A Tiny Cottage for Retirement | Amazing Small House Design Ideas


  • Nice! I would take down the wall between the living room and bedroom, and make the back wall all glass. Its too small to be a one bedroom. But 592 ft is perfect as a small Studio. I would also expand the deck to run across the entire back of the house. Doing these things would make it feel twice as big.

  • The back ground music is horrible. Choose a more suitable music, like Nat king Cole "Ramblin Rose." 🌹

  • Some great things there but they keep making the same traditional mistakes. I see 3, immediately.
    1. Fake drawer on sink – Forward thinking builders are now flipping that, putting a door all the way to the top, and a real drawer on the bottom. Much more practical.
    2. Glass shower doors – A real pain to clean, even if you have unusually soft water. I MUCH prefer a washable shower curtain and you can get clear ones.
    3. That ridiculous tiny insert in the shower that MIGHT hold one bottle and no soap – I purely despise those things… every house I’ve ever lived in seems to have that.
    One thing they did right was put a medicine cabinet over the sink. You always need a place to store a few toiletries.

  • Some of this can be forgiven if it was scaled down to be transportable, but looking at the floorplan, that is not the case. If this is intended to be a full-time residence, why was such a ridiculously small sink used for the kitchen? And a two-burner cooktop? What the heck? Instead of custom tailoring this to one individual who isn't expected to cook, why not bump out the Living Room/Kitchen wall a couple of feet to make it practical as a future rental suitable for a single adult or couple of any age? The music on the video is horrible and detracts. The gauzy filter over the entire movie makes it look like the walls and ceilings are painted with spray-on felt or something equally ridiculous. Apologies for saying what I really feel. There was so much potential. The size is "almost" right. I live in a 1100 sq ft townhouse with two levels and a staircase eating up square feet, so I feel like I know what is comfortable and what is just impractically small. I see genuine tiny houses with more useful kitchens than this house.

  • I would like to see handicapped safety options like grab bars and a shower sprayer and built in shower seat.

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