejo here it’s a very beautiful part of town. The sun sets right
down the middle so it’s basically all open-air. This was his summer home so, he’d come here to enjoy the beautiful weather and the Sun.
All these pillars hold up a giant beautiful roof. There’s a second floor
actually that I think has bedrooms? But if you look… this is where there was
dinner parties. There’s the original table a little bit crack, but beautiful green marble. The ocean air would just sweep in through the pillars. People here would be dancing, having fun, maybe playing music and enjoying themselves. This is all original, nothing’s been restored. I’m assuming this is the fountain
originally. Right yeah? It looks like water would come out of the top. How beautiful would that be though… You’re here, you’re having dinner at the table over there fountain going people playing music, ocean air like this…
– it’s a perfect vacation home.
– I think so! So, for Negro Durazo’s big dinner parties, this is where the food was made. They would whisk it out on a tray. The people would be
enjoying themselves here at the table, and watching the sunset. You can see in the roof… I’m assuming these are where the chandeliers were hanging in the past but things like that wouldn’t withstand the time, and the wind
and the weather as well as the stone would. These are the only stairs…
– The only stairs… super weird.
– Have you been up to the second floor yet? – No let’s go
– Me neither. I was waiting for you actually See… interestingly enough,
there’s a lot of beautifully sculpted stone. Like the pillars out there… and the
statues… and there is stuff like this which I think was done as a design choice,
because these are chisel marks right? Look at this. This isn’t natural. It’s natural it’s in the fact that it’s not painted, but it looks like they
they did that on purpose to make it look like it’s older than it actually was and
this is over the entire building… this kind of like patina we would call it.
The way the wear and tear looks all cracked and destroyed, but it’s actually made
that way to look like it’s old. But then you have stuff like this. These kind of
unnecessary designs. This is really beautiful and not really necessary for
any reason other than just making it look nice All these these carved ropes in the way up Alright so second floor… There’s
mirrors on the ceilings? There’s only generally one reason why you have
mirrors on the ceilings… Wow actually I’m really impressed with how
how well this this has lasted, this is all wood right? Carved wood. Wooden closets… still some cabinets… still look the mirrors are still intact. You know
how rare it is to go to abandoned places with still with no graffiti and still
having a lot of glass? Look at this amazing entrance to the bathroom.
Oh! I heard a bat… yeah. Look at this! I didn’t even see this when I walked in. Yeah this looking so good for being abandoned for
so long I walked in this room and I heard “Squeak Squeak” Oh! Hear it? Probably up in the light socket. A cute little one? – Yeah a cute little one
– Let’s keep it as a puppet!
– Haha a pet *Scream*
*Laughing* Is he still cute? Yes – Centauro
– He is right? He’s half horse. I wonder if this is his depiction
of himself I wonder if this is Negro Durazo and he had himself painted
as a horse. – It’s the motor there right? And the beam.
It probably wrapped up there…
– Oh, you’re right! Jordan was looking up inside these
little fixtures there’s a pole, and you can see the gears and the chain. That’s
totally what it was though. If you look inside there’s the beam,
there’s the gears and they were for sun shades to protect from the setting
sun. It’s a pretty simple property though, right? So there’s the upstairs which we’re assuming is these beautiful bedrooms, there’s only 4. Only one staircase and in this giant open area, which was for parties. The pool.
I mean it’s a party home really, what more do you need? I like it. I like it alot. – It’s a mansion but it’s not super complicated.
– No, there’s no way you get lost. It’s very open concept Except for this weird shrine thing here, over to the right… Yeah I still have yet to figure out
what that is. Actually, I think going behind it… There’s two staircases down?
There’s no bathroom’s I’ve seen. (from afar) It’s a discotheque.
That’s where the DJ was? Yes because in the 80s and 70s, people used to dance on dance floors with lights… so it’s a discotheque. You can see in
the roof… Let’s go. Let’s go explore. It should be exploring with Mariannela, she’s been all through this
place and meanwhile we’ve been talking to cameras. So when you look out here what
do you think? What do you see? What do you think of this place? My empire! Imagine a party here… Imagine a party here! Let’s see if we can rent it. Subscriber meet up. 2018. Kick the Grind. Abandoned mansion in Zihuatanejo
Mexico. Be there. – Oh! A frog!
– A Frog?
– Or something… There is fish in there, there is fish! – Do you see them?
– I can see them From out here you can see it is truly inspired by the Greeks. It really looks like the Parthenon out here. So why do you think this is the dance floor? Oh yeah, you can see lights. You can definitely see there were light fixtures. The dancefloor here, which should be with the crystals, you know the squares? They light up. because it was the 80s right? The 70s, 80s… You think this is where the DJ was? Or the bartenders? So there’s all these holes that were… the plumbing for the swimming pool.
One, two, there’s a hot tub here. – Do you want to go down?
– Can you go down? You could but it’s just water Can you film? Mike Corey… Dirty Jobs. He’s going into the sewer system Ok… There might be bats, there might be bees… Probably no snakes. Maybe the Chupacapbra – Give me the lens? – I hope the Chupacabra is down there…
– Don’t say that! I will go down and report back!
How’s my butt look… good? Okay. – The Chupacabra is down there
– There’s no Chupacabra! It smells so bad It’s Mike reporting in from the very echoey sub pump for the pool it is very dark There is very black water below me, and there’s not really much else to see to tell you the truth. – Close him in!
– Don’t close the door! I don’t want to die down here It’s just deep dark water Do you want to feel Batman? Oh I didn’t even see this! Do you want to see, ah feel, um, Batman? Do I want to Feelsbadman? Do you want to feel like Batman? Do I want to feel like Batman? Why? Go there… Go explore Okay let me take off my circular
polarizer. Night mode. hold on. Let me take this off. Why guys? Who’s been down there already? You? You? Why? Is it really that scary? little bit freaked out
by you don’t make the merio music not the scariest of all music wow this is
this is horror movie stuffed in here guys no don’t joke about the curse too soon
guys too soon whoa so this is below I didn’t even know
there was a a basement level to the Parthenon I hear the bats I don’t see the bat and
I this was probably for storage you’re gonna see a bunch of earth and there’s a
hole going down even deeper that’s the thing right we can only come and we can
only speculate because the owner is now passed away this place has been
forgotten about for a long time now you have this basement filled bats oh man
one two three four five six seven over twenty in the corner and this giant hole
dug in the very middle why oh man it’s like a tunnel man you come to places
like this and you feel the heaviness of the history the heaviness of the air
from the humidity the squeak of bats you really feel like you’re traveling
really feel like you’re exploring you might not know every little detail about
the place there might not be all the information online half it we don’t even
know if it’s true I think all of us urbex exploring type people get that
same feeling that the old explorers must have had which is a taste of adventure
when you don’t exactly know what you’re getting yourself into this day and age
it’s hard to explore something it hasn’t been explored before but through
abandoned you can have something have a taste of it at least all right sweets left the basement and
that doorway passageway leads us back up to where the pool is sounds getting a
little bit low the shots gonna be beautiful I put down
the vlogging camera get something nice all right I’ve got a question would you
party in the Parthenon tenango door ah so this particular abandoned spot lived
up to all of the hype of being Mexico’s top spot to see as far as abandoned goes
Ixtapa in Zihuatanejo those cities on the coast where the mansion is are both
beautiful places we spent about a week there exploring around the city and you
see that video as well cos there’s some pretty interesting things to see there
that are nowhere else Cody and I were super excited to finally
get to this location we tried last time but we couldn’t actually make it Jordan
and Marianela joined us both Cody and Marianela have channels the links for
those are below and let me know your thoughts on this abandoned place it was
super cool to share with you guys this unfortunately will be my last piece of
Mexico content just for a little while guys just for a little while I know I’ve
got a lot of Mexican subscribers and I will be coming back Mexico has my heart
I will return but for now I’m gonna be flirting with the Philippines and
Southeast Asia just for a little bit I promise and coming back experiences or
possessions kick the grind I’ll catch you guys in the next video peace


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